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(A Top Pick Jul 04/18, Up 31%) Continues to like it. Changing how they're looking at the consumer. Millennials don't pay as much attention to the cache of the AmEx brand. Secular growth continues to be strong, but when a recession is on the horizon, he'll probably exit his position. Yield is 1.3%, with 8% growth on that dividend.
(A Top Pick Jul 04/18, Up 21%) Consumer discretionary, but more defensive. Lower beta. Decent growth rate of 10-12%. Nice dividend of 2.9%. Sales performance improving. Focusing on guest experience. Strong dividend income and growth, plus earnings growth.
(A Top Pick Jul 04/18, Down 37%) Stopped out. The Netflix of China. Sentiment got negative around all Chinese firms. Subject to a lot of government scrutiny. Uncertain economic outlook in China affects advertising.
For late cycle. Basket of US stocks with low volatility characteristics. Global cycle is maturing, economic uncertainties. Lower beta. Waste Management, Coca-Cola, Visa, Pfizer, Macdonald's.
A contrarian play. Sector still has great growth characteristics. J&J, Pfizer, UnitedHealth Group, Abbott Labs, Merck. Large cap names, solid earnings, fundamentally strong, decent P/E ratios. Underperforming the S&P, but the political risk has been overstated. Outperforms late in the cycle, low beta, insulated from US-China disputes.