Zachary Curry
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Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager at
Davis-Rea Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 49%) Still likes it. Trading in a nice range. Transitioning from hardware to services. Overhang is dependence on iPhone, but they are growing services side.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 35%) Continues to like it. Steady as she goes. Tried and true formula of redeploy capital, earn a nice return, sell the asset at a good return. Like a pipeline company for everything. Good dividend, capital appreciation.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 22%) Demographically, in a great spot. Recent acquisition will expand their market. Developing robotics. Positive long-term.
New products. Incremental price tweaks are beneficial. Yield is 1.19%. (Analysts’ price target is $253.41)
Low rates are hurting a bit. Great company. Has all the pieces: commercial, personal, investment, asset management. Extremely well run. Dividend increases. US consumer is in a great space right now. Huge cash machine. Yield is 2.77%. (Analysts’ price target is $125.29)