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(A Top Pick Dec 11/19, Up 144%) Put a bit more money to work yesterday on the dip. A must-own name. Appreciate the chart and how extended it is, and try to buy at lower levels.
(A Top Pick Dec 11/19, Down 10%) Looking for a turnaround on Tim's, and for global growth on the other brands. Modelling decent growth. Covid hurt, but doesn't affect its long-term viability.
(A Top Pick Dec 11/19, Down 5%) You want to buy commodities when they're forgotten about. Retail was the reason for the miss. Some investors worry it's a structural issue, but he puts it down to Covid and weather. Still likes it, but sold half his position for other industrial plays. You get paid to wait with a 14% EPS growth rate. Makes sense as long as potash can do OK and retail can get back to where they were. Yield is 4%.
Remains a great alternative to low bond yields. Private equity and active management continue to be about 50% of the business, and that's where the growth is. Infrastructure and renewables have good steady eddy growth. Compelling on a PEG basis. Sees dividend growing at 10%. Yield is 1.27%. (Analysts’ price target is $56.55)
Loathed name, not sexy. Huge move off the bottom on Monday. Trading at levels similar to financial crisis. Crushed Q3 earnings. Estimates 60% earnings growth. Lots of upside. Yield is 4.27%.