Dennis da Silva
Member since: Apr '07
Managing Director & Sr Portfolio Manager at
Middlefield Capital Ltd.

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Mar 08/18, Down 7%) Compared to the gold space in general the result is not disappointing. A small starter, low cost mine in Nova Scotia that he expects may eventually become an acquisition target. He wants to see them develop the project carefully. He will continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Mar 08/18, Down 40%) Up to Q4 it was looking pretty good, but with differentials widening it got hammered. The stock price has not responded well since the differentials have tightened. He likes their low decline rate. They shut-in about 15% of their production. They did the prudent thing by cutting the dividend. He continues to hold it. Yield 5%.
(A Top Pick Mar 08/18, Down 8%) One of the biggest gas producers in Canada. He is surprised it has been as stable as it has. It has done a good job with hedging and market diversification. Still a core holding.
His favorite Canadian pick. They have cleaned up the corporate structure and likes the 10% dividend growth. They have over $7 billion in asset sales and this helps reduce leverage. It trades at a discount to its peer group. Line 3 will start filling in June and the US side will fill later this year. This should be a high-$50 stock. Yield 6.5%. (Analysts’ price target is $53.86)
A natural gas producer with liquids rich output. Management has a large holding. A core holding for him. Yield 0%. (Analysts’ price target is $8.80)