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(A Top Pick Aug 27/18, Down 5%) US dollar and trade issues have been headwinds for all commodities. Generates cash flow, more stable.
(A Top Pick Aug 27/18, Down 73%) Price of zinc dropped, and that changed the dynamic. Trading at 2.5 times cash flow, but no one cares.
(A Top Pick Aug 27/18, Down 3%) Got hammered. They and Facebook own online advertising, and they have control over mass data. They'll survive. Great cash generation, reasonable valuation, continued 20%+ growth.
Growth by acquisition strategy. Great migration from license sales to the cloud. Continued great growth. Excess free cash flow pays down the debt. Yield is 1.71%. (Analysts’ price target is $61.57)
Rather than playing bullion directly, this ETF has a lot of the big cap stocks like Barrick, Agnico, and Franco-Nevada. Diversify the risk, and a more direct play on the commodity. He's more confident in gold going higher than any specific country or mine. Yield is 0.38%.