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(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Up 8%) Not exactly a barn burner of a return, but nothing to sneeze at either. Still buying it with fresh dollars today. Structural alliance to Pacific Alliance developing countries, which are under-banked. Trades at a discount to the others. Catalysts include excess capital, selling off some small assets, and integrating recently acquired fund management company.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Up 43%) Today is not the day that it's too late to jump in. Still buying with fresh dollars. Secular flow of money into real assets like renewable energy, or infrastructure, at the expense of stocks and bonds. Expertise. Dominant in the alternative asset space.
(A Top Pick Jan 09/19, Up 40%) Darling, because no assets in western Canada. Lots of free cash flow, no debt. Buying back shares. Great company, quality producer. Still likes it, still buying it.
Bona fide growth stock. Growth drivers are same store sales, unit growth, and acquisitions. Burger King and Popeye's are really hitting it out of the park. Stock pullback gives a good entry point. Yield is 3.20%. (Analysts’ price target is $101.48)
Largest producer of methanol in the world, with 14% share of global market. Lots of free cash flow. Dividend has grown 9% annually over last 10 years, plus retired 17% of shares. Discounted valuation, so a good entry point. Yield is 3.8%. (Analysts’ price target is $53.88)