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A quality stock that is poised to benefit from the reopening. Same store sales were up 5% in China. They are overcoming fewer transactions with offsetting bigger baskets. 2021 outlook was raised. 48% EPS growth trading at 25x 2023 valuation. Pays a reasonable dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $108.84)
The Clearwater acquisition offers good synergy. The partnership makes the deal less capital intensive. Part of the recovery trade with restaurant and hotel sales coming back. 22% EPS growth trading at 18x. Have made very good acquisitions and is good at integrating them. (Analysts’ price target is $116.82)
Doesn't want to add more risk if there is no need. The RSA purchase gives them greater scale, distribution and more avenues for growth. Synergistic. The market is waiting to see results. The stock will rerate with results. Good to grow quiet wealth. (Analysts’ price target is $176.00)
(A Top Pick Jan 10/20, Up 19%) There is definite headwinds with regulatory oversight but there is still runway. Growth rate is around 20% and trading around 21x 2022. Price to growth, it is fine. Monthly active users just beat expectations. Average revenue per user is $10. A name you want to buy into asides the regulatory risk.
(A Top Pick Jan 10/20, Up 70%) Would wait for a pullback to put fresh money into it. Trading at 50x with a growth rate of 36%. Price to growth, it is not horrible given its dominance. A global utility to our way of life. A necessary.