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(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 78%) They had a $100 million contract from the Middle East, but the revenue in the deal has been delayed. COV had huge promise and now it's Show Me The Money. The revenue delay is hurting them. Also, they had a recent stock issuance. But insiders still own a big chunk of this.
(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 23%) They have almost no debt and have a lot of cash. They've made good acquisitions. They know their market and understand their customer. Great balance sheet. Investors like to beat this stock up, but he likes it alot. A misunderstood company.
(A Top Pick Aug 08/18, Down 17%) They just increased their dividend and will keep raising it, but they get no investor love. They carry a lot of debt, but it should decline as they generate cash flow.
Their earnings over the past decade have risen 10-fold and their share count has risen less than 100%. A well-run company that is now converting from an income trust into a corporation that will attract a new set of investors. (Analysts’ price target is $198.00)
A leasing company run by Steve Hudson. They did a $265 share buyback late last year, then in February doubled their dividend. Low interest rates will help them. It took a while, but the stock is moving up these days. (Analysts’ price target is $5.39)