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A bit of a contrarian play. It has a little bit of pattern. Oil has been moving between high $40 to $60 range. In late 2018, it hit the level where it's at now, and then recovered. Buy around $12, it will probably recover to $14. Its seasonality is February to April.
He ended up buying this recently. It was an over bought sector and stock. It has based since then and it is still in that base. Compared to everything else, it hasn't fallen greatly. (Analysts’ price target is $32.27)
It's been sideways for a couple years. This week, it shot down but he believes it will get back out to where it was before. It can definitely break out after recovery. They have more divisions than just pharma, like pet items. (Analysts’ price target is $160.28)
(A Top Pick Jan 16/20, Down 4%) He owns this in their income platform. It has a U-shape pattern that broke out recently and is testing it. It's good for income investors still.
(A Top Pick Jan 16/20, Down 9%) They bought this 2-3 months ago. The market was quite negative in 2018 and it has been consolidating. It's building a base right now. He feels that it will return and breakout.