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(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 25%) They posted great results two weeks ago: strong growth in China and the US; direct-to-consumer is working well into stores and the website; good Instagram presence. The leisure market is still growing.
(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 47%) As usual, the stock goes up until there are fears over iPhone demand, it goes down, then you buy it. He sold his share in August. Apple had guided down their Q4. Buy at pullbacks.
(A Top Pick Dec 27/18, Up 3%) Oil prices continue to struggle, but BP pays a big, safe dividend. They generate great return on capital even at current oil prices. They also run fuel stations in Europe and sell natural gas products, not just oil. They're a leader in using data to make equipment use efficient.
He prefers it to Visa, though both are fine. MA boasts more growth. Both dominate payments. Despite new, smart e-payment companies, customers still need a card like MA--cards won't go away soon. For MA, he forecasts 10-12% annual revenue growth for the next 2-3 years and strong free cash flow, growing earnings at 30x 2020's revenues. Chip away at this when you can, because this doesn't pullback much. (Analysts’ price target is $309.22)
The most hated stock on the S&P. IBM is doing a lot of things right. It trades much lower vs. its peers, so it doesn't take a lot to get a 20-30% return out of it. The bar is set so low. The EPS is around 10-11x. They just closed on the Red Hat cloud deal. Revenue growth is 2-3% annual, but they are cutting out big-revenue, but low-margin contracts which should improve their bottom line. Red Hat's CEO could be the next IBM head, which is a plus. (Analysts’ price target is $154.76)