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(A Top Pick Oct 16/18, Down 56%) He bought it because they had a great copper project in northwest BC, but drilling yielded declining potential. Lost 10% when he sold. Brent Cook: Get out fast when you find a fatal flaw in a mining company.
(A Top Pick Oct 16/18, Up 38%) A royalty company that's growing. They've been acquiring royalties wich assets that come into production in 6-12 months, so they'll hit their cash flow quickly. Brent Cook: They also own a hot deposit in Turkey that will come into play.
Brent Cook: It continues to be a liquid solvent company with growth that will do well as gold continues to rise. (Analysts’ price target is $8.52)
Brent Cook: Knows management with a good track record. They have a gold-copper project in Peru. Hasn't bought it till now, because of metallurgical issues. They're getting to one of their targets, which looks promising. It depends what those holds deliver; he'll sell or buy more.
They're focused in Serbia. They have a good land package; major joint ventures wtih a copper producer; and they're drilling. Their market cap is reasonable and they have working capital. Just waiting for drill results now. (Analysts’ price target is $0.20)