Bruce Murray
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CEO & Chief Investment Officer at
The Murray Wealth Group

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 23%) One of the stocks that have been hit by the Huawei situation. It keeps making acquisitions. He still like it.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Down 22%) Trading at 5 times earnings. They pay a dividend of 5%. The diesel scandal in the EU is affecting them. Everybody is anticars now. They make electric vehicles as well. It is costing the money the conversion. You will do fine with this name.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 79%) Globally the aviation industry changed in the last 25 years from being Government owned. A huge company. Well run. It will be a victim of the Boeing issue. Could be some turbulence in the short term. Put just a small position on this one to sleep at night.
Sleep at night, buy the company. Expensive but they are growing in their cloud business. Earnings growth is accelerating. they have a 30 multiple into next year. (Analysts’ price target is $144.00)
They are the largest Health Care provider in the US. He thinks it is going back into the $300 territory after the election. P/E is 17. (Analysts’ price target is $287.72)