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Stock Opinions by Matt Kacur

Market Outlook. He has been waiting for the correction that happened last week. Trade wars, ballooning deficits, telegraphed interest rate increases, all predicted that this would happen. He thinks the US tax cuts kept the market up this long as these cuts flowed through to earnings. He would not be sounding the all clear yet. Today is an up day. Volatility is increasing. He doesn’t think the next 12 months will be too great.
Dollarama Inc.
This is still quite good. He would not buy into the stock right not. Financials are a little weaker and growth has slowed down. This company will be fine long term. He thinks could still get it at a lower price. It is a great company.
Consumer Products
Apple Inc
He is not concerned about the price of Apple, but more concerned about their actions he would like to see them do. They have so much cash on their balance sheet. They are a victim of their own success. He would like to see either a bigger dividend, or some plan for all the cash. Their service revenue has been ramping up, which is encouraging.
electrical / electronic
This is a tough case. He likes the company and the results have been good. It looks quite cheap. The underlying commodities, zinc and copper, are just so low. He would be more comfortable if there was firming in the commodity pricing.
Altagas Ltd
He would be inclined to sell. This is not one of the strongest utilities, there are other options. He would like to see what their US acquisition does for them. Their balance sheet is quite over levered. He does not think the current dividend yield of almost 15% is sustainable.
oil / gas
Block Inc
He is a big supporter of this company. There is barely any cash flow, it is all about investment, because they are in the early stages. He likes the model. He would probably not take a full position at this time.
(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Up 10%) He still likes this. This is the type of company that you would expect a good rate of return annually. They did a great job of reinventing the brand with Circle K. This is their global brand now. This is a smooth, steady, reliable company.
food stores
(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Down 2%) He still likes the name. It is a standout networking, equipment company. Huge rate of return on capital. It is undervalued. He thinks this is a gem.
(A Top Pick Oct 13/17, Up 9%) High quality, very consistent company. Came into most people’s radar screens with the big hurricanes last year. They are a generator company. High quality product, strong financials and undervalued. Probably the number one generator company.
First Data Corp
This is a good company but he has trouble with the valuation. The return on capital has been improving the last few years which is a good sign. It looks very expensive. They have a lot of debt. He has some concern and would probably not buy.
computer software / processing
Suncor Energy Inc
This is a global player in energy. He expects the stock will go mainly sideways. You get a dividend. He would not expect a large appreciation in stock price but should be part of a balanced portfolio.
integrated oils
This is primarily a Canadian energy company and therefore getting low prices for oil. It is hard to support the valuation. Yield is almost 8.5%, so should be cautious. Their debt level is not too bad. They are in a very tough sector.
oil / gas
Has had a pullback over the last 3 years. Their return on capital has gone down. They have had tough competition and some products going off patent. He would wait to see improved results before he decided on a position.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
CVS Health Corp
He likes this company. It has come down quite a bit over the last couple of years. There was some talk of the supply chain being over bloated. The merger with Aetna should be a net benefit. Good opportunity at this level.
specialty stores
He can not endorse this company right now. It looks like a good company but does not see a lot of financial disclosure regarding their recent acquisition. It does seem to make strategic sense. He has to wait to see what happens.
electrical / electronic
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