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Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Jun 05/19, Down 8%) Given the pandemic, their results were quite good. It is a large bank and benefits from capital markets activities. They have taken appropriate loan loss provisions. Dividends are safe. Rates have come down to levels to where they should stabilize or rise. He is positive on this and financials in general.
(A Top Pick Jun 05/19, Up 32%) A strong and well-managed company with good dividends. They have been very good at capital recycling with their assets. They generate good income on the side.
(A Top Pick Jun 05/19, Up 13%) The downside of the pandemic is that elective surgeries were postponed. Knees, hips and other surgical procedures their products are used in were deferred. It is a backlog question. Demographically, more people will need their products.
it is a good grower, with 75% of their contracts are take-or-pay inflation linked with 11 years as the average term. The 4-5% yield is positive. A source of stability and income. (Analysts’ price target is $64.92)
It was beaten down substantially earlier in the year. They have built a compelling infrastructure where 90% of the US population is within 5 miles of a Fedex facility. They are putting in price increases for the holiday which is positive since there will probably be a move away from retail store shopping. (Analysts’ price target is $284.92)