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(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 26%) This one has not worked out. Not much really has. It is a difficult period for this company. He bought it because they owned strong and growing brands and he continues to think this. It is a vacuum caused by social distancing that has brought them down. Berger King's menu is working out well. This company will continue to struggle over the next quarter or two.
(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 44%) He continues to hold it because they have a 30 year plus reserve index. The spot price of oil i actually above their costs. They also have downstream integration. The dividend is safe.
(A Top Pick Apr 11/19, Down 27%) He got out at a profit. He bought about 3 years ago. He sold in January because of concerns about its valuation and growth relative to other opportunities. It is almost a pure play on retail.
One of the world's leading operators of convenience stores in gas stations. Margin in the store is 3-5 times more than for gasoline. They have shifted more to organic growth recently. (Analysts’ price target is $43.92)
Canada's largest company. It has a top ten global capital markets business. The dominant wealth management business. It is well diversified by line of business and geography. They have compounded their dividend growth at about 8% over the last decade. (Analysts’ price target is $99.80)