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(A Top Pick Oct 18/19, Up 275%) He kept picking away it and still owns it. A few years ago, this stood at $80, but fell to $10 when they a great deal to buy DigitalGlobe which increased the company's value though levered the balance sheet. MAXR does satellite imaging and analytics for defence and many other industries. It has a 10x operating cash flow, so it's still not expensive. This could hit $100.
(A Top Pick Oct 18/19, Down 64%) He recommended this long before Covid. Still owns it. The oil industry has been decimated and hard to get excited over.
(A Top Pick Oct 18/19, Down 14%) He's disappointed with the telecoms, given how people are streaming more during Covid and there's decent earnings growth. Rogers' sports operations took a hit earlier this year (when there was no sports), and Rogers hit a bump with the unlimited data offer, but both are in the past. He still owns it. Rogers has more potential to grow its dividend (it's relatively low now) vs. its peers. He still likes this story.
He's held this for 30 years. Investors underestimate their infrastructure assets in their networks built-out. The stock is cheap now. They benefit from heavy streaming now. They generate good cash flow and a cheap valuation. (He also own BCE, Telus and Shaw.) Rogers' advantage as that it trades at a similar valuation, but pays the lowest dividend in the group, which means they can increase their dividend in the future. True, he's been disappointed in their performance this year, but it's a buying opportunity now. (Analysts’ price target is $63.64)
A cheap stock that's survived the downturn with a healthy balance sheet as they pay down debt. It trades at 4x forward operating cash flow which is growing, and probably boasts 10x forward earnings. The car business is coming back. Auto parts company can shift to meet demand in growing e-cars. (Analysts’ price target is $14.94)