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(A Top Pick Dec 13/19, Up 10%) It hasn't stumbled during this pandemic. Incredibly consistent business, distributing propane across North America, such as Quebec. The stock had plunged from $12 to $6 during the pandemic, but they will get through this pandemic without lasting issues. (SPB was fine, but the market was irrational. SPB is solid. It's had a good year, despite Covid.
(A Top Pick Dec 13/19, Up 6%) A steady business. It's a volume business. It's ridden through Covid with confidence and is set up very well to supply steel to the US in the coming 6 months. There'll be a surge in steel demand.
(A Top Pick Dec 13/19, Up 27%) It surprisingly became a Covid stock as people bought a lot of home furnishings. Still likes it. They did e-commerce right.
A good business with a decent valuation. No debt. Net cash. Their real estate is worth a lot. He forecasts $250-300 million free cash flow in a year, if they're successful. This is making a ton of money. This should hit $25-30. (Analysts’ price target is $22.25)
He's bought and sold this at a profit. It's broken out in recent weeks. Carries almost no debt. It's profitable, even at the bottom of the cycle. The uranium market should rise from $30 to $40/lb. He expects the ESG wave to hit Cameco, but Cameco offers carbon-free energy through nuclear energy. This could make a $1 billion a year. (Analysts’ price target is $17.24)