Andrew Pink
Andrew Pink on Market Call (BNN TV) 23/07/2024 at 07:37pm



The street is focused on the next rate cut--the bank decides tomorrow--which he thinks will happen in September. US election: either outcome looks positive for markets. Though Canadian June retail sales were not great, overall the economy is strong with a low unemployment rate. He doesn't see doom and gloom. Markets have run up so fast, that there may be a pullback in the second half of this year. The banks are leading the market to a soft landing. He's adding to rate-sensitive names in utilities and real estate (after slashing his exposure).

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Our PAST TOP PICK with VEON is progressing well.  To remain disciplined, we recommend trailing up the stop (from $22) to $25 at this time.

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David Burrows
David Burrows on Market Call (BNN TV) 23/07/2024 at 04:24pm


Value stocks.

Some people are value investors, buying low-price and out-of-favour stocks and waiting for them to get better. The gestation period on a value stock can be 3-5 years. A lot of his clients don't have the patience for this, especially if you're in a good market.

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Stockchase Insights
Stockchase Insights on 5i Research 23/07/2024 at 03:03am


Trevor Rose’s Insights - Trevor’s most-liked answers from 5i Research

Company Highlight: CAE Inc (CAE):

CAE is a technology company which digitalizes the physical world by deploying simulation training and critical operations support solutions. It is managed through three segments: Civil Aviation, which provides comprehensive training solutions for flight and other personnel; Defense and Security, which provides global training to ensure mission readiness; Healthcare, which provides virtual education and training solutions.

For the third quarter of fiscal 2024 Revenue of $1094.5 million was up 12.8%; Operating income at $121.6 million was down 14% and net income at $56.5 million ($0.18 per share)was down 28% ($0.24). Adjusted order intake at $1273.9 million was up 7% leading to adjusted backlog of $11,746.3 million, up 9%. Civil service segment margins were a bit light with product mix being a factor;  defense revenue margins were low in part due to legacy contracts. Management remains confident in the future.
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Jim Cramer - Mad Money
Jim Cramer - Mad Money on Mad Money on CNBC 22/07/2024 at 11:30pm


Presidential outlook

Trump would benefit small business, a sector crushed by de-industrialization, a world he wants to bring back along with better wages for workers. Kamala Harris would be way better than Biden--and even Trump--for big business, because she believes in globalization like American world leaders before 2016. In contrast, Biden was adversarial to big business, because he admittedly didn't know much about business. Harris is an elected rep in California, and knows the people who run Silicon Valley. Her secret weapon is her brother-in-law who's general counsel at Uber. She will be friendlier to business than Biden was.

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Brian Madden
Brian Madden on Market Call (BNN TV) 22/07/2024 at 10:33pm



Believes US President Joe Biden stepping down is good for the overall prospects of US politics. It appears Republicans have the advantage at this time, but regardless, high quality, bottom up approach to investing is best for investor portfolios. Generally speaking, politics are hard to predict. S&P 500 at all times highs, and TSX index also performing well. Sees an investment case for TSX catch up(lower PE ratio) to the S&P 500. Overall, it is an excellent environment for active stock picking investors - lots of under valued equities in the markets. However, sectors like Canadian Telecom sector will be difficult (very price competitive and hard to make a profit). 

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with Alan Tong

After the close

With Allan Tong

22/07/2024 at 09:26pm

Tech rebounds, dividends return

After sliding last week, tech stocks rallied Monday, led by Nvidia which jumped 4.81%. ON Semiconductor rose 6.62% and Tesla 5.15%, but CrowdStrike sank 13.46%, even further than last Friday when the cybersecurity company caused the worst IT outage in global history. Meanwhile, Verizon slid 6.08%. The Nasdaq returned to 18,000 territory after gaining 1.58% as the S&P added 1.08% and the Dow 0.32%. The U.S. 10-year yield inched up to 4.235% though Bitcoin edged back to fall below US$68,000.

The Canadian market was also optimistic, with much of Bay Street expecting the Bank of Canada to cut interest rates again in light of weakening inflation and rising unemployment. The TSX advanced 0.86% on Monday or more than 180 points, led by dividend-paying sectors real estate and utilities. Investors of Sleep Country Canada woke up to news that Fairfax Financial was buying out of the bedding chain, which sent ZZZ soaring over 27%. Elsewhere, Northwest Healthcare rallied 5.31%, Spin Master 4.47% though Ivanhoe Mines slipped 3% along with many mineral stocks. Gold was flat, though dipped below US$2,4000 while WTI fell below US$80.

💾 NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA-Q) +4.81%

🧬 ON Semiconductor (ON-Q) +6.62%

🚗 Tesla Inc (TSLA-Q) +5.15%

💾 CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD-Q) -13.46%

📱 Verizon Communications (VZ-N) -6.08%

🛏 Sleep Country Canada (ZZZ-T) +27%

👨‍⚕️ NorthWest Health Prop Real Est Inv Trust (NWH.UN-T) +5.31%

🧸 Spin Master Corp (TOY-T) +4.47%

⛏ Ivanhoe Mines Ltd (IVN-T) -3%

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Barry Schwartz
Barry Schwartz on Market Call (BNN TV) 22/07/2024 at 03:56pm


More M&A coming?

A done deal, for sure. There's just so much money in private equity. FFH and BRK are both swimming with cash. There are great opportunities and great undervaluation out there. 

He doesn't have a list of names, but you can investigate yourself. Any Canadian tech company that isn't CSU, GIB.A, or SHOP is going to get taken over at some point in time.

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Most Anticipated Earnings: CNR-T, WCP-T and more Canadian Companies Reporting Earnings this Week (Jul 22-26)
22/07/2024 at 01:32pm

Most Anticipated Earnings: CNR-T, WCP-T and more Canadian Companies Reporting Earnings this Week (Jul 22-26)

Here are the Canadian companies listed on Stockchase who are reporting earnings this week: 🚚 Industrials 🏛 Financials 🛢 Basic Materials ⚡ Energy 🛍 Consumer 💻 Technology Use this list wisely to identify buying opportunities.Happy trading !!! read more