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(A Top Pick Jan 18/19, Up 30%) Bought it when the market was too cautious. So many reasons to like this: ongoing revenues from Google search; value creation with Maps and Waymo; ad growth; free cash flow is returning. He see 70% EPS growth at 22x PE. This is better than even MSFT.
(A Top Pick Jan 18/19, Up 31%) This plays offence and defence, and was well-priced at the time. Still growing AFFO at 15% compounded annually. Despite great growth, still reasonable at 15x price to AFFO. You can still own this.
(A Top Pick Jan 18/19, Up 21%) Steepening yield curve and improving US economy will help. Still room to grow at 8% and is priced at 11x PE. Still value here. US banks release earnings soon. Maybe their earnings are peaking, but banks will keep rising due to corporate and consumer confidence.
After a steep pullback in the past year or two, it's now breaking out. They really beat their Q1 revenue and profit as expenses slowed. User growth, too. Revenue is up 28%. They continue to attract advertisers. He sees 33% EPS growth, trading at 20x in 2021 from 23x 2020. Has a lot of room to grow. (Analysts’ price target is $236.94)
One-day delivery will take them time to build, and the stock may tread water along with the wider market for the next 6 months. But after that, things look good. A great business. In a few years there'll be a free cash flow ramp after they build this large e-commerce infrastructure with next-day delivery. They can also grow their ad and cloud businesses further. Sees 37% EPS growth at 20x earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $2178.24)