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Has 26 stores in the U.S. but he believes they can have over 300. It's been a pricey stock, but earnings should propel it up. It will be another Lululemon or Canada Goose. If you buy this in the expansion phase, you can really well. (Analysts’ price target is $22.29)
from $100 to They're buying back stock and maintaining the 5.29% yield. Once Kate Spade line-up, this will return to $45-50/share. (Analysts’ price target is $27.86)
He's bought and sold this at $43. They're Upjohn division is merging with Mylan and will spin it out. This will likely lead to the stock returning to the mid-$40's (Analysts’ price target is $42.75)
(A Top Pick Sep 18/18, Up 10%) It's benefitted from Boeing's woes. He bought Airbus a year or so ago at $28.The Airbus 320 is outselling the 737 Max. They have a great backlog of planes. However, there's a rumour that Trump may slap tariffs on Airbus for receiving government subsidies.
(A Top Pick Sep 18/18, Up 11%) They make heart pacers and have expanded into joint replacements through acquisitions. It was poorly managed, but has turned around in the past three years. He's trimmed around $42 to be Pfizer. However, all medical stocks face US politicians bashing them during elections. So, load up on health stocks and do well after the vote.