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(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Down 1%) Superb company. A cornerstone of his junior portfolio. Great free cash flow. Well financed.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Up 43%) They have been great royalties buyers, prospect generators. They have as much money now as they have raised in the 20 years of existence. He owns lots and lots and lots. In conjunction with Sprott clients probably 50% holders.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/18, Up 14%) You have to be OK with the political risk of South Africa and Congo. The best accumulator of assets in a junior that he has seen in his 40 years career.
You have to be able to tolerate political risk. Congo is really bruised. The best consolidation of assets in a junior. A recent discovery of copper in Congo is the best in 100 years. The CEO is the most successful mining financier of his epoch. His partners are the Government of China and of Japan. Cheap. What is holding it back? political risk. It has a $2 billion market cap. It could go to $17 billion. (Analysts’ price target is $6.50)
Superb allocator of capital. They have bought back shares. The market misunderstand the value of their Turkish assets that is 50% of their NAV. The free cash will triple in the next three years. (Analysts’ price target is $8.52)