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Stockchase was born in Ontario, Canada out of Bill Bruner's habit of watching stock opinion shows and taking notes about everything that was said. His son, Chris, had the brilliant idea of publishing his father's notes online.

The Bruner family ran the site for almost 17 years (2000-2017). That’s an incredible achievement for a part time family business and especially for Bill Bruner that has been doing most of the show watching and paraphrasing of the experts since the beginning.

What started as a simple idea of publishing Bill’s notes online has become a trusted and essential resource for many of us.

In 2017, the Bruner’s decided it was time to hand over Stockchase to a new team. That's when Wealthica came into play. Simon Boulet, Wealthica's CEO and a long time Stockchase user, contacted the Bruners for a possible partnership between both applications. After a few discussions the partnership idea shifted into an acquisition opportunity.

Today, the team at Wealthica Financial Technology Inc. runs Stockchase.

We intend to continue the tradition and establish Stockchase as the #1 destination for you to find stock opinions online. We hope to grow the community and bring to you even more stock and opinions related content. We are always listening, if you have ideas or suggestions email us and let us know : hello@stockchase.com

More about Wealthica

In addition to publishing Stockchase, Wealthica is a Fintech startup that is building an investment aggregation app for Canadians. Using Wealthica's dashboard, investors can effortlessly see all their investments in one place. Wealthica syncs automatically with many Canadian financial institutions and allows you to have a complete view of your net worth. Learn more about Wealthica or sign up free at https://wealthica.com

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