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(A Top Pick June 13/16. Down 57%.) *Short* He closed out the Short on November 15. Overall, they have done really well, and certainly defied many people who thought a Short was a good idea.
(A Top Pick June 13/16. Down 20%.) Sold his holdings in September. This started as an online catalogue company, essentially workwear and clothing for men and women. Thinks they have a long-term margin goal of 35%. They’ve doubled their stores in 18 months. Retail has been undergoing pressure. Feels it could easily be a $30 stock.
(A Top Pick June 13/16. Down 16%.) At the time, this was a sort of a turnaround story. Still a decent gold company if you want to hold one.
This has put out some really outstanding numbers lately. Core earnings have grown by 46% year-over-year, and where else are you going to get growth like that. Right now it is a Chinese story and a Chinese play, but they are doing outreach to North American retailers in order to sell their wares in to China. (Analysts’ price target is $170.)
Their last quarter was an absolute blowout. They have 52 million international subscribers and 52 million domestically, and is continuing to grow. Margins will expand, and he can see a world where, if you want to see the latest premium Netflix original, it might cost $1 more a month. The largest subscription service anywhere in the world. (Analysts’ price target is $196.)