Dennis da Silva
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Managing Director & Sr Portfolio Manager at
Middlefield Capital Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Up 22%) His biggest holding. Momentum was building starting in late-2018, plus Minnesota approving line 3 earlier this year. That's good news. They just raised dividends again for the 25th straight time.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Down 69%) He exited. They were likely undercapitalized, so couldn't endure any hiccups, probably overoptimistic and did not issue the best guidance. There is new management. The asset remains good, though. Their project is in northern Ontario, probably run on a shoestring budget at first, then ran out of money. It could several quarters to turn around.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Down 37%) A lot of new institutional money moved into this in Q4 2019 after it was beaten up. KEL reached an inflection point; they figured out what to do with their land and are moving into full development mode including drilling that will lead to increasing margins. He continues to hold it. He expects good momentum for KEL as the virus fades. A top-tier firm with strong assets in the Montney.
They have a good project in Quebec that's beaten expectations in grade and size. This will probably yield 250K-300K ounces, and will likely raise the money they need. This project has a million metres drilled into it in the past five years. Confidence continues to grow for this project with underground work to get samples, but can also be used later for use as a mine. This saves capital upfront. (Analysts’ price target is $4.96)
He met with the CEO yesterday. Their Nunavut is a project is a high-grade open pit, which costs a lot, but the grades as three times the average and yields a high 6 gr/tonne. He's waiting for a new feasibility study and expansion of the resource after the last three years of drilling. (Analysts’ price target is $2.94)