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(A Top Pick Jun 15/19, Up 10%) He was bullish on gold and still is. They got hit hard on the way down because of liquidity. Monetization of debt will cause a devaluation in currency and this is bullish for gold.
(A Top Pick Jun 15/19, Down 31%) They are so far ahead of themselves on streaming. They own massive content. This company will obviously survive but could have a couple of bad quarters. He still likes it longer term. He will probably look to add more soon.
(A Top Pick Jun 15/19, Down 78%) The environment for energy back then was nothing like it is now. The oil situation is far from over. The producers are going to have some dire days ahead.
You have to like the yield. They move 25% of natural gas and 10% of all oil in North America, tied in with long term contracts. The earnings are relatively safe. It is an area he likes. They did a pretty good pay down on debt. (Analysts’ price target is $53.48)
He likes telecoms in general. He owns the whole group. BCE-T has diversified well in media. About 7 times operating cash flow. There will be some small things in the short term. (Analysts’ price target is $62.68)