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Today, Christine Poole commented about whether L-T, ENB-T, CB-N, IGM-T, ARX-T, ATZ-T, LLY-N, CGI-T, BNS-T, WSP-T, FTS-T, ABT-N, TD-T, IFC-T, AQN-T, CTC.A-T, PD-T, AC-T, VET-T, BIP.UN-T, QCOM-Q are stocks to buy or sell.


She hopes bank uncertainty will be contained. The big banks have the capital and liquidity to help the smaller ones. She never owned regional banks, just large ones. We have been seeing a flight to safety to the big banks. We'll see stricter regulations among ALL banks. All this equals a hike in interest rates. Bond rates have plummetted. Investors foresee a slowing economy. But there will be less need to raise rates. See what the US Fed announces tomorrow.


She avoids the semis--very cyclical. They're overcoming too much inventory that they still need to work through.


A solid income name. Owns this as the parent company. They make data towers, pipelines, etc. They have good cash flow to absorb cost escalation on projects and pays a 4.5% dividend. Share have been down because of interest rates.

Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities

One of the most international oil names in Canada. Is vulnerable to crude oil prices moves, so it has pulled back lately. She only lightly invests in this area and isn't buying energy producers. Oil is too hard to forecast.

oil / gas
Air Canada

Wage costs and oil costs are beyond the control of airlines. Have high cyclical risk. The economy is slowing, perhaps a recession, so avoid this sector.

Precision Drilling

Energy is very cyclical. This will lose money when the economy is on the downturn. That happened a few years ago. Unless you are optimistic about oil prices, don't build a position.

oil / gas field services

They've bought brands to help growth, but it's a mature business. Their performance reflects consumer spending. Not excited about it. Little organic growth.

specialty stores
Were there warning signs of their sharp decline

It dropped so quickly. The founder left a few years ago--maybe that was the signal. New managers came in and let their floating lending rate debt levels get out of hand as interest rates rise. This hampers growth. There are delays in their projects, which means higher taxes. However, they cut their dividend and righted their guidance. Overhang is this Kentucky Power takeover, with a April 26 deadline. (Regulators have twiced declined the deal.) If it happens, AQN will take on more debt to fund this. AQN has good assets and it trades at a discount to peers. They will not issue equity for the next few years, but sell some existing assets to finance growth.

electrical utilities
Intact Financial

Recently bought another PC insurer (see top picks) for its better valuation and wider international exposure, but Intact offers good exposure to this sector.


A key bank in her portfolio. Take advantage of the current pullback. TD is solid and secure in a highly regulated environment. TD has been impacted for its exposure to the US. The First Horizon deal won't close by the end-May deadline, but will be moved. Given the turmoil in regional banks in the US, TD can probably re-negotiate a more favourable deal. Canadian banks can't expand much in Canada, so the US is attractive. TD has a 10% interest in Schwab, which was hit in the current turmoil. Eventually, the sector will stabilize and these stocks will reverse higher. TD is well-run and pays a good dividend. She added to her holding during this turmoil the past week.

Abbott Labs
(A Top Pick Mar 15/22, Down 15%)

They made the Covid testing kits which generated $20 billion in revenues, so shares got ahead of itself. The market has ignored any such companies since then, but these earnings will eventually work their way up again. ABT has given guidance ex-Covid tests, meaning double-digit organic growth. This is a long-time core holding. They're in medtech and medical procedures are ramping up (a tailwind). Pays a constant and long-growing dividend now around 2.5%. She likes healthcare as a play on the aging population.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Fortis Inc.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/22, Down 2%)

A core holding. Have raised their income the last 49 years. 99% of cash flow is regulated. Yields 3.9%. Continues to like it. Shares are down because of rising rates. In a slowing economy, you need defensive dividend stocks.

electrical utilities
WSP Global Inc.
(A Top Pick Mar 15/22, Up 6%)

Still likes it. Not in the construction side, but infrastructure. Very global with under 20% revenues in Canada. They grow organically + M&A. They've increased their presence in environmental and infrastructure which boast good growth ahead. Customers are half private, half public. The latter pledge infra spending. Are disciplined buyers, willing to walk away from a weak deal.

Business Services
A Comment -- General Comments From an Expert

Prospects have brightened a lot since the Russian war. Countries that were shutting down nuclear plants are now changing their minds and considering nuclear a clean source of energy. She's still researching this space to settle on a name.

Bank of Nova Scotia

It lags the Big 6 banks. They have a new CEO. They're refocusing their Latin American operations. Pays an attractive yield, but faces rising rates, therefore interest margins are not expanding. They're well capitalized. Dividend is safe. Latin America offers growth long term, but rocky short term.