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Stock Opinions by Greg Newman

It's perfectly fine to be in cash. After the bell, Nike will release earnings and maybe that will signal the future of earnings. We'll probably see the cascade in earnings.
Emera Inc
The Nova Scotia rate settlement looks better than feared. If regulators approve it, he'll boost EMA's ROE assumptions. Even without approval, this stock looks reasonable at 16x 2023 earnings, 5.5% EPS growth and a nice 5.3% dividend. You don't have to buy today, but wait for a pullback. Overall, it's attractive vs. the market.
mngmnt / diversified
1-3 year outlook He too was surprised with their earnings call. Restoring confidence will take time. They must restore debt levels, but the jump in interest rates surprised all in the market. Maybe AQN needs to sell some projects. Expect no growth for 2 years. Maybe they should stop issuing shares and they might stop their DRIP. He doesn't think they will cut their dividend. Probably AQN is pounded further by tax-loss selling. Suggests you sell puts at a lower strike in a taxable account.
electrical utilities
Apple Inc
He always felt it's expensive. It's now trading at 21x 2024 at a 6% growth rate. Tech earnings will still come down, so Google, Amazon and Nuvei are better tech names.
electrical / electronic
Ford Motor
EPS will fall in the coming years, at a 7x 2024 PE. A very cheap stock, demand is strong and Ford has raised their free cash flow forecast. He doesn't see growth, though.
Power Corp
Trading at a 17% discount to NAV. Cheap, trading at 8x 2023, though Manulife is even lower. They have a lot of cash coming due to a coming sale. So, they will do buybacks. There's little downside ahead. Buy incremental and you will be in a good space years from now.
mngmnt / diversified
A past top pick. Licks it for price-to-growth. Still good. A quality name, but not the best. He prefers a tech name that's cheaper with better growth like Nuvei, Amazon or Alphabet. He will buy at lower levels. He targets $2,400.
computer software / processing
BAM and BN Both are good. Solid. Undervalued. Can grow. The reason for the spin-out was to achieve more value and growth. For more torque, though, go with BN-T.
management / diversified
TC Energy
Cheap at 9.8x 2024 free cash yield, but only a 3% 2022-24 growth rate. Pays a 7% dividend. Not bad considering the overall market. He likes the stock price down here. Sell some puts and try to buy at even lower levels. Or you can start buying now and more in coming months, and you will be fine.
oil / gas pipelines
(A Top Pick Jan 13/22, Up 13%) It was cheap at the time. An organic grower, even with macro headwinds. He expect margin improvement ahead. They're lower leverage, so they could buy back shares or companies. Trades around 11.7x 2024. Growth has slowed to 6%. A great company longer term.
Bank of Montreal
(A Top Pick Jan 13/22, Down 14%) Liked its price-to-growth at the time, but since then a lot has changed. BMO has executed well in the past year. Trades at 8.7x, cheaper than peers. But we're probably heading into a recession, so it's not a great time to buy the banks. Likes it longer term. Wait 3-6 months to buy this.
Finning Int
(A Top Pick Jan 13/22, Up 0.4%) It's had a string of beats. Still cheap at 11.2x PE. He bought it to play mining. Good growth is doubtful in coming years because of an economic slowdown. A good company. Hold on with you own it. Buy it on weakness or sell calls. You'll be fine for the next 2-3 years.
wholesale distributors
They beat Q3 on strong oil sands sales and raised their dividend 13%. Debt profile is improving that will see shareholder returns. Good dividend. Little production growth. Are better names in energy with a cheaper EV like Arc Resources. CNQ is still good and will do well along with the price of oil.
oil / gas
Cameco Corporation
Their order book continues to grow. Demand for nuclear power is growing. However, their Q3 was mixed and CCO is trading at a high 45x 2024. AlIt had a huge move in a tough market. He models 104% EPS growth. A good share price now.
integrated mines
It has inflation-linked revenues and 12% growth. It trades at 14x. Looks good price-to-growth and well positioned going further. Industrial names like this will do well.
Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities
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