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This just put out a resource upgrade, so are now at just over 300 million pounds of uranium, the single, largest, uranium play in Canada. The stock sold off on Monday because people were expecting even more. They were focused on the infill drilling, converting indicated to inferred. A great project. (Analysts’ price target is $4.75.)
Mexican silver. A joint venture with Fresnillo, the largest primary silver producer globally. These are the extension of the veins in the Fresno District onto the joint venture ground, which is 44% owned by MAG Silver. High grade, very robust economic. They are finding at depth in the Waldo Canyon that the grade is getting better. That has given the joint venture cause to increase the scope of the project. (Analysts’ price target is $25.25.)
(Australian stock exchange.) They acquired a bunch of mines that were ex-Newmont and ex-Barrick that were in Australia, and put in the necessary capital, not only to drill deeper and find more resources, but currently they have a current annual run rate of 500,000 ounces a year, making them a sizable producer, and organic growth that will take them to 600,000 ounces for next year. Dividend yield of 2.53%. (Analysts’ price target is $4.40 AUD.)
(Top Pick Aug 11/08, Up 22.5%) All their problems are fixable. They revised their guidance. They had some recovery issues in Finland and now they have that project at 85% recovery. New mines in Nunavit and Mexico are in production now. Rapid growth.
(Top Pick Aug 11/08, Up 152%) One of top holding in his fund.