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New highs. Valuations are high in the market, and it's hard to get good yield in a bond portfolio. It's not expensive with a good price-earning ratio with a dividend. It's a propane franchise, and it's probably undervalued. A good roll-up story going forward. (Analysts’ price target is $14.95)
We've been in an industrial recession through the summer and fall. They do steel distribution. Not competitive and the stock was hit due to the recession. In NA, if business gets better, the stock will go up. A 6% dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $23.67)
Because of indexing, it's fantastic.. The incremental dollar goes into the biggest companies. No body is looking at it right now. Great valuation and dividend. Could get up to $20. (Analysts’ price target is $19.00)
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Up 7%) The stock was beaten up and it was very difficult. Infrastructure space was well valued. The stock has stalled in a 3 years basis. Consistent growth and good dividend. A core holding.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/19, Down 12%) They shut down their mine to tighten up their supply globally. It's one of the largest producer of uranium and they were trying to use their market power. It never panned out. It makes sense from an investment view though.