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Stock Opinions by Zachary Curry

We will likely see a bounce this month after December's sell-off. Negatives are already priced into the market. Inflation will continue, but slow and is priced into markets. Short-term pain for long-term gain, meaning 2022's bad year will allow a better 6-7% annual market gains going forward and maybe better in years to come.
Suncor Energy Inc
Hold or buy, not sell. The price of oil will stay the same or rise. The transition to renewables will take time, so oil will stay a while. Suncor will reap the benefits of higher oil. Caveat: the health and record of the CEO. They have a nice plan to return capital to shareholders.
integrated oils
Commodity prices will stay flat or rise and so will Peyto share prices. They have a good track record of returning capital to shareholders. Pays a 10% dividend. Cash flows should continue and sustain stability.
oil / gas
Bank of Nova Scotia
You can buy it now, but only with a long timeline. A new CEO needs time to transition. A lot of work to do. Prefers Royal and TD. BNS's dividend is high yet safe. Historically, Canadian banks do well. Last year, BNS underperformed peers.
Emera Inc
A great company. Interest rates have climbed a lot, but will slow and stay around 5%. So, utilities will have a tougher go. Good company as is Fortis and Hydro One, but the big question is do you want exposure to utilities. EMA's dividend is safe, but a caveat is a cap on rates by governments which would limit upside.
mngmnt / diversified
Offers more upside because of oil prices (which could rise). Prefers this to say a utility. Pays good income and potential upside if oil prices climb.
TC Energy
Interest rate hikes have prevented this from returning to pre-Covid highs. Has been under pressure in recent months because of their oil spill and overruns on the Coastal Gaslink, but these are short term. Because there is a finite number of pipelines, this makes TRP a buy. It has been unfairly published and prospects look good.
oil / gas pipelines
Are in a great space, a growth area in industrials. But their debt is too high and explains their volatility. They grow by acquiring, which adds to debt. Managed well, though.
Tourmaline Oil Corp
(A Top Pick Jul 15/22, Up 4%) Canada's biggest nat gas producer. Great balance sheet and managers. They're moving some gas to the Gulf Coast so they have LNG exposure. The transition from fossil fuels to renewables will take time, so he remains bullish on natural gas. TOU is best in class.
oil / gas
American Tower
(A Top Pick Jul 15/22, Down 12%) They have quality assets you can't replicate. Have inflation protection through price increases. Also, more and more data will need their towers. A great long-term hold.
Merck & Company
(A Top Pick Jul 15/22, Up 19%) Defensive. Great pipeline. Best in class in pharma/healthcare.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Telus Corp
A growth company compared to the three telecoms. Good dividend and more defensive than its peers. Rogers has ownership issues. Telus has invested in infrastructure that will pay off with revenues and lower expenses. He doesn't own any telcos in Canada.
telephone utilities
Altagas Ltd
Seems to be in better shape than a few years ago. A concern is their high debt and wants to see a decline before stepping in. Likes their assets and this sector. Wait and see how the new CEO does.w
oil / gas
The spin off is interesting. History It's undervalued here. he owns the spin-off and other Brookfield names. They are very good at amanaging money Hold BAM as a core holding.
management / diversified
Magna Int'l. (A)
EVs A high-fixed cost company, so you need a lot of scale, which Magna has. The transition to EVs means MG is in a great space to build those parts. Is concerned about their high-fixed costs and the amount of competition in EVs. The car sector will come down, though, and not be good for Magna.
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