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(A Top Pick Apr 13/18, Up 24%) Reality is that the pipeline infrastructure is full. Toll booth business. Reasonable rate of return. Not expecting a huge amount of growth, but it will be incremental going forward.
(A Top Pick Apr 13/18, Down 9%) Had been hoping the differential would recover. It's a political problem. Consolidated into CNQ instead, as it's generating a ton of cash and that's a safe way to be in the space.
(A Top Pick Apr 13/18, Down 13%) Got cheap and sat there. Projecting huge amounts of money for the size of the company. In motion to build up to a mid-size gold company.
A way to get into beaten up western Canada. Natural gas business. Processing plants. Stock's been hit. Have put in a pipe to tie all their assets together. Great piece of infrastructure, growing dividend. Yield is 5.58%. (Analysts’ price target is $39.50)
A unique story. Closed their mine to buy on the spot market to deliver into their contracts. Cleaned up inventory. Given time, they hope to move the spot market. Yield is 0.58%. (Analysts’ price target is $17.73)