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(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Down 5%) They has since been taken out by Ensign. He long sold this.
(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Up 3%) There's been a lot of noise about regulating this space and company. GOOG owns such a broad sweep of quality assets, including things like self-driving cars that they haven't monetized yet. They can further monetize all their Youtube users, too. Also, they still attract massive online advertising and generate huge cash flow.
(A Top Pick Jun 28/18, Down 12%) This is a real estate play. What drags this down is the brutal retail space. They need to close some stores and it's likely in progress now. This will rise eventually rise above $10. They need to make better use of their prime real estate and to do it sooner than latter--they are generating negative cash flow.
Low interest rates and weaker non-US currencies will continue to drive gold. This holds the big Cnadaian gold stocks. It's time for gold to shine.
Nobody has better content than Disney: Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel. They cross-sell across movies, theme parks, TV, games and now streaming better than anyone else. A great growth stock. (Analysts’ price target is $153.13)