Brian Madden
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Senior VP & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Feb 03/20, Up 5%) A long-time core holding. Continues to like it.
(A Top Pick Feb 03/20, Up 115%) Sometimes the stars just align for a company. A lean operator in a business ripe for consolidation. Blockbuster acquisition last week will be massively accretive to earnings.
(A Top Pick Feb 03/20, Down 43%) A disappointment. Best of breed, integrated oil company. A slave to the commodity price. Likes the assets, so they continue to hold.
One of the 10 largest banks in the world, largest in Canada. Well diversified in business and geography. Innovator. Leader in digital and AI. Using scale to increase its competitive moat. Goal to attract 2.5 million new clients. Dividend tends to grow 7-8-9% a year, and this will continue once OSFI takes the handcuffs off. So well on their way to a return to double digit returns. Yield is 4.10%. (Analysts’ price target is $114.72)
One of the largest agri businesses in the world. Commodity prices for big cash crops are screaming hot, so this is increasing demand and pricing for fertilizer. Crown jewel is downstream supply network. Acquisitions in Southern Hemisphere extend seasonality. Shares are undervalued at 1.3x book value. Yield is 3.51%. (Analysts’ price target is $71.11)