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Agnico-Eagle (AEM-T) came in a while ago and made a 9.9% stake in this company. The stock went up, but it really hasn’t done much since then. Then Barrick (ABX-T) came in and said they really liked the deposit and wanted to do a joint venture. This is a much better approach that is better for the stock going forward. It is going to be a refractory deposit which requires a lot of power if they are going to do a pressure oxidation.


He has added a bit. AEM has bought into it. A huge project in Alaska. He would rather be adding to some of these pays because they will have the leverage on the way back up. It is not a producer.


Great company run by really smart, adventurous, innovative geologists. This may probably be the only legitimate Carlin style deposit discovery outside of Nevada that he has really come across and seen. Big trend and a lot of mineralization. In the Yukon in a difficult location. Suspect this will be worked for years and years. Have to build a big autoclave to process it, a lot of power. He needs to see 5,000,000 ounces at 5 g a ton or better in an open pit, or at least mineable situation. Until he sees that, he is just watching.

Tech team has done a fantastic job of finding a new carlin-type gold district in the Yukon. The problem is they are metallurgically complex so you have to build a roaster and an autoclave. There is no power or roads in the Yukon, so the hurtle is significant to make it work up there. This market is going to give us plenty of time to pick our entry points.
High quality deposit. The big drop in price shouts opportunity to him.
Run by some very competent people. Have a belt of rocks 100 km long with mineralization similar to the Carlin trend. Have some good thicknesses across certain intervals but it's hard to pasted together so far. That is going to be the real key. It is going to require a lot of power and there is no power in the Yukon so it will take big CapX.
Gold in the Yukon. Likes this one. Have a whole ramp up program that is about to begin this year. They feel they have a Carlin vein type of gold deposit, which produced a lot of gold. They won’t really know until they drill it up over the next couple of years. This year should be very interesting.
Loves the way they are acting. Have giant district in the Yukon and hot great goals. Management team has 150 years o experience in the area. People have recognized that the upside is huge. Very, very early stage.
Has just exploded because they came out with some very good drill results. If you own, consider taking some off the table.
Have a very interesting system but doesn't understand exactly what it is but has some very strong high-grade mineralisation. Part of a much longer trend that they are going to be hitting pretty hard this summer. As an expiration play, it's great but the valuation is pretty high. Would like it cheaper.
Yukon. Million oz discovered. Large potential to expand.
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Atac Resources Limited is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol ATC-X on the TSX Venture Exchange (ATC-CV). It is usually referred to as TSXV:ATC or ATC-X

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On 2023-07-06, Atac Resources Limited (ATC-X) stock closed at a price of $0.125.