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(A Top Pick Dec 14/18, Up 9%) He since repatriated all the money back to Canada. It is up about 30% because they just made an acquisition. They are monetizing the assets. Oil has gone up since they bought the asset. He still thinks there are better opportunities. He thinks valuations in Canada are lot more attractive.
(A Top Pick Dec 14/18, Up 12%) A pure play pernium. We were lied to in terms of inventory, well depth and productivity there. There are better opportunities now north of the boarder.
(A Top Pick Dec 14/18, Down 28%) It has fallen off the radar screen. Their balance sheet is not as precarious as people think.
It has under-performed the oil price by 60%. It is higher than a 20% free cash flow yield. They plan to harvest free cash flow to pay down debt. He hopes they will then buy back stock. (Analysts’ price target is $2.97)
They have been buying back stock and sold mid-stream assets. It is trading at 18% free cash flow yield. It is 2.7 times enterprise value to cash flow, which is staggering considering multiple compression. They are not as exposed to pipeline bottlenecks as others. (Analysts’ price target is $7.40)