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(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Up 15%) He's bullish gold. There's a global debt crisis, so to get repaid these debts you have to devalue paper currencies, starting with the USD--and gold (the anti-currency) has to rise by default.
(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Down 1%) All the streamers will do well--content is king and nobody is better than Disney. He subscribes to Disney+ and other streamers. It's a great service. Disney will get hurt short-term from theme parks, because the coronavirus will keep Chinese tourists away.
(A Top Pick Jul 15/19, Down 28%) Any oil stock has been crushed. It's a good sign that oil companies are buying back shares, but shareholders don't care.
John Chen should get CEO of the year--turning around this company into cybersecurity. He's done this while generating positive cash flow with cash on the balance sheet. They're growing revenues 15-20% a year in a highly valued field. Investors will wake up and recognize this transition. This will pay off.
Defensive and pays a good dividend. They have a good chance to growth their dividend. Bandwith continues to grow and Rogers is well-positioned. (Analysts’ price target is $71.75)