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He just bought it. It bottomed in 2018 is now consolidating. It shows signs of breaking out. He's also bullish on the Euro, driven by likely stimulus in Europe.
The chart has big swings but definite patterns. It will likely reach low-$700's again. Great to own for the coming year. (Analysts’ price target is $762.34)
They will be rangbound and are defensive. A good summertime play. Have REITs in your portfolio for the dividend and defensiveness. He aims to make 5% over the next few months.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/19, Up 2%) He has 3 REITs and expects them to hold or trend a little upwards. You need to be a little defensive in the summer.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/19, Down 8%) It's making higher lows and is basing now. Good support at $40 and if it stays above that level, he'll stay in this. He targets $50.