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(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 35%) He still holds it. About 12 times earnings. Cruise lines are growing faster than the economy. He trimmed a little bit of weight. He would not be surprised at $155 in the next year. It is the best managed of the cruise lines. It is a bit of a demographic play.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 20%) One of the hottest retail stocks out there and will be on a roll for many years.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 27%) They are continuing to grow. He thinks we are seeing very solid growth as the US housing market continues to boom.
He is sticking with it. Last year in a period of uncertainty he was certain the housing industry was going to move up and believes it will do so again. Their profit was hit in the short term but it will inflect later, in 2021. He thinks there is good upside in the stock. (Analysts’ price target is $232.17)
The leader in robotic surgery. They sold about 900 units. He thinks they will continue to grow world-wide. (Analysts’ price target is $612.34)