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(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Down 7%) He'd buy again, despite the rough ride this year. Premier growth stock in consumer discretionary space. Iconic. It's not if we get past the pandemic, but when. Tim's is the fly in the ointment, but it will get sorted. There will be future acquisitions.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Up 7%) It's done well in the past coming out of past recessions. When we get back to more robust economic conditions, methanol demand will pick up. Methanol prices are already up off June/July lows. A survivor.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/20, Up 16%) A good day to buy this stock is any day that ends in "y". Your timeline for buying this is "forever". He's still buying today.
Big quarter yesterday. Likes its exposure to emerging markets. Canada's third largest bank. ROE is 11.5%, and that's mid-cycle. Pruning non-core assets. Harvesting fruits of previous acquisitions. Sees double-digit returns. Yield is 5.49%. (Analysts’ price target is $68.12)
Cheap relative to Canadian peers and to its own historic levels. Growing. Well diversified geographically. Asia is a good growth engine for them. ROE is 11%, and there are structural tailwinds to this. Yield is 5.04%. (Analysts’ price target is $24.27)