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(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Up 24%) Superhighways of the information age. Thinks the stock will continue to motor on forward. Antitrust for this and a lot of these companies is the key issue in the short term but thinks its priced in. People are still posting their kids on Facebook. The privacy issue seems to be an issue with the regulators but not with the users.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Up 63%) Last year was in a big dispute with Apple. Qualcomm owns the technology for the cell phones. Had a nice pop. Sold it. Wouldn't feel uncomfortable owning it here at $90.
(A Top Pick Nov 18/18, Down 6%) This is a stock that can double. Electric vehicle technology. Continues to gain market shares and is extremely well managed. They are building a company for the long term. A year or so is disappointing but he would just buy more. Thinks it will go to a new peak sometime in the next 5 years.
Continues to gain share in retail and other business. One day delivery has been a huge success. Doesn't see anything stopping them. Leader in the cloud business. It's expensive but the cash flow is catching up with the stock price very quickly. May go flat for a year or two but the cash flow will push the stock higher again. (Analysts’ price target is $2178.99)
Very impressed with the use of Facebook in Asia. Flat for a couple of years due to political noise. 27X PE for a company that is growing 20%+ is pretty cheap. Thinks the stock will continue to move higher and higher. (Analysts’ price target is $235.00)