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(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Down 27%) Still likes it. They just beat their quarter by 29%. They can grow with their margins, improving by cost-cutting. Models 16% EPS growth at 12.2x earnings. Very cheap. A solid balance sheet. Will be good over the long term.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Up 17%) Strong balance sheet and still has good growth. Backlog of $6.7 billion still high. Just beat their Q2 by 10%. You can play offence and defence with this. Governments need to do infrastucture.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/18, Up 18%) Governments need to invest in infrastructure. You can play offence and defence with this. They just beat their Q2. They can grow their AFFO by 16%. Good business model.
Q2 was so strong. New investments are paying off and exceeding their own expectations. They are capturing more the economics of e-commerce. He sees 100% EPS growth in 2018-2020 and 83% revenue growth. Yes, it's very pricey now at 289x PE, but they are reinvesting in their business. (Analysts’ price target is $463.68)
Their Q3 just disappointed; their Fox assets won't be accretive until 2021. The street sees no growth into 2020, but Disney is a huge content play that'll compete with Netflix. You're paid to wait. Has 22x earnings, but he trusts growth will come with the rise in streaming in the coming years. Great managers, powerful content and fine execution. (Analysts’ price target is $154.71)