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(A Top Pick Sep 11/19, Up 8%) Still likes it. Data usage in the US is doubling every 2 years, and he expects that to continue. Lots of runway in developing markets. Nice combination of a nice dividend and decent growth long term.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/19, Up 6%) In his favourite sectors of bio and pharma. Strong in oncology. Diversified pipeline. Trading at a bit of a discount, 15x forward earnings, 2.9% dividend. Compelling story for the dividend and growth in the sector.
(A Top Pick Sep 11/19, Up 43%) Online dating provider. 10M paid subscribers. 4 of the 5 largest brands in North America. Pandemic has created an additional catalyst. Secular growth area. 20% earnings and 15% revenue growth rate.
Provides a good opportunity for investors who want strong dividend income with established Canadian companies, but don't want a lot of risk. Top holdings are in pipelines, banks, utilities and telecoms. Still down 14% YTD, so represents a good buying opportunity. High quality companies. Low MER. Yield is 5.64%.
Their numbers are getting better and better. World dominant online entertainment streaming provider. Short term, staying at home has changed consumer habits. Longer term, depth of content will sustain subscriber momentum. Growth engine is expanding into international markets. Great for growth investors. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $507.39)