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(A Top Pick Sep 17/19, Down 52%) A diversified REIT. This is one they ended up selling. Their mall portfolio has suffered. He was afraid the dividend would come under pressure. Getting access to capital is tough for them.
(A Top Pick Sep 17/19, Down 24%) This didn't work out very well but they are still sticking with it. The retail part has remained strong. The commodity business has been lagging. However, the commodity cycle is shorter. Over the medium term, prices should firm up. They pay a healthy dividend with good free cashflow.
(A Top Pick Sep 17/19, Up 4%) CVS is still a good pick and he would purchase it today. Their business is very strong. Profits remain strong.
A very unique business model. There is some uncertainty over healthcare reform but the value is there. A defensive name which is important in this environment. (Analysts’ price target is $81.13)
A very defensive play. A very strong development pipeline complemented by a good acquisition strategy. They create value through organic growth, acquisitions and other means. The valuation is at 18x earnings. A very attractive growth utility. (Analysts’ price target is $20.57)