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(A Top Pick Aug 29/19, Up 2%) He still owns this one. He likes the up trend that has been in place since early 2019. They have been finding some good details that is adding value. There does not appear to be a lot of risk at this stage and he thinks it could trade over $90 again soon. A good core position for the time being.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/19, Up 2%) He just sold it. The stock did what he wanted, a safe low-beta place to park cash over the summer. He is now back into beta, so he sold out.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/19, Up 0%) He sees the market being good to get back into beta and sees himself being fully invested again in the next couple of week. This is after holding 17% cash not too long ago.
He likes the US banking space -- holding about 9% in his portfolio. There was a breakout that occurred in October that triggered them to go long. He is not bullish on the Canadian banks, however. Yield 2.0%
It is forming a nice break out and he likes the dividend. He thinks it can target highs just below $50 going forward. Yield 5.06% (Analysts’ price target is $55.81)