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Stock Opinions by Javed Mirza

NASDAQ above April highs.

It's a really positive sign. S&P and the TSX are still to clear their February and April highs. His view is that it will hit its highs of August 2022 in the next 2-4 weeks. This is a big deal. If we get above the August highs, it means something's changed in the tone of the market.

For the bulk of 2022, the path of least resistance was down. Whereas now, the path of least resistance is up. 

S&P 500 likely to follow the NASDAQ?

Exactly. Resistance in February and April, and he's anticipating a push higher toward those levels. There's going to be a short-term pause or consolidation, but ultimately this will lead to a rally that will take us to the 4300 level. 

The chart through October and December 2022, and March 2023, we had a series of higher lows. February highs were above the December highs, so especially if we take out the August 2022 highs, you'll see higher highs and higher lows, and that's the definition of an uptrend.

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TSX chart.

Under pressure with commodities being pressured. TSX has already moved above its August 2022 highs. If we can take out the June 2022 highs, that would be positive.

The technical pattern that's trying to form is an ascending triangle pattern. The flatline is at the top of the triangle, and the higher lows form a line to meet it. In technicals, this is one of the most positive patterns out there. If we can clear the February and April highs of this year, that's very bullish.


Really likes copper stocks for this year, poised to perform. Took out November-December highs. Next target is June 2022 highs, around $40-41. Based, took a leg higher, consolidated, broke out.

integrated mines
Telus Corp

Believes inflation and rates are going to be higher for longer (HFL). Historically strong dividend payer. Will move up more slowly than others. Downtrend from 2022-23, and you can see the chart taking a turn and pushing higher. Likes the telcos here, and Telus has been one of the leaders.

telephone utilities

October-November marked a major low. Range-bound between $600-520. As long as it doesn't take out the $520 level to the downside, doesn't mind nibbling here for the longer term. He expects we're starting a new 4-year cycle for a 3-5 year bull market. See his Top Picks.

electrical / electronic
Air Canada

Looks great. Fundamentally, looks attractive. Looking at the chart, next target is just above $21, and then $24.50 after that. Another 10-20% upside from these levels.

Longer term trend is down. Airlines are very cyclical. He believes we're in a new 4-year cycle with upside until late 2025/early 2026. A lot of the cyclicals should participate. If energy remains in a range, at least it won't be a headwind for airlines.


In line with cyclicals and discretionary areas, should see signs of improvement. Things are getting less worse. Sideways trading range. Travel is starting to turn up. 

Easy way to limit risk is near recent lows around $90, and wait for an upside breakout. Next target levels are $105 and $120. If it goes below $90 take off the position, as the market is always right.

merchandising / lodging
Shopify Inc.

Technicals have continued to improve. Target of upside potential is around $100. NASDAQ moving higher is a tailwind. A laggard compared to CSU and GIB.A, which have been making new highs.

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His thesis is that we're starting a new bull market. As we get closer to the August 2022 highs, lots of people who've shifted to a more bullish stance are going to take some profits. If we clear those August highs, that could be an intermediate peak, and the first decent 5-10% correction in this market.

When all the naysayers change their view and put their money to work, that will be a really powerful tailwind for markets next year.

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Natural gas.

Historically, strong seasonality from March-April-into May. Slowly showing signs of improvement, but it will be choppy. Use tight stops, using previous day's lows. Remains quite volatile. Tailwind of positive seasonality.

(A Top Pick Mar 09/23, Down 1%)

Still the best-looking bank chart in Canada. Others are underperforming, so he'd still pick this one.

West Fraser Timber
(A Top Pick Mar 09/23, Down 2%)

Still likes it a lot. It's spent a year in a sideways trading range. 

west coast forestry
Stantec Inc
(A Top Pick Mar 09/23, Up 4%)

A lot of the construction/engineering names look really strong. Beautiful chart. Making new highs, so we're not in a bear market. Continues to like this name.

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Very cyclical. Chart shows that we're seeing a similar slowdown as we saw in 2019-20. He likes accumulating lumber names at these levels, as they look quite attractive.

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