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(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Down 69%) It was a sneaky way to get US exposure. However, Canada is the place to be for energy investors now. Takeaway capacity has been improving and outlook for differentials are positive. This may be a value trap.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 18%) He still likes it. You get premium asset quality, lower operating cost and low financial leverage. There was a CEO change. You get good exposure to natural gas. It is still inexpensive.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Down 56%) He thinks the stock could double from the current price.
It is well-positioned to benefit from the potential M&A wave. They are backed by CPP. It is a cashflow machine. A name that has meaningful upside once people want to own the sector. (Analysts’ price target is $2.58)
They recently made an acquisition. The ability to transact is important and the stock has done well. They will continue to be active in mergers and acquisitions. A 20-30% cashflow yield. (Analysts’ price target is $3.55)