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(A Top Pick Feb 20/19, Up 162%) It is growing fast. It is a benefactor of the fear of missing out. There is a lot of momentum out there and it is a pretty expensive stock. They are trying to complete with AMZN-Q with same day shipping. He has been selling it all the way along. He has a 5% position. It will take a big hit if the market cracks.
(A Top Pick Feb 20/19, Up 25%) It is slow and steady. They make good acquisitions and they have never issued new stock. He likes it a lot.
(A Top Pick Feb 20/19, Up 41%) It moved up quite a lot but now analysts are starting to talk about renewed pricing power on DRAM memory. It's more a trading stock. They really fixed their balance sheet.
They had a significant break out last quarter. It is supply chain management software. He likes their global clients. The last quarter was spectacular. Another quarter like that and people will really pay attention. (Analysts’ price target is $110.33)
The stock bounced around a lot. They have 57,000 clients and about 47 Million small businesses they could address. (Analysts’ price target is $46.50)