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(A Top Pick May 13/19, Down 27%) He's disappointed, though many stocks are also down. He bought it when FedEx had already fallen 40% off highs. It seems like they've turned the corner with problems integrating DHL in Europe, and that big cyberattack from a few years ago is behind them. During the pandemic, FedEx is doing a major job and is a huge beneficiary of the lockdown (home deliveries). This is a good stock long-term. Yes, it's exposed to the broad, global economic slowdown, but that slowdown is mostly in restaurants, cinemas and entertainment, which doesn't effect FedEx much. Visa proves how huge online buying is, and someone needs to deliver those packages. With its dominance, FedEx can benefit.
(A Top Pick May 13/19, Down 34%) They just completed the UTX merger. It's struggling a little, but its defence business will support the dividend. Management has always been highly regarded. The Boeing Max problems don't help. He will hold onto this and remains confident. The stock price reflects current problems, but positive surprises and the good management will deliver satisfactory revenues.
(A Top Pick May 13/19, Up 15%) They perform global consulting to help companies integrate tech. It's a soft play on cloud computing. He has high hopes for this in the future. You can buy it now.
A perennial grower for many years. They had a big drop-off during the lockdown as people stayed home, but online shopping enjoyed a huge surge. They have great cash flow and continue to buyback shares. Expect dividend increases again in the future. The pandemic will drive direct payments away from cash that will benefit Visa. Now is a good entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $200.85)
One of the two biggest cloud companies (with Amazon). They have a huge base for Office software. They will continue to develop their Teams conference technology for work conferencing. They also have a videogaming and live sports business now in relation to virtual and augmented reality. They struck a deal with the NBA, which will be interesting to see in coming years. They're moving into communications and entertainment. Well-run and innovative, a must-own stock for the future. (Analysts’ price target is $198.19)