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(A Top Pick Feb 22/19, Down 7%) An ETF of the short contract on US nat gas. He's trying to trade within a band to buy in the low-$20s and sell in the upper-$20s, like $27. We'll see what happens.
(A Top Pick Feb 22/19, Up 4%) Sold it a few weeks ago. He bought it before a breakout in February then sold when ZEM reached his target, and he wanted to limit exposure to emerging markets.
(A Top Pick Feb 22/19, Up 0%) He's now at 15% cash and will stay at the level in the summer. Cash gives you opportunity to do short trades on, say, China or emerging markets.
He's moving into safety. It pays a 5% dividend, but don't expect much upside. The Canadian economy looks weak and rates will stay flat. He expects volatility and this is stable. (Analysts’ price target is $27.75)
MS reported well, unlike some of its peers. It could return to $55 this summer. (Analysts’ price target is $53.92)