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December 12th 2017 We released a few enhancements to the site today that should make it easier to browse the opinions table. We also enhanced the mobile views.  Here are the details of the changes.... more



Paraphrasing Peter Hodson

Market. Technology will continue to be a big driving sector. We've seen a lithium bubble and all sorts of speculative trends in some of the really small junior companies. It's a dichotomy kind of market with large companies doing well, some of the crazy...Read More

Paraphrasing Peter Hodson

Marijuana? An emerging industry, and you cannot value these compConstellation Brands has come in, and we know that other companies will come in as they want a piece of this market. It's probably not because Canada will be huge, but it is when other countries...Read More

Paraphrasing Greg Newman

Market. He’s been very Long this market for a while, and for asset allocation model 70/30 to fixed income, he is right on the edge in terms of his swing for 90% equity. Stocks are expensive, but are not expensive relative to bonds, apartment buildings,...Read More

Paraphrasing Greg Newman

Dividend paying stock to provide an income? He would start with one or 2 banks and 1 or 2 insurance companies. There are some really good industrials that still look good, such as a Magna (MG-T). A lot of people are looking for the high dividend paying stocks,...Read More

Paraphrasing Michael Simpson, CFA

Market.  US markets are not cheap but there are some names and industries that are good investments.  Some of the block chain companies are scarce in revenues and profits and high on valuation, so be careful.  And for Oil pipelines, you don’t have enough...Read More