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(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 15%) It has under performed other REITs and should continue to do well. They are warehouse logistics experts and benefit from Amazon's growth. He thinks the issuance of paper recently has held the share price down. They are expected to be added to the Index soon and this should bolster some additional buying.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Down 18%) He still likes it. It trades about 2.5 times debt to cash flow. Their water flood project is bringing on more production. This could be a trade to buy here even for a short term bounce up.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/19, Up 10%) A small robotics company. It has signed some new deals and recently with a European company for underwater mapping. They provide technology to map the sea floor for sunken vessels and other applications. It has taken time, but it is coming into play. Only one analyst cover it. He thinks the next couple of quarters will wake up investors.
The fundamentals appears stronger than what the share price shows, he thinks. Their production has grown from 42,000 oz to over 80,000 oz this year. They have projections to over 120,000 oz next year. The only company producing higher grade gold is Kirkland Lake. He expects it will be added to the GDX index. This could be the gold story for 2020. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $4.50)
They had changed some key management positions, which has cleaned the company up along with the balance sheet over the past couple of quarters. It trades at about 12 times earnings and earnings are growing by 20% next year. It is also a play on Amazon as there are rumours they will provide more fleet equipment to them and perhaps even receive some financial backing from them. Yield 1.42% (Analysts’ price target is $13.91)