Hudson Bay Co., Reitmans and More Earnings Reports this Week (Sep 28-Oct 02)
28/09/2020 at 12:50pm

Hudson Bay Co., Reitmans and More Earnings Reports this Week (Sep 28-Oct 02)

The TSX ended last week on a positive note, led by a rally in the technology sector. This week, there is some volatility to be expected, as investors await more news on the coronavirus trend and government updates. This week,… read more

Jim Cramer - Mad Money
Jim Cramer - Mad Money on Mad Money on CNBC 26/09/2020 at 01:02am



PALANTIR TECHNOLOGIES will direct-list next week Not an IPO, but a direct listing coming next week. It's a secretive company, because that's the business they do. They offer a data analytics platform for the intelligence/defence community. They're expanding to commercial clients. They saw in 2019 25% growth, but first-half-2020 saw 49% growth. Negative: they forecast 46% growth in the current quarter, but forecast it to slow to 41% for the year. Also, they pay a lot of stock-based compensation (not good) to retain talent. Third, they're willing to take ethically dubious work from governments that even Google won't touch--that may be an issue for investors. And their corporate governance policies are borderline obnoxious and selfish; the three founders control 49% of the voting power no matter what happens, even if they sell down their position. Also, they leant $25 million to one of its founders in 2016 and he just repaid it last month. They burn a lot of cash and issue a lot of stock. When it lists next week, this could start trading at $10 (20x sales). He hates the feudal corporate share structure. Just don't pay much for it, just $10.

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Stockchase Insights
Stockchase Insights on 5i Research 25/09/2020 at 08:43pm



Billy Kawasaki’s Insights - Picks from 5i Research. It is hard to predict how the markets will react to the second wave. 5i is not overly bearish, citing business continued even during the March shutdown. Many companies have performed much better than expected. Overall asset allocation is important but there are opportunities. Unlock Premium - Try 5i Free

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Ryan Bushell
Ryan Bushell on Market Call (BNN TV) 25/09/2020 at 06:42pm



Infrastructure stocks. He's been focusing on the energy grid and renewable energy in terms of infrastructure. There is unprecedented fiscal stimulus coming into the economy and infrastructure stocks should profit from it.

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3M Co., Papa John’s Intl. and 23 Stock and 1 ETF Top Picks (Sep 18-24)
25/09/2020 at 12:50pm

3M Co., Papa John’s Intl. and 23 Stock and 1 ETF Top Picks (Sep 18-24)

This week there were 23 Stock and 1 ETF Top Picks in a wide range of industries: ETF, Industrials, Basic Materials, Energy, Utilities, Technology, Consumer, Healthcare and Financials. Here are this week’s Top Picks as selected by: Eric Nuttall, Kim… read more


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