Zachary Curry
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Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager at
Davis-Rea Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Jun 05/18, Up 4%) The banks have come under pressure lately, but he continues to recommend it.
(A Top Pick Jun 05/18, Down 47%) Run by a solid management team, but this is being impacted by the energy sector as a whole. They are paying down debt and doing all the right things. He continues to hold it.
(A Top Pick Jun 05/18, Down 7%) Slowing iPhone sales and there are concerns over consumer privacy with their products, but way safer than Facebook. He likes their cash holding and the dividend they pay. The membership service business is growing as well. He would buy on weakness.
A high quality US bank. Economically things continue to look good in the US. They have worked had to improve the balance sheet. Capital is managed well and it appears to be a good defensive holding. Yield 2.9% (Analysts’ price target is $118.04)
Just below the asset management level. Big infrastructure projects are their specialty and they have projects outside North America. The payout ratio is about 70%. The are good at building up projects and selling portions to cover their capital profitably. Yield 4.9% (Analysts’ price target is $60.72)