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(A Top Pick Nov 16/18, Down 28%) Dirty oil is not getting funding in the US and their share price reflects this. They just added an acquisition in the Permian. He liked the management team change. They are able to grow 10-15% based on current oil pricing. He just prefers to buy in Canada where valuations are at a significant discount.
(A Top Pick Nov 16/18, Down 33%) The highest quality Permian producer name you can own. He sold it a while ago when they decided to repatriate all their energy investing back to Canada, where values are so discounted. There is talk of a frac ban in the US, which is creating uncertainty there.
They continue to buy back shares. They can grow 5%, buy back 10% of their shares and still have positive cash flow. They are looking to increase their inventory in Colombia. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $30.04)
A very boring company that pays a high yield that is sustainable down to $40 oil. He has known management a long time. It likes being paid to wait for valuations to return. Their balance sheet is strong. Yield 8.29% (Analysts’ price target is $5.86)
A high yield that is sustainable down to $49 oil. There is still good upside on valuation metrics. They have modest decline rates. He likes how they buy back their own shares. It is trading at 85% of its reserve blow down value. Yield 8.26% (Analysts’ price target is $6.55)