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(A Top Pick Jan 23/20, Up 46%) When China started to shut down from Covid earlier this year, Kinaxis benefitted from many companies suddenly stopped receiving shipments from China because Chinese factories closed; Kinaxis offered solutions to ensure this stoppage wouldn't happen again. Kinaxis picked up a lot of business. Tech, including this, has sold off lately, with the vaccine rally, but this remains a solid company.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/20, Up 14%) It's been a crazy ride, bouncing up and down sharply since its IPO then during Covid. It delivered a stunning second quarter in the middle of the pandemic, growing 70% which stunned the markets. They shifted business online. They put in a U.S. IPO which investors gobbled up and are calling it the next Shopify. Sitting on a lot of cash, they just did a nice acquisition in the U.S. to bulk up their revenue. Management knows what they're doing.
(A Top Pick Jan 23/20, Down 23%) It got a good boost from the growth to value shift. He likes this for its duopoly position (training pilots). True, few pilots are getting trained now, but CAE will benefit when that demand returns. Wait long enough and this stock will come back. Today, CAE is buying a Dutch company; some investors are concerned about their debt levels. The benefit of this purchase is to expand in Europe. The purchase will take the bounce out of the stock, but he still believes in it.
It recently went public in a direct listing. They do data analytics [in the area of intelligence and counter-terrorism] and are signing large contracts. They have strong customers and boasts high margins, because they don't customize software for each customer (which raises costs). The stock has done very well and is popping today. In five years, the stock should be much higher. (Analysts’ price target is $13.86)
They build the best computer chips used in high-speed processing as the world becomes more automated (gaming, self-driving cars, AR). Their high-performance chips are simply better than their peers. They spend more on R&D. It's still run by its founder. They have $4 billion in net cash and earnings growth is starting to do very well. They always owned the gaming space, but are starting to dominate data centres.