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(A Top Pick May 24/18, Down 4%) He likes this name and it is quite cheap. Has been in a side wise technical pattern for the last year. Likely due to low interest environment and slow down of global growth. He has brought down his holdings of banks. He doesn't think there will be a decent capital appreciation in banks moving forward from here.
(A Top Pick May 24/18, Down 20%) This is a highly cyclical name. Looking at slowing global growth and he prefers more defensive names. This is an industrial name and prefers Waste Management in this space. He expects CAT just to move sideways.
(A Top Pick May 24/18, Down 17%) He would like to get back into this name. Long term this looks solid. However, still have the cloudiness of the US-China trade talks. He would probably start to pick away at this name now. This is one of the largest internet companies in the world by revenue and by market cap. The advertising business should be very strong. Is an important name to own.
This is the largest discount retailer in the US. Over 75% of their revenues are from recurring items. This allows for steady earnings. When there is an economic slowdown, this space usually does well. It has an 11% growth rate. This is a defensive name to own going forward. Yield = 1.05% (Analysts’ price target is $125.48)
This is a defensive play. With 5G coming in, this should push revenues and earnings higher. He likes the telecom sector in a late economic cycle. Yield = 4.07% (Analysts’ price target is $59.67)