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(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Up 10%) He still likes this. This is the type of company that you would expect a good rate of return annually. They did a great job of reinventing the brand with Circle K. This is their global brand now. This is a smooth, steady, reliable company.
(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Down 2%) He still likes the name. It is a standout networking, equipment company. Huge rate of return on capital. It is undervalued. He thinks this is a gem.
(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Up 9%) High quality, very consistent company. Came into most people’s radar screens with the big hurricanes last year. They are a generator company. High quality product, strong financials and undervalued. Probably the number one generator company.
It is a similar experience to Tim Horton’s. They are primarily a NE company in the US. They are going to try to roll out nationally with a 1000 stores by the end of 2020. He likes the regional to national play. They are also growing internationally. It is a 100% franchise model. He has an $85 target. Yield 2.0%. (Analysts’ price target is $73.75)
This is an industrial company making anything to do with fluids and metering. Their 3 main businesses are fluids and metering, health and science, and fire and safety. He likes the consistency of this company. A super clean balance sheet with little debt. A lot to like. Yield = 1.3% (Analysts’ price target is $141.82)