Jaime Carrasco
Member since: Jul '08
Portfolio Manager at
Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Feb 21/20, Up 92%) Still holds it. They are building out a mine right now in Peru. This mine will be one of the most profitable silver mines in the world. It continues to be a top pick.
(A Top Pick Feb 21/20, Up 1%) Still in his portfolio. It has been lagging but for now, he is still adding when it drops below the set allocation. Rebalancing for the day when they either get taken out, take someone out, or it sees a good move.
(A Top Pick Feb 21/20, Up 0%) Was defensive. Still sitting around 30% cash or cash equivalent, including gold and bitcoin. He keeps it around 30% when he rebalances for his equity income portfolio. He is fully invested in his other portfolios now though.
An up-and-coming producer in Nicaragua. Currently trading at a great price.
A copper play. The price of copper is breaking out and it signals that currency devaluation is happening. Has not bought it yet but is looking to get in. (Analysts’ price target is $26.74)