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(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 42%) It has built on its platform. It has benefited from this volatility. If the market recovers, companies will be taking the opportunity for secondary offerings. They can make acquisitions going forward. It is an attractive opportunity.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Down 6%) Hospitals were kind of closed across North America. These guys were a supplier for hospitals. If there are no surgeries then there is less demand for their one time use products. A billion plus doses of a vaccine will require their syringes.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 21%) The whole group has gone up and so has this one. It made a bigger acquisition in Europe and wants to now spin off this company to make more acquisitions. It is not expensive.
This is a durable business that will stand the test of time. It is a luxury goods company. You are buying a service and a lifestyle. They are adding a luxury SUV line. They are going to double their earnings over the next 5 years by adding more brands and an electric vehicle. (Analysts’ price target is $169.36)
It has been added to the TSX-60. Immigration will pick up after the virus. They focus on mid-level apartment buildings. Their rents are undervalued. As there is turnover, they are able to charge market rents. They are looking to grow their European division. (Analysts’ price target is $56.23)