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(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 10%) He doesn't own many REITs, but likes this. This is a play on e-commerce. Good managers who have made equity issues and just reported a strong quarter. Online sales continue to grow. WIR has the best distribution centers in the US to capitalize on that growth. A long-term play.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Down 11%) Reported good numbers and still likes it. Trades at discount to its peers. Good valuation, cheap, and the company continues to grow. There's a huge disconnect between oil price and companies, so don't sell any of them.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 27%) Only a $90 million cap company. They have underwater vessels that map out the ground underwater for military use. Big contracts with the naby are ramping up revenues from $6.5 million to $39 million in projected 2020 revenues with EPS at 6 cents. It trades at only 10x earnings with strong growth ahead. He's taken some money off the table, but still likes it.
He added to it after meeting managers. Strong cash flow in recent quarters. They will reach middle or top of their production guidance. Trades at a really cheap valuation (and other metrics) vs. peers--trading at 6x next year's earnings. Expect a strong Q4 with super-strong cash flow, and given their mines are ramping up with good metal grades. (Analysts’ price target is $7.00)
You get the asset manager for free, because of the underlying value in all the BMO shares they own. They own $600 million in total assets, plus $200 million in the asset manager who have generated good growth. One fundamental global fund has shot up from $1-billion to $3-billion in assets. They hold alot of Canadian assets, which may come back into favour and drive up GCG's fees. Good momentum. (Analysts’ price target is $32.50)