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Stock Opinions by John Zechner

Is positive on North American stocks, despite market challenges (rising inflation & rate increases). Adjustment to higher interest rates being priced into the market the past few months. Unsure whether economic downturn will cure high inflation rates (should be clearer within next month or two). Upcoming (Q2) earnings will provide clarity on economy. Looking for buying opportunities given current price of stocks.
Believes dividends at the company are safe given price of commodities. Risk is that M&A will result in paying too much for assets at the top of the market. New management awareness of shareholders in the form of debt reduction, share buybacks & dividends.
other mines
Financial statements not indicating catalyst for share appreciation. No major problems with company. Is one of the better insurance companies in Canada. Entry into the US market has been good. Rising interest rates is good for insurance business.
Issue with company is that trading multiples continue to fall. Margins under pressure and company not presenting good earnings. Not in a rush to buy shares. Would rather look into FANG and other blue chip tech stocks.
Selling shares as believes it is a good time to take money off the energy table. Worried that we are at the top of the energy bull market. Natural gas prices are not sustainable. No shortage of natural gas(short term squeeze).
oil / gas
Believes company investments have not done well (Blackberry etc.). Insurance business should preform well. Not surprised company is being rated poorly by the market, given management concerns.
Believes company is positioned to continue solid financial results. Higher interest rates will be good for business. Low earnings growth, but not much room for capital appreciation. Would rather invest in companies that have opportunity for share price growth.
Has been selling shares lately after recent share price increase. Slowdown in economy and headwinds for the economy will be hard for banks. Collect dividend and play it safe, but not expecting much share price appreciation.
Has been selling shares. Would rather own shares in Rogers as share price has fallen recently. Defensive holding, not much share price appreciation.
telephone utilities
Strong dividend, but not much room for upside in the stock. Balance sheet is in question as there is a lot of debt. Not much room for M&A. Occupancy levels in senior living centers are down (Covid-19 impact).
other services
Does not own shares in the company. Current price level of stock presenting good buying opportunity, Dominant player in web services & cloud computing. Amazon Prime also very strong component. Sum of parts equates to bargain share price.
specialty stores
Does not own shares in company. Believes Shaw deal will go through & will be good for shareholders. High quality infrastructure assets. Good time to be buying with recent market selloff.
Fantastic price runup the past year. Announced production expansion. Believes might be top of the market and this is the wrong time to invest. Strength in commodities driven by Russia/Ukraine conflict & is worried about ceasefire downside.
Recent increase in share price is a cause for concern (lots of room for downside). Concerned about margins on products with inflation & supply chain issues. Does not own shares in company. Would sell shares.
Consumer Products
Believes valuation of auto sector presenting good buying opportunity. Shortage of automobiles in North America. 7x trading multiple on earnings is very low. Automated driving is advancing at an exciting rate. Strong brand name that can translate into EV market.
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