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Stock Opinions by Javed Mirza


Believes seasonality for equity markets supports a strong July, followed by weakness through August and September. This is within the context of the “boring middle” of a new four-year cycle (three to five-year cyclical equity bull market). The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) historically supports positive seasonality through July before stalling in August and September. This implies that strength in July is an opportunity to position for weakness through the summer doldrums of the third quarter. We highlight uranium and homebuilders as two sectors at particular risk of a summer correction.

Our technical work suggests that equity markets are in phase two of the market cycle model, which we view as the boring middle as the underlying economy begins to show signs of strengthening and is typically marked by leadership in information technology, industrials, and basic materials. As a result, the bulk of our best ideas for 2024 are direct beneficiaries of this potential sector rotation. Our technical work indicates that the equity market correction that developed from late July – October 2023 marked a transition from phase one to phase two of the market cycle model.

Our longer-term cycle work supports a 2024 year-end target of 5,466 or another 14.6 per cent upside from the Dec. 29, 2023, close.

Metro Inc (A)

Believes grocery business will be strong through the summer & current economic cycle. Share price reflecting value for long term investors. Stock breaking out into new highs. Groceries a great place to hide during this time. 

food stores
Hydro One

The stock chart is presenting opportunity to break out. Technical pattern is great for investors. "Higher lows" indicating a new high for the stock price. Doesn't believe rate hikes will occur - good tailwind for the business. Boring business that is good for shareholder value. 

electrical utilities

Excellent chart that is setting up well in this economic cycle. Relative strength is improving versus the TSX Composite. Showing signs of institutional accumulation. Positives that indicate the technical profiles of the stock are strengthening, and are supportive of further upside.

(A Top Pick Apr 12/24, Up 8%)

Will continue to own. Great business with excellent capital allocation skills. Boring business that has a great chart. Very strong management team that gives investors ability to sleep at night. Expecting strength in this cycle. 

food stores
Alamos Gold Inc
(A Top Pick Apr 12/24, Up 14%)

Will continue to hold. Gold prices presenting very large opportunity. Given current economic cycle - very good for gold companies. Excellent company with strong assets and management team. Believes continued upside. 

precious metals
Finning Int
(A Top Pick Apr 12/24, Down 5%)

Phase three of market cycle is good for this business. Staple of economy. Expecting more lift in the stock, but trend remains up and to the right. Will continue to own. 

wholesale distributors
Cargojet Inc

Favoring industrial side of economy. Expecting strength through the rest of the year. Trend during from down to up. Expecting a share price of $160. Would recommend buying. 

Transportation & Environmental Services
Deere & Co.

One of top ideas. Great company that underpins industrial economy. Excellent chart that is representing a good buying opportunity. Would buy this stock. 

Bank of Montreal

Better names in the banking sector. Chart not indicating strength. Would wait for chart to turn around before buying. Canadian banks have strong business, but would wait for this chart to turn around. 


Stock has broken out. Will depend on Bitcoin prices. Would wait before buying. Driver will be larger tech names. 


Will see strength in the tech sector going forward. Would recommend buying if the chart begins to turn. Seeing upside in the stock. 

Mastercard Inc.

Chart analysis indicating strength - good time to buy. Good for long term investor. Historic chart very strong. Excellent business with strong tech stack. Very resilient stock. 

other services

Great company for copper exposure. Strong management team. Cycle indicating to higher demand for copper and other commodities. 

Air Canada

Stock price almost near a floor (good time to buy). However, market cycle moving towards a bad time for airlines. Would not recommend buying. Seeing higher prices going forward (not good for business). 

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