David Burrows
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President & Chief Investment Strategist at
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(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 14%) Rental increases in Canada are in the low teens, which is helping distributions. It remains attractive in the yield space. He remains interested in residential and industrial REITs.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 35%) There is great multi-year secular growth coming still. He will continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/19, Up 23%) A secular growth company that provides software to allow companies scaling opportunities in the IT space.
He likes industrials and consumer stocks. They have done a great job reducing debts, adding new routes and it trades at a discount to the peer group. The earnings multiple has room to expand as the business has become de-risked. Aeroplan will add to their cash flow as well. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $56.75)
After the financial crisis in 2008, they skated through it all. Then they invested like crazy, putting $10 billion into technology. It trades at only 1.2 times book value. They are generating 13% return on capital with dividend growth and they have been buying their own shares. It has 2-3 years of a good run yet to go. Yield 2.77% (Analysts’ price target is $125.42)