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(A Top Pick May 14/20, Up 41%) Had a natural advantage through the pandemic. Sometimes the most obvious investment is the best one. Earnings will report in next couple of weeks.
(A Top Pick May 14/20, Up 2%) He'd buy it with both hands today. If you look at the GDX ETF, it's broken out of consolidation since March, led by Newmont and FNV. We've started next leg higher in gold, and this will be significant. An asset to hold if you believe money printing is going on.
(A Top Pick May 14/20, Up 90%) Continues to buy it. Semis are building blocks of a global economy. Highly economically sensitive.
Transports within industrials have been great performers. Great way to play the economic cycle. Bottlenecks in logistics getting product to market. Global stimulus should see an economic boom. Rails have a great business model, and CP in particular looks attractive. KSU deal would be additive to earnings. If they don't win, stock price will go up. If they do win, should do well. Dividend has grown about 20% a year for the last 5 years. Yield is 0.83%. (Analysts’ price target is $510.30)
Best operating leverage in its business model of the Canadian banks. 6% dividend growth. Good exposure to a new business cycle. Yield is 3.23%. (Analysts’ price target is $88.67)