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A toll-road business. Any time you make a purchase, it's often with Visa or Mastercard. They just had their investor presentation and they are planning on growing their business by ten times. Still has a long runway of growth. He sees tremendous potential, especially in fintech. (Analysts’ price target is $226.31)
A value investment. There's never been a cheaper time to buy the name. It's trading at a cheap price-to-book. It's generating a lot of free cashflow and everyone is waiting for Warren Buffet to do something with it. Maybe he's waiting for a pull-back. It owns a lot of Apple stocks. (Analysts’ price target is $247.33)
Luxury hotels. The stock has flatlined due to worries over the coronavirus. They are selling their hotels for management contracts. They are using the cash to buy back stocks. He sees it trading over $100. A well-run business with the family having a lot of stocks. (Analysts’ price target is $86.13)
(A Top Pick Apr 01/19, Down 7%) Still owns it, though he owns less than before. He owns it for income accounts. It raised its dividends and it's now at 5%. It generates good free cashflow. It looked like they were having organic growth but it fell through. They are expecting big things but management has not yet delivered in the past few years. He wouldn't sell it though and believes it is worth over $20.
(A Top Pick Apr 01/19, Up 19%) A commodity space but it is well managed. The management team has been there since 20 years. They have owned it since the acquisition of Progressive Waste Connections. They are great at acquisitions and they convert cashflow to free cashflows. It has had 17 years of positive shareholder returns.