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(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 41%) They have held this for a long time. The fundamentals remain positive. It has water, toll roads, cell phone data and others. They partner with others, improve the business by contracting its use and then sell off their interest. It creates cash flow and good returns.
(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 28%) It has rallied well. They are transitioning more into retail banking. They are behind the Apple credit card. As they move into the retail banking space, they have to increase reserve holdings, which has created a headwind. However, he thinks they are beyond that now. He continues to remain constructive on them.
(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 31%) What a great transition story with the move into streaming. They have a fantastic content library. He recently took some profits, due to their exposure to theme parks in Asia. He will gladly be a buyer again in the near future.
70% of their cash flow is from take or pay contracts. It does not matter what the economy is doing. A great defensive quality. Yield 3.71% (Analysts’ price target is $72.06)
They just released Q4 2019 earnings, which were $36 billion -- up 12%. Revenue was up 6%. They have transactions with half the US population. A real banking conglomerate. They are spending a lot on technology. A good defensive holding. Yield 2.63% (Analysts’ price target is $139.27)