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Stock Opinions by Jim Cramer - Mad Money

He won't go against Musk, who is just too much. Yes, people are worried about Twitter, and once that passes, Tesla will be fine.

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He liked it at $15 and $20, and he still likes it at $23. Good CEO and trades at 5x earnings.
department stores
They reported today, but got hammered unfairly. They delivered a small revenue beat, an 18-cent EPS beat, though cash flow was a little light and the revenue forecast for this quarter also came in light. Also, the co-CEO announced his resignation at the end of this year.
computer software / processing
Is up 13% for the past year. They make Spam, Planter's Peanuts and other packaged food, an industry that has held up better than the market. Hormel just released its quarter and it was mixed: 51 cents EPS vs. expected 50 cents, lower than expected sales which worries him, a weak 2023 forecast because of a volatile, high-cost environment.
food services
It reported a top and bottom line beat today, with sales up 67% year over year and strong cash flow, but the revenue forecast for Q4 came in weaker than expected and implied a big slowdown from Q3. Margin guidance was weak too, which is not good in this market which wants profitability in a company.
Too speculative. They are a biopharma that develops drugs to neurological diseases, and that is the toughest thing to crack.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
We're not as entwined with China's economy as we fear, as seen with the 1.5% sell-off today on civil unrest in China, triggered by their misguided zero-Covid policy. Look at oil. It's been declining because of the slowing Chinese economy, but he's been adding energy stocks. OPEC could announce another production cut, and domestic U.S. air travel could maintain oil demand. Cyber Monday and Black Friday show that the U.S. consumer remains strong....On Wednesday, Jay Powell will speak, but he expects him to be vague.
Caller owns a lot of shares Sell half and take profits. Greed is bad. Be disciplined. Exxon is up huge.
integrated oils
They report Thursday. They're shooting the lights out. He expects a big beat. Great managers.
Consumer Products
The Dow's outperforming the other indices at least through January The Dow is up 2% in the last 6 months, leaving the S&P and Nasdaq behind, because those two indices are weighed down by speculative stocks and tech names. Many Dow stocks have benefited from supply chain problems fading away. The insanely strong US dollar has pulled back from its highs, this increasing the profits of many Dow companies.
Loves them, but he won't touch any semis stocks until the glut ends, probably in January.
electrical / electronic
They reported a super quarter last Wednesday. They generate real earnings. Russia's invasion of Ukraine pushed up crop prices, which was a boon for Deere. Sales and earnings beat and Deere issued a a strong forecast. Shares jumped 5% last Wednesday. Price target jumped. Deere is up nearly 29% YTD. Another tailwind is infrastructure spending. There's still a lot of upside coming. They reported 37% revenue growth, easily beating the street. Every segment beat sales expectations. Revenues were $15.54 billion. Deere expects modest growth in 2023. They have pricing power and cash flow is bouncing back. Order books are full until late 2023. Exports from the Black Sea are expected to be down 40% and supply constraints will continue to encourage demand for Deere's agricultural equipment, sales Deere. Trades at only 16x PE vs. S&P's 17x 2023.
It's doing very well, has so many orders. When it comes down 15%, definitely buy.
Dicey. Also, no Chinese stocks for him.
A great company, but it needs commodity inflation to come back.
other mines
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