Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Stockchase Discover and Kevin O'Leary commented about whether FDX-N, ADBE-Q, DIS-N, CRYPTO:ETH, ALB-N, FCX-N, CCO-T are stocks to buy or sell.

Allan Tong’s Discover Picks Despite these realities, nuclear is coming back and so is uranium, its essential ingredient. Cameco is the go-to stock here. U.S. President Biden announced in early June that he’s pushing for $4.3 billion plan to buy enriched uranium from domestic producers to wean the country off Vladimir Putin’s supply. On June 7, shares of Cameco soared from roughly $31.40 to $34.40. Shares peeled back over the rest of the week, but remained well above $32.50. Even prior to that, Cameco was making 52-week highs, touching $40 in mid-April, nearly double its late-January price. Cameco has momentum. Read 3 rock stars of the mineral stocks for our full analysis.
integrated mines
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks FCX is the copper name for many wealth managers turn to who applaud the company’s robust balance sheet, share buybacks, steady 1.42% dividend yield and recent strong recent quarter. In the first three months of this year, FCX shares jumped 19%, the surrendered those gains in April, a victim of that month’s panic selling but also the company’s own strong quarter. FCX beat the street’s top and bottom lines for Q1 2022, but management slightly reduced the outlook for copper sales from 4.3 (2022) and 4.5 (2023) billion pounds as announced in Q4 2021 to 4.25 billion and 4.45 billion respectively. The street reacted harshly and the spring sell-off was overdone. Read 3 rock stars of the mineral stocks for our full analysis.
non-base metal mining
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks Lithium shares are another story: they are speculative. Like many precious metals, lithium wakes a lot of time, sweat and money to extract. One of the leaders in this space, Albemarle, boasts a chart that is not a straight upward line like the price of lithium, but a rollercoaster, ranging from $157.82 to $291.48 in the past year. ALB has been a little more stable in the past month, ranging between $230 and $260 (broadly speaking). What’s working in ALB’s favour, though, are recent earnings estimates: $2.65 EPS this quarter, which is 197.75% higher than a year ago, and $12.63 full-year or 2.21.62% from a year ago. Last month, the company raised its full-year 2022 adjusted EBITDA up more than 160% over 2021. Lithium demand and pricing is catching up to the stock price. Read 3 rock stars of the mineral stocks for our full analysis.
Crypto outlook He owns Bitcoin, Coinbase and many other cryptos and he's been in pain. He predicts in the next week or so, a big player will go to zero. Some of these are over-levered, so when they blow up, there will be panic and a bottom. Ethereum has been crushed, but it's his pick.
It has been painful. You're getting the streaming service for free at the current $100 level. He's added shares.
entertainment services
He's owned this for a long time. Their products are tools that will continue to be used. He's bullish the wider economy. He's added shares.
computer software / processing
He added shares. It's always traded at a 50% discount to UPS and poorly managed. But now there's an activist tone to FedEx, which is good. With new management, there's opportunity to raise margins, reduce capex and take advantage of a big overall market sell-off.