Javed Mirza
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Technical analyst at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 16%) He sees it continuing to press higher. He would continue to hold it as it is consolidating before an expected further push higher.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 6%) He thinks over the next couple of weeks, gold prices will retrace and he would look to buy into the weakness.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/19, Up 15%) His fundamental analyst is calling for $60. He thinks a near term pause or retracement may occur, but not before getting towards $54-$56.
The recent retracement back towards $40 is enticing, especially ahead of the usual seasonal rally. He would love to see more buying volume coming in to confirm the timing. Yield 4.01% (Analysts’ price target is $54.24)
They expect to see another upward move in oil prices soon and he likes the added torque to oil prices this holds. The stock appears to be ending a retracement period and he thinks now is the time to re-enter. Yield 1.67% (Analysts’ price target is $15.53)