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(A Top Pick Feb 21/19, Down 38%) Earnings estimates will probably come down. Good, long-term value. Here, he'd be more of a buyer than a seller.
(A Top Pick Feb 21/19, Up 19%) Good name for offense and defense. He'd look to buy back at these levels or a bit lower. Almost recession-proof. PEG is still very compelling.
(A Top Pick Feb 21/19, Down 11%) Still likes it. One of the best banks.
Looking out one year, what's an ironclad business that's going to be growth but defensive. Still modeling about 25% EPS growth. Makes sense on a price to growth. Recession resilient. Yield is 2.52%. (Analysts’ price target is $159.38)
Does well when interest rates go lower. Visible growth at a reasonable valuation. Modeling 19% growth. Decent level here. Balance sheet is really great. Yield is 1.30%. (Analysts’ price target is $95.13)