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(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Down 5%) He's starting to like Europe. His picks are short-term, lasting around 6 months. Germany faces recession and likely faces more fiscal stimulus, hence higher stock markets there and across Europe. The chart here is sideways, so he'll play this out.
(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Down 9%) FFH took a haircut from Blackberry's stock decline, but he still likes FFH. FFH's chart routinely bounces off $550 up to around $720.
(A Top Pick Jul 16/19, Up 14%) The REITs and consumer staples have done well since the summer. He may shave his REIT holdings though. AP.U has had a sharp move upwards in recent months so he may take some profits.
The chart will continue to bounce up and down, but he's sure a US-China trade deal will be signed. The countries need each other. When this happens, Chinese markets will pop and this is the best place to be. BABA is his biggest Chinese holding. (Analysts’ price target is $222.81)
It's a trade. It's market-sensitive and rangebound. He's buying around $195 and targets $220. Buy it around $200. It may or may not break-out. (Analysts’ price target is $241.25)