Bruce Murray
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CEO & Chief Investment Officer at
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(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 41%) They're figuring out how to monetize their assets. Target of about $315 over the next year.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 75%) The world turned out to be Amazon's playground. He has a $4000 plus target on it.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 25%) One of the great Canadian retail companies. Focused on young consumer, and already into online sales before the pandemic. The key is that they sell various brands, not an "Aritzia" brand, so they can swap out as names get stale. Target of north of $30.
Perfectly positioned for the pandemic and its empire continues to flourish. Profitability is increasing. Unstoppable juggernaut. If it holds its multiples, should easily exceed $4000 in the next 12 months. Any government tax action won't have much of an impact. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $3813.13)
Great story. Multi-industry company. As the economy opens, they'll do well. Technical knowledge is very high. Have won major EV contracts. Scissor lifts, farm machinery. Will move into the $80-100 range. Yield is 0.80%. (Analysts’ price target is $66.17)