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(A Top Pick Nov 22/19, Up 2%) Still likes the banks. Trend is still decent, despite the pullback. Will stay as long as highs and lows keep getting higher.
(A Top Pick Nov 22/19, Up 7%) Bit of overhead resistance now. If it starts to fail at current prices, they may have to ditch it. He's keeping an eye on it.
(A Top Pick Nov 22/19, Up 11%) Still going up. Could be good right through to April.
Likes the pipelines. It's broken out. Could hit $60. What's not to like? The sector seems to be catching a bid right now. Yield is 6.14% (Analysts’ price target is $55.79)
Likes the international markets. Don't go haywire on it. It's in recovery mode after being an underperformer for a couple of years.