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Paraphrasing Norman Levine

General Investing Comment. Canadian stocks have not gone up as much as global counterparts, so it has not been hit as much on the way down. He sees better value in Canada. He is not a sector buyer, instead he looks for the best companies.

Paraphrasing Norman Levine

Global Economy. He does not think the global economy is long in the tooth. The UK market has been slow and is gaining momentum. Canada’s economy is not as diverse, so its recovery has been slower. The US President is pro-growth while in Canada our politicians...Read More

Paraphrasing Norman Levine

Interest Rates. There is risk the US Fed will lag what is going on and can raise rates in anticipation when the economy starts stalling and that is what causes recessions. We are now returning to more normal interest rates.

Paraphrasing Norman Levine

Oil Prices. He believes the price of oil will remain strong, but is not in the habit of predicting outright levels because you are guaranteed to be wrong.

Paraphrasing Norman Levine

Pipelines. Governments are choosing to ignore the safest way to move oil and natural gas. They are more interested in getting elected than doing what is right. The Federal government needs to put the hammer down, starting at the Prime Minister’s office.

Paraphrasing Norman Levine

Gold. He does not own any gold as a value investor it is rarely something they own. He would rather own bullion or an ETF versus a gold stock which can be prone to operational problems. He has not opinion on current prices.