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The spin-out will be raising some money with two royalties. Successful team of good geologists and explorers. With AMZ you get the $19 million that Newcrest is investing. A great deal.
Impressed with how they've bought projects and kept them in production. Will spend $90 million on projects this year, $60 with partners. That's the way to run a business. This will grow into a company that someone larger will buy to get into the North American market.
(A Top Pick March 6/17, Up 29%) It's his personal biggest holding. This or next year will see their biggest discovery. They have fantastic projects in Argentina and Chile.
(A Top Pick March 6/17, Up 37%) They have a massive hydrothermal system, the right thing that a major should come into. Just recently, Newcrest are putting $19 million into a spin-out company to explore this while Almadex spins out mineral exploration and royalty assets. Looks good.
(A Top Pick March 8/16. Up 42.86%.) This company and its team are amongst the best explorers in the industry. A solid company doing solid, generative, conceptual exploration.