Stockchase offers wide range of advertising options for companies, advisors or individuals looking to promote their brand or product .

Quantcast ranks Stockchase in the Top 1,000 of all Canadian web sites in term of traffic and Alexa ranks it in the Top 13,000. This is a ranking of all Canadian sites of all kinds. Sites with similar rankings on Alexa include or  In term of Finance & Investments, Stockchase would probably rank in the Top 100 Canadian finance sites if there was such a finance site ranking.

Why feature your company or product on Stockchase?

· Widely read by investors and financial product buyers
· A daily must-read for investors and stock experts
· Your ads are shown alongside other industry leaders
· Receive thousands of clicks per month from educated readers who know about finance
· Ideal for Canadian advertisers : 92% of the traffic is Canadian.

Who will see your ad?

· Up to 1M page views per month
· Up to 150,000 visits per month
· Up to 80,000 unique visitors per month
· Thousands of newsletter subscribers

Source : Alexa

Your ad will be seen 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Reach prospective clients through a venue that is geared 100% to investors!

· From the professional investor/analyst
· To individuals who want to invest on their own
· To people who are just curious about trying investments
· To those looking for a new tool in their investment strategies

Text Graphic Ads

Traditional ad sizes at the top of the site (300x250 and 728x90) are sold by FinanceAds and, when the inventory allows it, Google Adwords. If you are a Google Adwords advertiser, you can configure a new campain to be visible on Stockchase specifically by using Google Adwords Managed Placements (

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links at the top of the experts, company and opinion pages are offered for a monthly fee starting at $250/month. The link can feature your name & company or a short text of your choice and link to a special “Featured” page on where you can present your offer. If you are a stock expert that has been mentionned on Stockchase, we offer special feature packages. We will review your sponsored content and will accept only advertisers and content we judge acceptable for our audience.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts feature your brand and appear continuously on Stockchase. You can choose to either publish your content on Stockchase or we can automatically feature your latest blog post via RSS. We can also feature a random post from your blog archives if you prefer. This option is very interesting for businesses that are publishing value content and that want to make it available to a wider audience. The cost starts at $500/month.

Newsletter Sponsorship

You can be featured in one of the Stockchase newsletters : Top Picks, Watched Stocks or Daily Opinions. Thousands of subscribers receive the Stockchase newsletters in their inbox each day, reach them directly with an ad or offer in our newsletter.

CPA or Pay-per-Lead

Select partners offering pay-per-lead or affiliate opportunities can contact us with details about their Pay-per-Lead program. We only accept Pay-per-Lead offers of services we can endorse and review. We also normally do not accept competing offers. For example, if we feature Questrade as recommended brokerage then we would not offer Pay-per-Lead to another brokerage unless we replace Questrade.

Ready to advertise?

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The Stockcase team