Greg Newman
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Director & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Jul 26/18, Down 1%) Still cheap. Favourable business mix. Still a good place to be.
(A Top Pick Jul 26/18, Up 4%) Trading at 7.7x, extraordinarily cheap. Growing at 9%, with 10% annual dividend growth. Litigation overhang has passed. Still a good place. He's not letting the market bully him out of the stock.
(A Top Pick Jul 26/18, Down 29%) Good stocks will move like this on sentiment. The macro's gotten worse. One-time headwinds. Levered to gold miners, and better days are ahead for gold. Really cheap. Being paid to wait. You still want to have it in your portfolio.
Bears say it's expensive, but he likes it right here, right now. New product offerings. If management can turn Tim's around, this thing can really go. Not economically sensitive. Yield is 2.81%. (Analysts’ price target is $96.63)
Not economically sensitive. Trading at the top of the range, but growth is the same, so the PEG ratio is 1. Good product, and they can grow via acquisitions. Yield is 2.42%. (Analysts’ price target is $123.92)