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(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Down 20%) A company that has been hit hard by the pandemic. They were having some problems prior due to supply on the market. Occupancy has come down from 93% to 80% in the last 12 months due to the pandemic restrictions. A first class operator and demographics are in favour of the company. Currently trading at less than 14x cashflow and pays 5.5% dividend. Continues to buy it.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Down 23%) Still likes it. The energy infrastructure names is very inexpensive. The cashflow stream is durable and it has proven itself during the 08/09 crisis. About 85% is from longterm contracts. They got hit from their mid-stream assets. Still really likes the assets and valuation. They cut their cap-ex plans to support the dividend.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 16%) Has gained some altitude. There has been no shortage of negative headlines over the years. Pharmaceuticals is a litigious industry in general. A well diversified company. A slower growth pharma company. However, it is a wonderful company looking at durability. Valuation is just above their buy price of $148. Would wait for a pullback to enter.
Has had some short term weakness due to their banner integration with Family Dollar. Insulated from online competition. Has a good growth profile. He would set the buy price around 18.5x forward earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $121.92)
Favourite within the space. Very inexpensive with a good dividend of almost 8%. Has a reasonable growth profile. Construction for line 3 replacement has started. There is negative sentiment that causes headwinds but the dividend focus is very positive. A defensive play. (Analysts’ price target is $51.91)