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Stock Opinions by Brian Madden


Approaching record territory for S&P 500. Copper & gold prices remain strong, while oil prices have fallen off a little bit. Energy stocks gaining strength as the market broadens out. Large Canadian banks are at bargain levels prices for investors. Expecting gains for large Canadian banks going forwards. High multiple stocks like Meta are experiencing large amounts of volatility. Strong results from major tech stocks is propping up highly valued stock market. Perhaps money is starting to rotate out of FANG, into more companies throughout the economy. 

TC Energy

Excellent company with strong asset base. Higher energy prices will benefit shareholders & bottom line. Expecting dividend to grow 3-5% annually. Move ~25% of all natural gas in North America. Also have power generation business(nuclear). Trading at ~12.5x earnings which is cheap. Coastal Gas Link + Southeast Gateway are major capital projects next year. Southbow energy will split out next year with oil assets. Good time to buy for long term investors.  

oil / gas pipelines
Agnico-Eagle Mines

One the world's largest gold producers (Canada's largest). Pure play on gold (99% of production). Has paid dividend since 1983 - grown at 17% compounding rate. 12 operating mines across the globe. Not facing geopolitical risk with strong management team. Dividend at ~4% is very safe. Good name to own if bullish on gold. 

precious metals
Microsoft Corp

World's largest market cap for a publicly traded company. 3 major lines of business - cloud computing, personal computing & productivity software. Defensive growth company with excellent exposure to tech trends going forward. A.I. tech is market leading. ~70% of revenues are recurring with mission critical services. Trading at ~31x earnings - not cheap - but solid offering of value and growth. 

computer software / processing
Northrop Grumman
(A Top Pick Jul 25/23, Up 5%)

Demand for products strong given emphasis on defensive technology (geopolitical tensions). Does not own shares anymore. Not a concern with fundamentals - but seeing better value in other names. ~87% of revenue from US government - very stable. However, valuation too high. 

Shopify Inc.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/23, Down 4%)

Recent earnings report not as good as expected. Despite pressure on share will continue to own shares. High growth company with strong margins. Operating margin slightly down, but trends are very strong. Excellent management team with good track record. 

Brookfield Corp
(A Top Pick Jul 25/23, Up 29%)

Excellent company that is a core holding. Sharp pullback last year was a good time to buy. Will continue to own shares. ~17% annual compounding return the past 20 years. Recent M&A continues to boost company strength. Increasing private clients. 

investment companies / funds
AbbVie Inc.

Top choice in pharma market. Strong offering of products. Very large company that is defensive. Recent patents coming to market - will present opportunity. 18-19 new drugs coming to market this year. Botox products also very strong. Lots development done "in house" vs. competitors. Excellent track record. 

Precision Drilling

Large contract drilling company in Canada & USA. Very risky name that is volatile. Directly tied to outcome of energy business. Day rates (salary expenses) can swing wildly. Very inexpensive stock, but hard to determine outcome of business (profits etc.)

oil / gas field services
TD Bank

Shareholders in company - current share price a good place to buy. Fines and anti-money laundering investigations a concern for investors. Large amounts of money will be involved to beef up compliance requirements. Appears regulator won't be too harsh on company. Will continue to own share - is a dominant franchise with good business prospects. 

Financial Services

Owns shares in company - longtime owner. Excellent company with history of compounding capital at strong rate. Largest software company in Canada (private). Vertical market software (niche business use) roll up strategy has proven very fruitful. Recurring revenue excellent for bottom line. On track for continued growth. Owner/operator mindset very good for investors. Company can be compared to a private equity company that specialized in software. 

computer software / processing
Open Text

Owns shares in dividend fund. Will continue to hold. Downward guidance has prompted market selloff. Sales growing and appears business plan is strong. Recent management meetings presenting high quality of products.  New A.I. technology very impressive. Current trading multiple very attractive for investors. Consistent dividend growth with steady income at ~3%. 

computer software / processing

Doesn't own shares currently, but is familiar with the company. Performance has been frustrating. Production located in Colombia (~60,000 boe/d). Dividend consistent with share buybacks well executed. Colombia very unstable - geopolitical tensions are putting pressure on company. Current share price is cheap, but better names available - too risky. 

oil / gas
CGI Group (A)

Does not own shares anymore. Better names available in market. However, is a strong business. If bought at correct price - can be great investment. Large client base with reliably revenues in government. Growth by M&A has been reliable, but not buying anything lately. Strong management team that has managed margins well. Not a risky stock, but not too much growth either. 

Netflix Inc.

Has been buying shares. Current share price presenting value for long term investors. Clear leader in streaming. Investing in original content. Driver for higher earnings will be tighter password requirements (can't share with family). Subscriber numbers continue to increase. Expecting further stock price appreciation going forward. Expanding into other markets outside of USA. Good combination of growth and safety. 

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