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New Watch List, Editors and More

New Stockchase Watch List, New Editors and More Enhancements We’ve been hard at work in the last weeks to enhance Stockchase further and fix a few problems that were sticking around on the site... more



Paraphrasing Mark Grammer

[Note: President Trump announced tariffs on China on the day of this interview] He is concerned about risks arising out of trade rhetoric and trade barriers. He met with Steve Bannon last year; Bannon said that the Trump administration is willing to accept...Read More

Paraphrasing Robert McWhirter

Market. He thinks interest rate increases in the US caused a pullback in utility stocks recently.  Overall he sees an increase in defensive equities.  There is a rotation towards value stocks and he expects interest rate sensitive sectors such as utilities,...Read More

Paraphrasing Robert McWhirter

Will Provincial marijuana regulation give Canopy a shipping opportunity? A recent article by a market analyst suggested Canopy (WEED-T) has an advantage with multiple provincial locations and about 5.6 million square feet of space including a 700,000 square...Read More

Paraphrasing Robert McWhirter

NAFTA auto talks converging between the US and Canada. Positive comments from US Trade representative on NAFTA auto talks progress is seen as good news for companies like Linamar (LNR-T) and Magna (MG-T).  Also positive for North American automakers in...Read More

Paraphrasing Paul Macdonald

No question, people are aging all around the world. Couple this with advances in medtech, pharmaceuticals and biotech while people grow wealthier, spending disproportionately more on healthcare. Altogether, healthcare looks robust going forward. Pharma and...Read More

Paraphrasing Paul Macdonald

Assessing FDA approval when evaluating healthcare stocks: Smaller companies, but also large, enjoy huge stock moves when they receive FDA approval, like AZN. He follows the trials of the large companies from an options standpoint. Moves can be 10-20%.