Javed Mirza
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Technical analyst at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 21%) A year ago, market sentiment was really bearish, though he was bullish. This was a contrarian call. There's more upside to come in CNR. Industrials will perform in 2020.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 20%) A year we ago, we were entering the start of a 4-year cycle, at a time when investors were scared.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 52%) Really likes infotech. CSU is now consolidating, a little choppy, but it remains a core holding. He expects near-time weakness along with the overall market in January.
Hold for a year or so. We're in a secular bear market for commodities, but we're heading into year two of a four-year cycle. Year three is strong for energy (2021). So, HSE is poised to rise. He expects this to move above $12 to $16, and possibly higher in 2021. Resistance is $13-14, the upside target. (Analysts’ price target is $11.39)
Has broken out, showing higher highs since mid-2019. Like oil sticks, lumber is poised to rise as the economy accelerates. The sweet spot lies ahead. He likes this. Good reward/risk. (Analysts’ price target is $64.29)