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(A Top Pick Oct 02/19, Up 32%) A Winnipeg success story in auto body shops. It branched out across Canada, then into the U.S., yet there's still room to grow.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/19, Up 45%) There's room to own both this and Disney, which has worked out well for him. The quality of content on both streamers is phenomenal and they're global.
(A Top Pick Oct 02/19, Up 7%) They reported today and miss expectations. It's a big global company. There's global demand for their medical devices; in Asia, for instance, there's rising heart disease. So, Medtronic can fulfill this demand.
TD his other big bank holding, but JPM has outperformed it. It's held up. They've invested tens of billions in technology. A better management culture than its peers, like Citi. He doesn't expect a US recession. (Analysts’ price target is $139.27)
A good acquirer and integrator and have a good position in hip and knee replacement. They're aiming for 1,000 robotic installations worldwide, now at 850. They took a drop in their last purchase but they've bounced back. (Analysts’ price target is $232.92)