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(A Top Pick May 15/20, Up 137%) A core holding for him. Must own if you are bullish on oil. Using all free cashflow to de-lever. 2.6x debt to cashflow next year at $60 oil. Spending some money to scale production to reach critical mass. Trading at under 5x cashflow with 33% free cashflow yield. Once debt is paid down, they can start increasing dividend and buybacks. At $60 oil, target is $10.80, $70 oil would be $18.64.
(A Top Pick May 15/20, Up 189%) Was taken out by Whitecap. Whitecap is now a net-negative emitter. They inject CO2 into the ground. From an ESG perspective, it is a great candidate. They are scaling up to increase market cap. Bigger you are, more radar screens you hit. Whitecap could trade at 6x which is $8.40.
(A Top Pick May 15/20, Up 87%) Only large cap he owns. The most near term catalyst. Has had time to digest the Husky assets. They have lots of assets that are non core that they can sell. The leverage they have taken on is being paid off faster than planned. At $60 oil, would trade at 9% free cashflow yield. At $70 it doubles.
No one is looking in the small cap where there are huge opportunities. Still see meaningful upside. $60 oil means their free cashflow goes up by 10x. At $60 oil, it would generate $144M of free cashflow. Leveraged to the oil price. 54% free cashflow yield and the name would trade at a 3x multiple. Could go to $0.90 share price. At $70 oil, could go above $1.00. Must refinance debt but expects positive outcomes. There is some risk. (Analysts’ price target is $0.47)
Bought strategic positions in this company. Trading just under 3x cashflow at $60 oil. Higher operating costs. A boring play but at $70 oil, they generate gobs of free cashflow. De-leveraging and balance sheet is improving. Looking for a dividend in the future. Share buy back and acquisitions will add attractiveness. (Analysts’ price target is $2.65)