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(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 13%) They made skiing a growing and flourishing business. With the epic pass, it is a growth business. It is a great opportunity to own one of the premier companies in the world with a moat around it.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 18%) Experiential Consumerism. They have the most exposure to hotels outside of North America. As more people travel, they will need more hotels. The company is trading at a deep discount to its competitors. They keep buying back stock. One day they will get acquired.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 34%) 10 million subscribers to their streaming service. They will start by losing money on this for the first couple of years. It is the highest quality company he can own. It's international.
If you want to issue a bond and issue it to institutional investors, there are only two companies you can use. Companies are going to take advantage of low interest rates and will issue bonds. There are a large amount of bonds maturing in the next 5 years and they have to be re-issued. (Analysts’ price target is $225.62)
A baby BRK-N. This is an insurance company and a terrific investor that allocates the capital. They buy private businesses. Now they are getting into insurance investment vehicles. There is so much money around the world and nowhere to put the it. (Analysts’ price target is $1121.40)