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(A Top Pick Jan 02/20, Up 22%) He sold it at $267 in mid-December to buy Uber and Comcast instead for the economic reopening. He still likes HD, but sold because the housing boom was well underway. You can buy HD now and make 5-10%. A great company.
(A Top Pick Jan 02/20, Up 27%) A great long-term play on robotically assisted surgery, a leader in this area. It's an expensive growth stock, but the outlook is so strong it's worth it. There's lots of room globally for surgery to adopt this technology.
(A Top Pick Jan 02/20, Up 49%) Car sales are booming now. LNR has an incredible business with technology so sound that Ford and GM trust them to make the new 9- and 10-speed transmissions for their pick-up trucks. LNR is also exposed to the agriculture boom. He targets LNR over $100.
They continue to drive e-commerce delivery. Their cloud business is growing even faster. Both are highly profitable and growing. Cash flow will rise in the next two years. The target price is $1,000 higher than the current shares. (Analysts’ price target is $4051.63)
There's been dislocation in US telecoms with mergers and 5G coming in, but Comcast continues to win market share from traditional telecoms. This trend should continue and feed cash flow. Their TV content through NBC and Sky should enjoy ad recovery this year while their theme parks and film operations should benefit from the reopening. Trades at a 7.5% free cash flow yield. He targets $70. (Analysts’ price target is $59.23)