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(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Down 41%) he bought it during the hype over the name game, Call of Duty, which pushed the stock way too much. Despite high revenues last year, their guidance was very poor--no new games for 2019, so the stock got slammed. At the same time, videogames in general generate a lot more cash flow than they used to. At the time, he was excited about the new games in their pipeline--who knows when they release them? He has faith. He's holding on and buying more shares. The balance sheet is perfect and they raised a lot more capital recently. He's excited about the opportunities.
(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Up 16%) The media is out for Zuckerberg's head. Yes, FB has screwed up but they have said sorry. Earnings have slowed, because FB is spending on improving privacy of its users. The market overlooks that is spending money on future growth by monetizing Instagram and getting into payments and VR. Their valuation is quite cheap, though growth is slowing, but that means 30% revenue growth. Who else does 30% trading at 20x earnings? FB is up 50% year to date vs. the Nasdaq's 20%.
(A Top Pick Sep 20/18, Down 3%) This moves inline with the S&P 500. BLK is very undervalued. They really make their money selling ETFs to nichy alternative investors, which lower interst rates will encoourage. BLK offers the best suite of alternative investments. BLK generates a lot of free cash flow and they raised their 2.8% dividend twice last year.
A few years ago, the new CEO transformed this from a listings business to a data analystics business and gaining more revenues outside Canada. Now, 50% of their business is data analystics, selling information to companies like BNN. TMX benefits now from cannabis and cryptos. It's trading at a big discount to other exchanges, so there's a lot of upside. (Analysts’ price target is $102.67)
Just because the population is aging, doesn't mean you'll benefit from it. BDX is in medical supplies, not drugs, supplying hospitals. They've pulled back a little, because a product is under FDA review. They have a good record of raising their dividend, and they have a long runway of opportunities ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $259.67)