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The New Stockchase

Hey Stock Chasers!  We are happy to announce that Wealthica, a Fintech startup created by mega-successful iWeb trio, offering Canadian investors a consolidated view of their net worth, announces... more



Paraphrasing David Fingold

Investing. If he doesn’t like the look of a sector, he stays out of it. There used to be the phenomena where people thought that if you picked the best house on a bad block, you’d be okay. For most of his career, that was true, but it is becoming less...Read More

Paraphrasing David Burrows

Market. North American equity markets made new all-time highs in 2013, the 1st time since the 90s. We rallied 2 years into 2015 and corrected globally. Since February 2016, the market has been slowly making its way higher. We had begun a long reflation of...Read More

Paraphrasing David Burrows

Price to Book ratio? The value you pay for an asset in the event there was a problem. When looking at US banks trading at 1X or 1.5X BV, you are not paying that much for the assets you are getting.

Paraphrasing Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

[Today's show was pre-empted by BNN's coverage of the Nabraska vote on Keystone XL Pipeline.]

Paraphrasing Mark Grammer

Market.  The economies around the world are in synchrony and are good.  It has helped the international markets.  The emerging markets have led the ride.  They have been the best performers.  It is partly driven by a strong economy in China.  The big...Read More