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(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Up 9%) Provides software to medium/large businesses. It does cloud and content management for companies, so demand is high. 80% of revenues are recurring with high margins. They're seeing strength in government and healthcare. Their Q4 2020 earnings blew past estimates, growing an impressive 11% YOY during a recession. Continues to buy it.
(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Down 17%) Sold it. He didn't foresee the pandemic or the OPEC-Russia price war of April. They make crude in western Canada and crude prices have been killed.
(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Down 41%) Sold it in mid-January, luckily. The stock has slid in half since. He didn't see the pandemic and oil price coming then, and now there's too much uncertainty in the retail space to return to it.
The go-to gold stock. They don't mine, but are a royalty company of gold (and other precious metals) miners. As the price of gold rises, miners drill more and more royalties FNV receives--this is crucial. Operates on a strong business model. FNV outperforms the gold mining index in 9 out of 12 years. (Analysts’ price target is $206.58)
Is Canada's largest IT services company. They serve government and healthcare, as well as financials and retail. Very global. Increasingly, they're licensing their own intellectual property and client engagements, which have favourable long-term margins. Resistent to the pandemic. It should grow EPS this year. The kicker is GIB is a successful buyer, doing some recent tuck-ins and transformational deals. The current CEO will probably make a meaningful merger or buy to put his stamp on the company. (Analysts’ price target is $102.26)