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(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Down 3%) He still likes this story. They guided to a much better second half. He likes the management team. About 16.5 times earnings.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Up 27%) It is hard to make money in these construction companies. They had a good backlog and SNC-T is having trouble bidding on contracts. They are great until they have one of these big write-down's. The company has never looked better.
(A Top Pick Jun 13/18, Down 60%) In the last 6 to 8 weeks oil names have been decimated. The management team spent more on acquisitions than people thought. You don’t want doubt when owning any of these companies, so people exited, and now it has ramped back up in production.
This is an excellent entry point. There was a spinoff of some of the Shaw-held stocks and the market could not take it all in. The stock fell, so now it is an excellent opportunity for investors to get in. They have come out with a number of strong quarters. 23% free cash flow yield and they are paying down their debt. This is immune to tariffs and trade wars. (Analysts’ price target is $8.13)
They are doing an issuer bid to buy back a lot of stock. 20%+ growth rate over the last 4 years. They continue to take a ton of market share from competitors. There is limited down side risk because of the large buy-back issuer bid. (Analysts’ price target is $54.50)