John O'Connell, CFA
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(A Top Pick May 26/20, Up 21%) It's struggled, as travel related and entertainment spending are down. These are recovering. Long-term secular growth story of increasing digitization. He continues to buy.
(A Top Pick May 26/20, Up 42%) Great long-term story. Likes the innovation, especially in VR, AR, and XR. Game-changing. A leader in healthcare innovation. Acquisition of Nuance Communications is exciting. Growing organically and by acquisition.
(A Top Pick May 26/20, Up 43%) Excited about what it's doing on e-commerce in India and Brazil. Ad money keeps rolling in, with lots of room to run.
Huge profits generated from Covid have been used to expand core business, which is scientific measurement equipment. Secret sauce is that you have to use their paper cups and vials, which are being disposed of all the time. Exceptionally well run, highly acquisitive. Trades at 20x, very attractive on the pullback. Great long-term secular grower. Grows earnings at 10-20% historically. Yield is 0.23%. (Analysts’ price target is $549.42)
Design and consulting for the semiconductor industry. All the big tech firms use them. Consistent long-term grower. Fabulous future. Lots of room to grow. On sale here. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $304.46)