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(A Top Pick May 31/18, Down 13%) He'd build on it with the drop. Banks have not performed well this year. Caught up in one lawsuit, which is about 3 months profit for the bank. Their digital bank is growing rapidly. Technologically savvy. Well capitalized. Trading at tangible book value, a good time to buy. New CEO shaking things up.
(A Top Pick May 31/18, Down 10%) Process oil/gas, don't produce anything. Frustrating to own because of market sentiment. Ones that are surviving are well run. Good dividend. Has owned it for a long, long time.
(A Top Pick May 31/18, Up 18%) Has done well. Very well run, attractive dividend. Turning portfolio over nicely. Very attractive compared to interest rate returns.
Play on global trade. Trades at 10x earnings. Wonderfully well run. It's down a ton. Decent dividend yield, strong balance sheet. Exposure to China and Asia. Opportunity to buy well run companies. If it gets cheaper, he'll buy more. Global trade is not going away. Yield is 1.51%. (Analysts’ price target is $207.96)
Defense and intelligence company. The world's getting meaner and nastier. Of all the defense companies, it has the largest exposure to cybersecurity, which is where the next war will be fought. So it's going to be big business. Global leader. Yield is 2.11%. (Analysts’ price target is $208.24)