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(A Top Pick Feb 20/20, Up 111%) He sold last week. Management has done an unbelievable job of transforming this company to a cyber security name. He'd like to get back to the name but not at this price. He noticed a few insiders were selling.
(A Top Pick Feb 20/20, Up 132%) He stuck with it and was rewarded. He still owns it although not as big a position as he once had.
(A Top Pick Feb 20/20, Down 10%) The roaming fees have dried up. He is going to double down on this one. The pandemic reduced roaming fees. They also have sports franchises and they aren't operating. All of these problems are going to go away.
The government is arranging for aid for the airline industry. Also, you have to believe in a recovery and that we will get back to some sort of normal. He thinks the demand for travel will be there. AC-T has survived very well and did what they needed to do. They are better positioned to emerge from all of this. (Analysts’ price target is $28.47)
Infrastructure assets are long duration assets. The issues with roaming fees and sports franchises will go away. He thinks they are undervalued and this one is the cheapest of the bunch. (Analysts’ price target is $67.20)