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(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Down 19%) He has been disappointed. They don't have control over oil price. operationally they have grown their earnings 2% YoY and production is up 11% YoY. Their refineries are running very well. Great operator. 40 years + reserves. Best of breed integrated oil company.
(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Up 16%) It has been sort of their steady-eddy bond proxy. It is a defensive value play as retail is under pressure. Pays close to a 6% dividend. They are involved in redevelopment
(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Up 8%) For all the angst over banks and consumer leverage and housing they have grown earnings 6% YoY. they pay 4% dividend yield. They are the leader in Canada in personal and commercial and grew at mid-single digit pace. Very comfortable with this one still.
Largest bank in Canada and largest company in Canada and one of the ten largest banks in the world. Well diversified. Core part of their portfolio. Well govern oligopoly. It operates the leading wealth management business in the country. They are leaders in digital and AI. Dividend Yield is 4% and grows at a 7% clip a year. Very comfortable buying it now. (Analysts’ price target is $111.21)
It has been a ten-bagger since the IPO. Had a couple of tough quarters in the last year. A new addition in their portfolio. 1,200 stores in Canada. They are excellent at logistics, procurement and merchandising. They have a joint-venture in Central America with an option to take control of Dollar City next year. A good entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $44.67)