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Looking for editors to join the remote Stockchase team

At 87 years old, Bill Bruner (one of the site’s co-founders) will be retiring for good in less than 2 weeks.  We are currently looking for editors, working remotely from home, to replace... more



Paraphrasing Brian Madden

Market. He is of the view that the suppressed volatility in the last 16, 18 months was more the exception than the norm and that the possibility of this correction was expected. It is late in the economic cycle, interest rates are starting to rise, and we...Read More

Paraphrasing Brian Madden

Where to invest once we are done with the interest rates increases? The heavy lifting in building a portfolio is in asset allocation. They are taking profits and high beta from cyclical parts of the portfolio and redeploying capital to sectors with more...Read More

Paraphrasing Brian Madden

Technical vs Fundamentals. Their approach is hybrid. They use technical, fundamental and quantitative disciplines to come with ideas at the stock specific level.

Paraphrasing Brian Acker, CA

Interest rates – He thinks the US market is in a secular bull market.  2018 is starting off like 1994, where interest rates are starting to play a role. The 10 year yield is going above 2.75% and he sees this as bullish.  For the rest of the year, he...Read More

Paraphrasing Brian Acker, CA

Market. Federal Reserve stimulus impact on the market – He believes fiscal stimulus has been needed over the last 7 years.  The new US tax package, along with President’s Trumps Infrastructure plan will relieve the pressure on the Fed Reserve needing...Read More

Paraphrasing Greg Newman

Market. We had a nice run for the last 14 months. We are still in a bull market, but the ride is going to be little bumpier. Concerns about higher interest rates inflation. But earnings growth is going to trump all that. Protectionism is an issue. But at...Read More