Barry Schwartz
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(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Up 24%) Still buying for new clients. With low interest rates, many companies are taking advantage by issuing bonds. More growth ahead. In the first innings of ESG trend to know what you own.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Down 10%) Similar to Berkshire Hathaway. Would rather invest in a pure play that's easier to understand, so he sold. Good management. Good entry point here.
(A Top Pick Nov 19/19, Up 39%) Dropped recently on rotation out of quality and higher beta names. Has grown revenues. Getting into restoration, a huge addressable market. Likes management very much. Expensive valuation, but you'll do fine.
Results are accelerating. Multiples are cheap for a fortress balance sheet, riding digital tailwinds, enormous amount of cash. Yes, risk of antitrust. Business is improving, so much optionality. One of the best businesses in the world at a reasonable valuation. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $1917.31)
Has one of Canada's greatest CEOs. Best growth days are probably behind it, but still a great business. It buys companies and uses the free cashflow to keep buying more. He thinks eventually its businesses will spin off. Great balance sheet. Yield is 0.32%. (Analysts’ price target is $1679.38)