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(A Top Pick Aug 19/19, Up 79%) A great commercialization focus. They are betting on Jeff Bazos with Amazon too. The consumer experience focus is the heart of their success.
(A Top Pick Aug 19/19, Down 40%) It's been severely affected by the pandemic and the subsequent collapse of air travel. We're starting to see some recovery. It's in a duopoly in the aircraft business so it is a good market to be in the longer term. With a 5 year time horizon, it should have recovered nicely.
(A Top Pick Aug 19/19, Up 49%) A leader in robotic surgery. It provides a better surgical experience with more precise surgeries. The long-term story is that right now, robotic surgery accounts for 4% of surgeries right now. They have a huge head start in this domain and have great cashflow.
A global insurance broker for larger corporate entities. They do reinsurance, risk management, pensions and benefits. They are merging right now with Willis Tower Watson. The merger has been very promising for investors. It currently trades at 20x PE and 5% free cashflow so it should be a good buy. (Analysts’ price target is $219.23)
A government and municipal software provider. They provide software for government to manage information and share it without having to store it in a mainframe. The sector has seen a pullback but government is the best customer and the company's recurrent revenue is very high. (Analysts’ price target is $359.09)