Very good company that owns shares in.
Excellent management team.
Shares have out performed S & P 500 in 2022.
Good for long term investors.
Demand will continue to rise for energy.
~4% dividend yield that has never been cut (even in Covid-19).

oil / gas

Very strong management team with Murray Edwards.
Trading at premium.
Excellent dividend yield that is very strong.
Great energy company for the long term shareholder.
Low risk investment. 

oil / gas

It has very strong management which knows how to guide the company over the long term. It has made acquisitions in distressed companies in its sector. The dividend of 5.2% is very safe regardless of oil prices. Has a great balance sheet with amazing free cash flow and has raised dividends for 23 years in a row. It will use extra free cash flow for specific dividends and share buybacks. Has over 30 years of reserves.   Buy 15  Hold 8  Sell 0

(Analysts’ price target is $91.08)
oil / gas
(A Top Pick Dec 09/22, Up 7%)

Still owns shares in company.
Continues to see upside in the company.
Energy prices will remain strong.
Target price of $92 per share.
Two decades of increased dividend payments.
Healthy yield of ~4.5%.
Best in energy sector. 

oil / gas

These big companies have been treated poorly by the Canadian government and are disparaged by parts of the world. They've all paid down debt, bought back shares, increased dividends, and kept capex low. Oil prices will probably remain high over the longer term, and these companies will benefit.

oil / gas

The price reacts quickly to commodity prices. It has long life assets and is reducing debt and is very interesting as a dividend growth stock. The oil sector has corrected over the past few months. 

oil / gas

Likes it very much, a huge oil producer with some natural gas production. Pays a 4.5% dividend--it's a cash cow. Also bought back $5.6 billion of shares in the past 12 months and aren't adding debt to do it. In fact, debt levels are strong. Executives own a lot of shares. Can buy at current prices though it's showing lower highs and lower lows recently, but he expects prices to climb

oil / gas

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At $80 WTI, CNQ is generating massive cash flow.  In 2022 funds were up 66% and cash reserves are the highest level in at least 5 years and that is after paying down debt aggressively.  This will be a play on forward global oil prices, but oil prices don't need to go higher to see a good return on this investment.  It trades at 2.2x book and less than 5x cash flow and it supports a 32% ROE.  Plus it pays a good dividend, backed by a payout ratio under 30% of cash flow.  We recommend placing a stop-loss at $58, looking to achieve $92 -- upside potential of 17%.  Yield 4.3%

(Analysts’ price target is $92.00)
oil / gas
Led by very strong management (Murray Edwards). Has bought shares in company. Very strong inventory depth. Can buy decades in inventory for nothing. Trading at 22$ cash flow yield @ $100 oil. Paying strong dividend. Expecting meaningful share appreciation.
oil / gas
Are growing the dividend. They are retiring 1% of share each month. He's bullish oil. Now is an attractive entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $91.71)
oil / gas
Another special dividend? Hard to say. Payout ratio about 30%, which isn't bad but not as low as some others like TOU. All he can say is that it's committed to returning value to shareholders.
oil / gas
They have invested a lot in Oil Sands that will pay off. They will return more and more money to shareholders as debt declines. Any increase in oil benefits CNQ. Pays a good dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $91.55)
oil / gas
They beat Q3 on strong oil sands sales and raised their dividend 13%. Debt profile is improving that will see shareholder returns. Good dividend. Little production growth. Are better names in energy with a cheaper EV like Arc Resources. CNQ is still good and will do well along with the price of oil.
oil / gas
The question was on CNQ as compared to Cenovus. CNQ is dominant in exploration and production in Canada and he likes this space. Cenovus is more of an oil sands play and is popular with analysts' outlooks. It is very well run and maybe has a bit more of an upside that CNQ. He is not a trading fan and would give a slight edge to CNQ. On a more general note regarding the big oil companies, he would like to see capital expenditures become more dominant, rather than concentrating on just shareholder returns though dividends and buybacks. With such great free cash flows they should be able to do both.
oil / gas
One of the largest energy companies in North America. Best natural gas stock to own in market. Believes 25% upside possible with ~4% dividend. Very healthy profit margins.
oil / gas
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