Javed Mirza
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Technical analyst at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Dec 24/19, Down 18%) He has liked HSE for its higher highs and higher lows. Now, he doesn't like that it's breaking down to its support level. If it falls below $8, then get out.
(A Top Pick Dec 24/19, Down 7%) He'd worry if it breaks below around $56 and sell. After this current market correction, WFT should break above $60. This should be a good year for lumber stocks with fine upside, which was why he recommended it.
(A Top Pick Dec 24/19, Down 10%) It's rangebound from $22-26. He's looking for a breakout; if so, this will push much higher which happened in mid-2017. He likes Caterpillar and Tormont as well. FTT has been a laggard. If it breaks below that range, this will fall lower.
The leader is base materials/industrials. It's testing resistance at $70. The ascending triangle is very positive (huge in technical analysis) and he expects a breakout. It's ready to climb. Everything is setting up nicely. Add on weakness in coming weeks. (Analysts’ price target is $74.38)
It has a big bottom at $30 over recent years, and we're seeing a longer-term uptrend. We're seeing weakness and it's now re-testing support. There'll be an accumulation phase before it pushes higher. He just bought this. It's one of the best oil stocks. (Analysts’ price target is $47.11)