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They are enabling the digital world and all their business segments are firing on all cylinders. Things will only get better as companies move more to cloud based, at-home setups. Linked In is also successful. A long runway of growth. Yield 1.41% (Analysts’ price target is $189.50)
The maker of surgical robots. They are the leader in the sector and there is no real competition. With only 5% of surgeries being done robotically there is enormous growth ahead. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $546.67)
The aerospace sector has been hit hard. However, he thinks carriers will need to go to new planes eventually and buyers will avoid Boeing. Yield 0%
(A Top Pick Feb 26/19, Up 53%) One of his favourite stocks. Most of the stock movement has happened in the last 3 months after they released their report. It's been mostly multiple expansion; you haven't seen earnings move up. 12 months ago it was a cheap stock, and is now appropriately priced. They can expand to 100 stores in the US, up from 27, and ultimately 200. Lots of runway. Great positioning in "affordable luxury" fashion.
(A Top Pick Feb 26/19, Down 30%) It's disappointing. The Toys R Us bankruptcy hit the sector harder than expected; peers like Target aren't as good as selling toys as Toys R Us. TOY has net cash and great balance sheet, though, and remains innovative with a good pipeline of toys. He's waiting to average down.