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(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 43%) He still owns this and added yesterday. He was uber bullish oil last year as Iran was about to face export constraints (they were later waived by the US). They have interest in the Eagle Ford and one of the biggest plays in the Duvernay Shale in Canada. The new production is very economic at today's WTI price levels. They could soon see big share buybacks as cash flow improves.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 43%) Operationally they have done well. In the US, investor sentiment has plunged as well -- energy now about 4% of the index. Democratic Presidental Candidate Warren has promised to ban fracking across the US. This would be incredibly bullish to oil. He thinks Canada will benefit dramatically and has shifted his investment back home.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/18, Down 63%) Unfortunately the market cap has become too small for the big institutional investors to be interested in this. He expects the dividend paying energy stocks would rebound well before this one does.
A miss-priced US Bakken oil producer trading at just over 3 times cash flow and a pristine balance sheet. They have been buying back stock and increasing production with the free cash flow being generated. He would prefer to see them buy back more shares next year. Yield 1.36% (Analysts’ price target is $14.88)
A strong sustainable dividend down to $50 WTI oil prices. Debt-to-cash flow of only 1 times. Backed by CPP, who owns 29% of the shares. Yield 8.57% (Analysts’ price target is $6.52)