Jaime Carrasco
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Canaccord Genuity

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(A Top Pick Oct 23/19, Up 59%) It is one of his core holdings. The dividend structure will continue to grow going forward. He continues to hold it.
(A Top Pick Oct 23/19, Up 10%) A bit of a lagger but he continues to like and hold it. They had some Covid issues but everything is coming together, especially with their leverage. They stayed alive during the worse by mining low grade. They have started mining high quality gold.
(A Top Pick Oct 23/19, Up 19%) He continues to hold it. Gold and the market will be at the same level once the pandemic is over. He would rather have both the market and gold. The underlying stocks are in US dollars which he values.
It is a producer-developer. He is adding more to his silver allocation. They are opening a mine in Argentina that will be one of the world's most profitable mines. There will be production upside, and upside from the price of the commodity. (Analysts’ price target is $10.60)
A growing low-cost producer in Nicaragua. They also do exploration. Exploration is the area you want to be looking at. (Analysts’ price target is $3.10)