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New Watch List, Editors and More

New Stockchase Watch List, New Editors and More Enhancements We’ve been hard at work in the last weeks to enhance Stockchase further and fix a few problems that were sticking around on the site... more



Paraphrasing Bruce Campbell (1)

Defensive sectors offering big yieds and some growth have underperformed of late, but they're starting to look okay, especally if you have a long-term view. However, consumer staples are the worst sector, stocks like P&G and Colgate. But he likes Couche-Tard....Read More

Paraphrasing David Cockfield

Market Outlook. Looking ahead for a positive return for the TSX for the year. 6-7% and half of that dividends so no enthusiastic. The economic background is positive. We haven’t even seen the economic impact of the tax cuts in the US. With the new depreciation...Read More

Paraphrasing David Cockfield

Holding ETFs vs individual stocks. The ETF advantage is that you are getting diversification. The problem is that they have multiplied like rabbits. So many now that you have to be careful. Stay with the ones that give you representation to the larger space.

Paraphrasing Ryan Modesto

Market.  There is uncertainty with the discussions between the US and China.  He thinks investors should just dig down to fundamentals.  In Canada almost 57% of companies matched or beat on earnings and 59% beat on revenue.  Companies are looking strong...Read More

Paraphrasing Stan Wong

Market Outlook. We are seeing a seesaw pattern with the markets Very solid economic numbers coming from around the world. Fundamentals look good. On the other hand, we are worrying about interest rates coming up. We worry about geopolitical tensions. We...Read More

Paraphrasing Stan Wong

What is a half position or a full position? In equities if you have 20-25 names and you have equal weight you are going to have 4 to 5 % on each name. That is a full position. Half position is 2% to 2.5%. He just goes for full positions. He does a lot of...Read More