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(A Top Pick Mar 05/19, Down 11%) He's recommended this many times. He's VERY long Ivanhoe. They mine copper, zinc, platinum and palladium. But a slowdown won't be kind. It's well-funded by Chinese and Japanese investors. They have three world-class mines. You should continue to hold this.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/19, Up 11%) Very very well-run and well-financed. Carries fine assets. It's a great small-cap miner.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/19, Up 92%) He betted that their west African mine would be high-quality and reasonably successful. They're ahead of schedule and on budget.
It's a sum-of-the-parts story with three moving parts. The knock on it was they always needed to finance, but they financed. He likes their assets, including a joint venture with Barrick, which is worth PG's market cap alone. Their Ontario and Mexico assets are extraneous and will likely be sold. (Analysts’ price target is $3.93)
Lots of zinc and silver. Boasts high-quality people and deposits, but it's in Bosnia which has a poor mining code. But this could be a tier-one deposit that he's counting on. This is his exploration play. (Analysts’ price target is $2.12)