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(A Top Pick Oct 16/18, Up 3%) Got hammered in December but has recovered well. It's the best American bank. Its peers have disappointed him. Can't go wrong with it.
(A Top Pick Oct 16/18, Down 13%) He's holding to hold it, but he picked it when PKI was at its peak. He thinks it'll reach new highs. It's not exposed to price risk on oil; rather, it's an oil distributor, a retail play.
(A Top Pick Oct 16/18, Up 33%) It had a great run and got oversold. He bought it at the right time.
Some ads are swinging back to TV, defying prevailing wisdom. TV keeps getting reinvented. (Analysts’ price target is $8.02)
Great products, but it'll be a giant in services. They remain an established brand. He wishes he'd bought it at $150, but it's back up to nearly $200. (Analysts’ price target is $194.50)