Javed Mirza
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Technical analyst at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Down 1%) It's been sideways since June, so he's a little worried that it may break lower. If it does, he will reduce his position. It's in the penalty box, but he likes it.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 3%) It's had a strong run this year, but has pulled back since August. It will re-test the bottom of around $400, but he's confident it will rally again. He likes it. But if this shows lower lows, he will reduce exposure.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 41%) He recommended it when it was basing and, as he predicted, it popped. Now, it's peaking, so he expects a 10% pullback, so wait.
It's cruising along with a long-term uptrend. Great chart. (Analysts’ price target is $109.56)
The REITs are re-accelerating even among bond proxies and CAP REIT is revving up. This will outperform the market. (Analysts’ price target is $57.13)