Chris Blumas
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(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Up 4%) He still owns this and likes to recommend it as Top Pick.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Down 16%) He would still own this one. They have been streamlining operations and expanded into growing retail markets outside North America, which has slowed their profitability temporarily. He still thinks longer term the valuations will become attractive and lead to share price appreciation.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Down 16%) He actually bought United Technologies, which was subsequently purchased by RTN. OTIS and Carrier were rolled out as separate entities at the time. He really likes RTN and would continue to hold it.
You get a low risk business model. It has performed well in previous market down turns. It trades at 9 times cash flow with only a 70% payout ratio on the dividend. Yield 7.39% (Analysts’ price target is $52.84)
He has owned this for a long time. It is the private equity investor in real assets and acts as the parent for the entire Brookfield family. Although a lower yield than their other public entities, they have access to their asset management business that is growing quickly. They have lots of excess capital and dry powder to take advantage of market opportunities. Yield 1.36% (Analysts’ price target is $56.37)