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(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Up 21%) It is still one of his largest holdings. He still really likes the company. It is hard to find a company with as good a growth outlook. They are the second larger player in the cloud. They have been growing faster because they have the business trust (not to steal your data). Shares have topped out with choppy markets but will go higher when markets move.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Down 5%) They still own a bunch of options and warrants in Canopy so they can take control of the company within 5 years if they choose. They own the fastest growing beer brands as well as a wine portfolio. It is a nice stable growth from those businesses. The Marijuana story complicated it recently. They are looking at it as a long term play for when the US legalizes it.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/18, Down 44%) They had a second quarter miss. They are affected by steel prices. It is still a really well run company. They cleaned up the balance sheet and pension issues. There is value in these companies if you hold them for 5 years. He will continue to hold it.
It has gone from the company that never made money to the one that makes boat loads of money. Their web services division has been big and won't slow down. Their advertising revenue is growing. They are continuing to push the boundaries on retail. (Analysts’ price target is $2254.79)
Airbus has a 7 year backlog for the competitor to the 737-Max. They are really the only alternative. They have great visibility on the cash flow. The new management team has done a good job so far. It will be a great holding for the next 5 years.