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Believes slowing job growth in the USA indicating economic contraction. A slower economy is actually a good thing - gives consumers and markets time to cool off. Unsure on direction of markets, but eventually strength in the markets will broaden out (not just "Mag 7"). Over valued tech stocks present growth, but very risky in terms of downside. If markets collapse like 1999, investors could lose a lot of money. Direction of semi-conductor business is undeniable, but the problem lies in over valued stock prices. Also, there are other competitors in the market to NVIDIA - will eat away at earnings. 

State Street Corp

Financial services category, but in reality is a "custodian" of security transactions. Very stable business with lots of opportunity. Margins and profits continue to rise. Weakness after Silicon Valley collapse has created buying opportunity. Recent inclusion in US "Fed Test" indicated large amount of excess capital. Expecting large divided payout soon. 

investment companies / funds

Company has been around for a long time, but is evolving. Current stock price is presenting value (price too low). Strong dividend and excellent balance sheet. Recent M&A will allow for higher earnings. Expecting growth going forward. 

electrical / electronic
Magna International

Under valued given current stock price. Expecting stronger sales ahead. Auto part sector not favorable right now, but is a good time to buy. Car business presents many customers with aging auto fleet in North America (will require replacement parts). Expecting earnings to rise, especially with EV opportunity. 

Consumer Products
CVS Health Corp
(A Top Pick Jun 28/23, Down 17%)

Market getting tired of missed earnings estimates. Company having trouble keeping sales up across business lines. However, retail presence and business overall still presenting value. Is one of the strong remaining brands left in the retail health companies. If company does not do any more M&A, and keeps balance sheet strong - should be ok. Expecting higher earnings going forward. Will continue to hold.

specialty stores
Onex Corp
(A Top Pick Jun 28/23, Up 10%)

Will continue to hold. Business performing well. Earnings continue to rise. Strong management team with sharp capital allocation skills. Current share price is cheap. Market not recognizing value in business. $145/share in capital, with a share price below $100/share. 

mngmnt / diversified
Manulife Financial
(A Top Pick Jun 28/23, Up 42%)

Excellent business that has seen very strong share performance. Will continue to own shares. Great balance sheet with stable dividend. Continues to reinvest in business. Also getting exposure to USA and Asia business lines as well. 

MTY Food Group

Company has been around for a long time. Concern is that M&A not performing well. Location of business units in shopping malls, and food courts a concern (unsure on traffic in these locations). Ability to grow business is in question. However, value of business on markets is cheap. Would recommend investors look elsewhere. 

food services
Suncor Energy Inc

Has been researching company a lot as of late. Very interesting time for the company - balance sheet very strong. ~75% of free cash flow will now be used for share buybacks. Strong dividend with diversified business line. However, very high exposure to oil prices. Would recommend investors buying on weakness. 

integrated oils

Not sure where the bottom for this stock is. Weakness in share price could present buying opportunity - but not buying at this time. Concern there could be a dividend cut in the next 2 years. Company not able compound cash flow in a meaningful way. Capital appreciation not very strong. Would recommend investors look at other opportunities. Only catalyst for growth is an interest rate cut. Would recommend investors pick Rogers instead. 

Fairfax Financial

Company performing very well. Excellent management team. Value oriented business that executes very well. Business under pinned by insurance operations. Company stock price is high, but will be ok for long term investors. Expecting a higher share price 5-10 years from now. 


Suspects business will be great. Energy prices, and population growth in Western Canada will ensure strength of this business. Would recommend buying this business compared to BCE. Strong management team with legacy assets. 

Vale S.A.

Depends on view of copper prices. Very high exposure to commodity swings. Good operator, but would advise a detailed investigation. Can be a risky asset and business. 

other mines
Tourmaline Oil Corp

Very good operator. Long life reserves. Bullish on oil and natural gas sector. LNG Canada completion will be excellent for the business. Brilliant leadership. Very good for long term investors. 

oil / gas

Unsure on direction of business. Things not looking too good for the business right now. Recently lost streaming contract to Rogers. Management has taken on too much debt, and hasn't managed business very well. Could go bankrupt - would be opportunity for restructuring. 

entertainment services
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