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(A Top Pick Dec 04/18, Up 2%) Top of the heap in a very tough space. But he sees more in the tank--SU remains very undervalued. He feels oil stocks are oversold and due to rise.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/18, Up 18%) The gift that keeps giving to shareholders. A great business model and will surprise 7-11 among convenience stores. Management integrates acquisitions well which should continue. He remains confident with it.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/18, Up 16%) There's a report RY will dip into cryptocurrencies. Well-managed and diverse businesses and geographies. Pays a growing dividend at 7%. Expect consistent low-double digit returns going forward.
Canada's largest integrated oil company, operates in the Oil Sands--that oil will last 36 years. He likes their upstream assets (Oil Sands), four world-class refineries and 715 gas stations, which insulate SU from steep discounts in heavy crude. SU pays a yield over 4%. Heavy cash flow allows them to break even at $30 oil. Big share buybacks and growing dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $49.40)
Best operator in the tough retail space with 1,250 Canadian stores with the aim of growing to 1,700. They're very good at price sharply and build traffic and basket size. They buyback shares and recently struck a deal to buy a majority in Dollar City in Latin America; this accelerates their growth in faster-growing geographies. Great secular growth. (Analysts’ price target is $50.77)