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The reviews from different experts express concerns about the geopolitical risk in Panama affecting the company's mine operations. However, there is also optimism about potential upside if the issues are resolved. Some experts highlight the potential value of the company's assets and the impact of the Panama mine on global copper production. Overall, the reviews indicate a mix of risk and opportunity associated with investing in First Quantum Minerals.

Freeport-McMoRan, FCX

Good assets, but very serious geopolitical problem. At whim of politicians. If you own, worth a lot if they can get it sorted out. He owned, but got stopped out. Higher risk than what he wants to be involved in.

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The concern is on its mine in Panama and what the government will do. There is an election coming up and there could be a compromise on the opening of the mine. With First Quantum and Franco Nevada both having a stake in this mine there is basically a free option based on the price of their shares. Both companies have upside at this price.

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Potential takeover of FM a tough sell for ABX investors?

He hasn't owned mining companies in a very long time. Shocking to see what's happened to FM with that mine, as it's a great asset. Shows how risky it is to invest in foreign countries outside NA. 

ABX knows how to allocate capital very well. If he were interested in a mining company, this would be the one, as the CEO certainly knows what to do. Eventually, the FM mine has to be up and running. If ABX can run it properly, there's a lot of value that can be created.

Small companies can't exist anymore in this new age of mining, oil/gas. We're going to see a lot of M&A.

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Too risky for investors. Panama has lots of geopolitical risk. Better options for copper investors. Unsure whether company will survive without operations in Panama. 

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Trevor Rose’s Insights - Trevor’s most-liked answers from 5i Research

We think the market has effectively now written off the mine, so any good news at all would have an amplified positive effect on the stock. But we doubt an agreement is going to be reached. FM is likely going to breach some debt covenants, but it is not in creditors' interest to force anything on the company. It has other assets, and has lots of short term liquidity. We would not expect bankruptcy here, though financial risks have indeed increased, and creditors can be difficult at times. There is still a question of environmental costs in Panama, and whether FM can capture any damages from the government. Fair value is likely $8 to $12, assuming no other negative news. That being said, the mine accounted for about 5% of world copper production. Copper potential goes into a global supply deficit, from a surplus, with any economic strength. Thus, FM's other assets might see some benefit even from its disaster in Panama. 
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There comes a downside point when you have to decide whether to sell it all or, if your conviction is still there, to double up. No sense sitting around if your viewpoint's changed or if you have a higher conviction. Constitutional challenges in the courts in Panama, winding down operations, so it's quite a material issue.

Move on to something with more visibility that lets you sleep at night. Why fight this uphill battle? This is not a technical mining issue. Company can't control the social, political, or judicial outcomes.

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Too much political uncertainty to justify investment. Good for tax loss sellers. Too risky to justify investment. 

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Steer clear, despite dramatic drop. Lots of news yet to unfold. You don't know what you're getting. Panama mine represents 60% of company's value. Look for mining in a friendlier jurisdiction.

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Really likes copper stocks for this year, poised to perform. Took out November-December highs. Next target is June 2022 highs, around $40-41. Based, took a leg higher, consolidated, broke out.

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Copper is in such tight supply. It's needed for the green revolution and de-carbonization. New 20-year agreement resolves a lot of recent issues and drama. Reasonable 14.6x 2024 for an estimated 38% EPS growth rate. If we don't have a soft landing, this name will misfire. When, not if, we have a soft landing, this name will really participate. More of a satellite holding, not core. Yield is 0.79%.

(Analysts’ price target is $32.02)
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Hard to determine future of business. Fighting governments of country it does business in. Wait until business stabilizes. Wait to buy. Other copper stocks available with more certainty and financials.
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Likes it a lot. Long-term support at current levels. Copper is participating in the higher for longer cycle. Close your eyes, and buy here. Looks like it wants to go higher. Look to trim in mid-late 2024.
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Copper chart not giving off the warm and fuzzies right now, often thought of as a warning of economic slowdown. Not interested till copper picks up. Valuation not great. Rent it when you get a hint that the next bull market is on.
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12 month outlook hard to predict. Copper production in Central America. Demand for copper will be strong in the long term. Political risk in countries the company operates is uncertain. Well managed company. Good long term investment.
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He owns no copper producers. Where the economy goes, so does copper--and the economy is slowing down globally. This doesn't bode well for copper demand, and FM is strongly linked to copper prices. Don't catch a falling knife (copper stocks).
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What is First Quantum Minerals stock symbol?

First Quantum Minerals is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol FM-T on the Toronto Stock Exchange (FM-CT). It is usually referred to as TSX:FM or FM-T

Is First Quantum Minerals a buy or a sell?

In the last year, 7 stock analysts published opinions about FM-T. 2 analysts recommended to BUY the stock. 5 analysts recommended to SELL the stock. The latest stock analyst recommendation is . Read the latest stock experts' ratings for First Quantum Minerals.

Is First Quantum Minerals a good investment or a top pick?

First Quantum Minerals was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for First Quantum Minerals.

Why is First Quantum Minerals stock dropping?

Earnings reports or recent company news can cause the stock price to drop. Read stock experts’ recommendations for help on deciding if you should buy, sell or hold the stock.

Is First Quantum Minerals worth watching?

7 stock analysts on Stockchase covered First Quantum Minerals In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is First Quantum Minerals stock price?

On 2024-04-15, First Quantum Minerals (FM-T) stock closed at a price of $14.86.