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(A Top Pick Jun 13/19, Down 8%) It is the biggest bank in Company. He continues to like it. It has a big footprint globally. Their wealth management is the largest of its kind in Canada. It grows about 7 or 8% each year. He is pretty comfortable continuing to own it.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/19, Down 28%) He sold in November. It was enormously successful for him. But circumstances change. It stalled for 3 to 5 quarters.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/19, Up 13%) People are buying more on each trip. DOL-T is an essential service. Results yesterday were better than expected, even if down year over year. Same-store growth was positive. Earnings were under pressure because of cost pressures to deal with COVID-19. They are a strong retailer and the biggest dollar store in the country. This stock will be a beauty over the long term.
It is a very long term growth story. They have well telegraphed plans to increase to 1700 stores. They are experts at procurement and merchandising. They create a compelling value proposition for shoppers. They may benefit from a lot of retailers not surviving the pandemic. (Analysts’ price target is $50.31)
It is a cyclical stock. It is a best of breed. Their advantage is low cost leadership. Some of their plants are idle right now. It is likely a double coming out of this. (Analysts’ price target is $28.54)