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(A Top Pick Jul 13/20, Up 53%) He likes the takeout. It is trading like it is a 65% chance the deal gets done but he thinks it is 80-85% certain it will get done.
(A Top Pick Jul 13/20, Up 39%) There is some commodity negativity. Decent payout and good balance sheet. He still owns it. There is still some excess of supply and there are delivery issues. He is currently leaning more towards renewable.
(A Top Pick Jul 13/20, Up 35%) Demand for solar panels is most of it. There is demand growth going forward.
He likes their recent acquisition. He likes the positioning and the scale of operations. It moves them to the third position in production overall in Canada. (Analysts’ price target is $11.71)
He thinks there is a good chance the acquisition of Shaw will go through. They could increase their dividend over time. It is a long duration asset. He likes the sector in general. (Analysts’ price target is $70.73)