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(Top Pick Jun 7/16, Down 3.60%) He is still a fan. The largest and highest quality media company in the world. The scale and diversity of the portfolio is the competitive advantage for the company. They acquired a stake in a company that does live streaming. It offsets cord cutting effect on ESPN.
(Top Pick Jun 7/16, Down, 12.78%) Largest recreation retailer to the hobby ranchers in the US. A weak second quarter was caused by weather. Same store sales were down 0.5% vs. expectations of up 3% and caused the stock to come down.
(Top Pick Jun 7/16, Down 4.29%) They had a great second quarter. They have high customer intelligence. The company has been around about 100 years and paid a consistent dividend for 77 years. Very high quality book.
This is the only one that has made money in the airline industry, for 40 years. They just gave a 33% dividend growth. 4 carriers control 80% of the market vs. 10 in the year 2000. He thinks Q4 will be an inflection point for revenue per available seat. We will get at least 25% growth next year.
Gaining share the last few years. The market is worried about food price inflation. You will get double digit earnings growth. 14 times earnings and great dividend growth. These guys are great at execution.