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(A Top Pick Aug 14/19, Up 179%) Brick and mortar retailers are rapidly migrating online and COVID accelerated this trend. The blew away recent earnings. He sees 300% EPS growth. Bad news: it's super pricey now at 275x 2022 or 37x EV-to-revenue vs. 16x by peers. Buy at $900-1000, not now. It's a must-own name though.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/19, Down 2%) He bought it for Disney+ which has been an incredible success, hitting its subscriber target of 2024 already. But legacy businesses like theme parks are hurting and will take time to recover. The balance sheet also needs time. The streaming company is propping up the legacy businesses which are coming back in 2021-22. Can't model future earnings.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/19, Down 24%) It got hit by COVID, but they just beat Q2 by 10%. Online sales are up 120%. Have strong liquidity and a balance sheet. Maybe don't buy it right now, but it's a strong play on global expansion. Trades at a decent PE and pays a good dividend. Hold for now and buy as it dips as the stock bounces around. Expected them to turn around Tim Horton's sooner, but it's still a good brand in Canada.
Pre-COVIC, he saw that tech was going to pop, and now the puck is heading to boring value names, like Quebecor. Has an 11% growth rate and trades at 12.6x 2021. Its a very cheap telco and have a lot of cash to return to shareholders and raise the dividend if they wish. Their wireless continues to do well. Expect nice capital appreciation and dividend growth going forward. (Analysts’ price target is $37.04)
Canadian insurance held up remarkably well during the lockdown. POW owns 80% of Great-West Life which was up 26% in earnings. He projects an 8% growth rate. POW is super cheap at 7.3x 2022, and pays a 7% dividend with a 54% payout ratio. Trades at a NAV discount of 28% instead of the usual 19%. It will be a steady eddy in coming years. (Analysts’ price target is $28.06)