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(A Top Pick May 01/20, Up 20%) He's pleased, not surprised by their growth. He bought this some years ago because the railroads were showing pricing power and leverage to a stronger economy and that's certainly happening now, post-Covid, as the economy grows rapidly. Their assets of 32,000 km of track network offer a long life. If the KC Southern deal passes, it will extend their network into Mexico's industrial heartland. This deal is pricey but the synergy would be massive. He likes the deal.
(A Top Pick May 01/20, Up 22%) They're privatizing their office holdings; they're contrarian value investors. Brookfield Property Partners shares were very depressed, give Covid and low vacancy rates but also problem pre-pandemic in their malls. They're offering a premium of 60-65 cents on the dollar which is good ( They saw an opportunity to buy an asset. He also likes their private equity, credit, renewable energy and infrastructure businesses.
(A Top Pick May 01/20, Up 11%) They have a global presence; 95% of revenue lies outside Canada, mostly Europe and US. They have a huge of base of 10,000 enterprises. During the pandemic, people worked from home. Also, this is a growth by acquisition story. The current 11% return is inline with historic returns. This compounds and grows by buying business. Boring, but it works. It beats the TSX tech index.
His pick in cannabis (the complete opposite to Organigram). They're a Canadian company but they operate entirely in the U.S., and (after a recent $300 million purchase) five western European countries. In terms of cannabis legalization, Europe is roughly where the U.S. was three years ago. He alsolikes that they're vertically integrated with 23 cultivation sites, 24 processing ones, and 106 dispensaries with licenses to add 30 across 23 American states. He likes that they're leveraging their roots in medical MJ, branching into the bigger recreational market. They rise above other cannabis companies by offering good governance, sound strategy and executive ownership of shares. Checks all the boxes. (Analysts’ price target is $28.02)
He owns this for income. This is THE turnaround play in Canadian banking. It has a new female CEO of colour, so kudos to them. He expects her to close the productivity gap in core deposit and lending, building out the fledgling securities business and diversifying beyond Quebec. If she succeeds, the stock will turnaround. It's rate a Canadian bank install an outsider, but it speaks to their need for change. (Analysts’ price target is $40.90)