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What is a "Hedged" Currency ETF?

To offset risk, asset managers have used hedging strategies so the only factor at play that investors need to worry about is the underlying holdings. Hedged ETFs typically involves utilizing forward contracts to mitigate currency fluctuations by locking in an exchange rate. The use of forward contracts or other financial instruments will convert USD returns to CAD at a fixed price, eliminating the currency risk. One other aspect here is that due to the use of forward contracts, hedged ETFs typically charge higher expense ratios to compensate for the higher trading costs.
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Michael Hakes - CFA, MBA
Michael Hakes - CFA, MBA on Market Call (BNN TV) 19/04/2024 at 11:51pm



Stock market multiples are high, and does not think markets will go higher than current levels. Believes it will be hard for stocks to advance as much as previous quarter with high inflation rates. Not expecting US Fed interest rate cuts until fall 2024 - at the earliest. Markets in Europe are seeing inflation going down faster that North America. Seeing opportunities in individual stocks that have been overlooked by tech focused investors. 

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Jim Cramer - Mad Money
Jim Cramer - Mad Money on Mad Money on CNBC 19/04/2024 at 11:36pm



He saw in their report huge sales past quarter, exploding gross margins while their costs have slid. But shares fell in today's opening. Stupid.

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with Alan Tong

After the close

With Allan Tong

19/04/2024 at 09:49pm

TSX climbs, Wall Street sinks

The trading week ended with the TSX advancing 0.46% to 21,807, but still retreating 0.4% over the week. Almost every sector rallied, led by staples, financials and utilities as technology lagged and health care was flat.

Major movers were Osisko Mining up 4.9% and Silvercrest Metals at 4.5% while the most influential names were Royal Bank up 0.79%, Enbridge 2.79% and TD at 1.31%. Gold inched up to US$2,388 an ounce while WTI advanced 0.6% to US$83.25.

Investors are accepting that both inflation and interest rates will decline slower than expected. Hardest hit are tech stocks as the Nasdaq sank 2.05% on Friday and over 6% over the week. The S&P shed 0.88% for the day and sank 3.5% over the week to close below 5,000. The Dow actually gained 0.56% during the session but slipped 0.23% for the week. Streamers dominated the headlines as Netflix closed the day -9.09% after reporting a beat but offering a soft forecast, though Paramount Global soared 13.4%. Also reporting was American Express which jumped 6.23%. The semis were hammered as Super Micro Computers plunged 23.14% and Intel sank 2.4%. The U.S. 10-year yield edged down to 4.625% as Bitcoin rose 1% to US$64,150. U.S. earnings season continues next week, highlighted by megatech.

⛏ Osisko Mining (OSK-T) +4.9%

⛏ SilverCrest Metals Inc (SIL-T) +4.5%

🏛 Royal Bank (RY-T) +0.79%

🛢 Enbridge (ENB-T) +2.79%

🏛 Toronto Dominion (TD-T) +1.31%

📺 Netflix Inc. (NFLX-Q) -9.09%

🎞 Paramount Global (PARA-Q) +13.4%

🏛 American Express (AXP-N) +6.23%

💾 Super Micro Computer (SMCI-Q) -23.14%

💾 Intel (INTC-Q) -2.4%

🅱 Bitcoin (BTCUSD) (CRYPTO:BTC) +1%

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with Alan Tong

After the close

With Allan Tong

18/04/2024 at 11:02pm

A choppy yet flat Thursday

Markets lacked a definitive direction in Toronto and New York as the TSX and S&P were flat for the session. Meanwhile, the Dow advanced 0.26% and the Nasdaq declined 0.29%. In Toronto, most sectors lagged, particularly staples and energy, but were offset by strong performances in materials and utilities.

Enbridge traded the most hands as it climbed 1.7%. First Quantum Minerals closed 8.86%, Silvercrest Metals 6.01%, Aritzia -3.3% and International Petroleum -2.99%. Gold edged up to US$2,380 while WTI was flat at US$82.75 a barrel.

Also, standing pat was the the U.S. 10-year yield at 4.63%. However, United Airlines soared 6.14% and Estee Lauder rallied 4.93%. On the downside, Las Vegas closed the day at -8.54%, Tesla -3.17% and Micron -3.34%. Bitcoin rebounded 3.4% to $63,350.

🛢 Enbridge (ENB-T) +1.7%

⛏ First Quantum Minerals (FM-T) +8.86%

⛏ SilverCrest Metals Inc (SIL-T) +6.01%

👗 Aritzia Inc. (ATZ-T) -3.3%

🛢 International Petroleum Company (IPCO-T) -2.99%

🛫 United Airlines Holdings (UAL-Q) +6.14%

💄 Estee Lauder (EL-N) +4.93%

♠ Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS-N) -8.54%

🚗 Tesla Inc (TSLA-Q) -3.17%

💾 Micron Technology (MU-Q) -3.34%

🅱 Bitcoin (BTCUSD) (CRYPTO:BTC) +3.4%

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Chris Blumas
Chris Blumas on Market Call (BNN TV) 18/04/2024 at 06:25pm


Can a utility like BIP.UN be a growth name, in terms of all the data needed to run AI models?

Yes, but those names are few and far between. BIP.UN would probably have the best growth profile, as it has access to capital across multiple platforms globally. Its counter-cyclicality is attractive. Data exposure is through towers and warehouses. So BIP.UN can win on many fronts, growing in a variety of areas that some of the more localized firms can't.

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