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Looking for editors to join the remote Stockchase team

At 87 years old, Bill Bruner (one of the site’s co-founders) will be retiring for good in less than 2 weeks.  We are currently looking for editors, working remotely from home, to replace... more



Paraphrasing Michael Sprung

He wasn't worried about the recent minor correction. He's been waiting a long time for a return to volatility, which is good for the market. We're likely to see more of it in the coming months which will be buying opportunities. He doesn't expect a major...Read More

Paraphrasing Michael Sprung

[What happens to the Canadian dollar if the U.S. dollar plunges?] The value of our dollar would go down, but not as fast as theirs. There is a whole host of factors. Our government would like to see a lower Canadian dollar. Also, our productivity has always...Read More

Paraphrasing David Fingold

Artificial Intelligence Technology – He feels this is very old technology and that there has been no innovation made in the last 20-30 years.  High speed communication and lower cost data storage has made AI more cost effective.  He prefers companies...Read More

Paraphrasing Robert McWhirter

Overview Rising Interest Rates: Selloff was caused by reaction to rising wages in the U.S. Rising interest rates, at this point, are a good thing. When 10-year rates reach 3.5%, they can become a headwind. Real estate stocks and utilities will underperform...Read More

Paraphrasing Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI

BC Budget - BC will raise foreign homebuyer tax: The vacancy of homes is a real, valid issue, but increasing the land transfer tax for homes above $3 million but will reduce supply. That's a negative.

Paraphrasing Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI

Recent correction: We went from an overdue correction to overdone, and now we've come back too fast. This was not a systemic correction, meaning he didn't lose confidence on the market, government or numbers that were coming out--he still believes in what...Read More