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Continues to have very good business momentum. In the latest quarter they sold 3.9 million Blackberries and the estimate was only 3.3 million. Have 19.5% share of the smart phone market and growing. Guidance that margins will be growing.
Excellent momentum. Sold 11 million iPods last quarter with 9 million as the estimate. Also sold 3.9 million iPhones with the estimate at 3.35 million.
Specialty potash/fertilizer products company that is based out of China. Have 4 facilities in China now with three facilities under construction. Trading at about 8.5X earnings. Debt-free. Excellent play on both agricultural markets and the growing China market.
World's largest drug market and will benefit from US push to lower health care costs. Likes it for growth. Likely to see 30% in short term. Biggest risk is the development of new drug candidates.
Stock has fallen on concerns of gross margin but in most recent quarter gross margin increased. Thinks multiple expansion will continue because investors are confident that margins will stay at current levels. Concern is competition from iPhone, Nokia and others.