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(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Down 40%) They need to pay down debt. They trade at a 37% free cash flow yield. It's the biggest name in his fund. Their biggest knock is their balance sheet, 4x debt-to-cash flow. They should NOT be buying back stocks, but instead pay down debt. He expects them to arrive at an industry level of 2-2.5x cash-to-debt flow in two years, and by then could pay a 35% dividend or privatize three years after that point. A high-quality name. Through pipelines and rails, next year they can ship 66% of their oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast. He expects a killer quarter coming up.
(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Down 58%) It remains a core holding, but it's fallen off the radar of investors. Investors aren't buying Canadian oil. Trades at 30% free cash flow yield. He expects 2x debt-to-cash flow in the second half of 2019. By then, they should heavily buyback shares.
(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Down 58%) A small-cap oil stock, but nobody is buying small-cap oil. They are the most levered to a rising oil price or a compressing WCS oil price differential. Their outlook is good, but the market isn't buying. He sold this and bought Cenovus and Whitecap Resources.
It's fallen off many radar screens. Their leverage will be lower in coming months. Trades at 30% free cash flow yield and positioned to buyback a lot of shares. It is clearly mispriced now. (Analysts’ price target is $3.55)
More than any other company, they realize the need to buyback shares. They could buyback 8% of shares based on 25% free cash flow yield. It trades at only 70% of their liquidation value, so they won't spend money on growth. Balance sheet is strong. Nothing wrong here. CPG is clealy mispriced. (Analysts’ price target is $6.80)