Zachary Curry
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Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Jun 04/19, Down 17%) He would still stick with US banks. Their results were not a high surprise to markets. He likes it because it is like a bank conglomerate. There may be issues around the dividend but it is a high quality holding. He continues to hold it.
(A Top Pick Jun 04/19, Up 6%) They tried to get a common share spin out for those that don’t like limited partnerships. They run this really well and he likes that they take positions in infrastructure projects of less than 100% usually and in projects that need a little help. They develop the project and then sell it off. He continues to hold it.
(A Top Pick Jun 04/19, Down 7%) He really likes the equipment side of the healthcare industry. There is a bit of a lag for the kind of procedures they are doing. The demographic is really good and people will continue to need knees and hips and so on. He is looking to add more to this industry. He continues to hold it.
Spending levels are lower but the lack of keenness on physical cash will drive electronic payments that much more quickly into the future. The move to the cashless society will be accelerated by this crisis. It has a high multiple but longer term they will benefit from a more-online society. (Analysts’ price target is $199.71)
They will benefit from what is going on right now. Their shift to cloud based computing should be accelerated by the crisis. (Analysts’ price target is $189.50)