Bruce Murray
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CEO & Chief Investment Officer at
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(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 42%) They are acquiring the chip industry in the US. He bought it last year in the fall following a software company acquisition. It remains a core holding for the conservative chip investor.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Down 18%) Auto stocks have remained out of favour longer than he thought, despite this stock having a good dividend. The Chinese market turned down sharply, following comments from President Trump. There is nothing wrong with the company. He expects them to manufacture more e-vehicles than Tesla this year. Yield 5%
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 107%) The global airline space has been transforming such that those airlines still surviving are doing quite well. This company was particularly levered to the space improving. They bought back Aeroplan and that will add to their profitability.
A core holding for him. It has come through tough times this year. He thinks it is headed to $250 per share next year. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $230.73)
He is focused on the dividend yield. They say it will continue to grow. He sees this trading back towards $55 and higher. Yield 6.71%. (Analysts’ price target is $55.66)