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(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Down 3%) He'd still be buying this. Demographics are massively in their favour, but the small overhang is some overcapacity (number of retirement home units) in this sector.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 7%) Tremendous growth potential, an income pick with a strong dividend. His buy price is just under $50.
(A Top Pick Dec 16/19, Up 2%) A defensive name but durable. You're paid to wait. This applies to his other two past picks today, too.
An integrated health company, including insurance. This business model lets them add value to customers. There's some uncertainty about US healthcare reform which has hit CVS's valuation of 9x earnings with a 9% free cash flow yield. Amazing value. (Analysts’ price target is $84.08)
An income pick. BNS is well-run, though earnings have been sloppy in recent quarters as they integrate acquisitions. He sees earnings growth. It trades cheaply at 10x earnings at a 5% dividend. You can own both US and Canadian banks which face different tailwinds. (Analysts’ price target is $77.67)