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(A Top Pick Sep 18/18, Down 63%) The lesson is: never invest in a Canadian energy stock. That said, the management has done everything very well. Amazing assets and fine balance sheet, but....nobody cares (about Canadian oil). He doesn't know when oil will recover.
(A Top Pick Sep 18/18, Down 8%) Well-run and pays a good dividend. They spent a lot buying asset management firms. Some investors aren't happy with BNS's spending or management. He sold it out of frustration. Latin America may be interesting...long term. Their capital markets division is struggling.
(A Top Pick Sep 18/18, Down 8%) Very well-run. The leading tool company and huge into advanced security systems for hospitals. A solid balance sheet run by smart managers. Good dividend growth. But it's hurting because of the trade war (tariffs have pushed up their costs). It now trades at the most reasonable valuation in 20 years. A solid hold for him. When Trump says something positive about China, this will jump up.
Trades at 11x PE and yields almost 3%. One of the best-run banks in the world. (Analysts’ price target is $119.96)
The world's leading scientific instrument maker. They enjoy huge barriers to entry with government customers. They test food and pharma, and have a huge track record. It trades at reasonable valuations. (Analysts’ price target is $309.38)