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Looking for editors to join the remote Stockchase team

At 87 years old, Bill Bruner (one of the site’s co-founders) will be retiring for good in less than 2 weeks.  We are currently looking for editors, working remotely from home, to replace... more



Paraphrasing Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI

Market. Thinks most people expected 2 to 3 hikes in interest rates, and he saw there were too many clouds in the future. That uncertainty is never good for the market. When the central banker doesn't know what the future holds, it causes a little concern....Read More

Paraphrasing Brian Madden

Market. Things are very good. The economy is rolling along nicely, which was validated by the government raising interest rates. Also, we have had the best job rate we’ve seen in 15 years. There has been very good retail sales. However, what happens after...Read More

Paraphrasing Benj Gallander

Market. We are at a point where some money might be taken off the table by people who want to put it aside. When he did a look-see at the stocks in New York, NASDAQ, AMEX and Toronto, there were far less things to add to his Stock Watch list. That list is...Read More

Paraphrasing Alex Ruus

Market. The overall volatility has been really, really low. It's been a long time since we've had even a 3% correction in the market. Inter-day we are going to get choppiness, because there is so much quant driven money and computers looking for short-term...Read More

Paraphrasing Josef Schachter

Market.  He is bullish on natural gas and weary on oil.  When we have winter things change very quickly.  Mother nature takes down storage so quickly that it changes fundamentals very quickly.  The price chart spiked up quickly in the winter of 2014. ...Read More

Paraphrasing Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA

Market.  Into 2018 the expectation for earnings growth is very high.  It looks like the markets could creep higher but we could start to see more volatility in them.  You have to be cautious on the market.  Analysts can tend to be overly optimistic on...Read More