Colin Stewart
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CEO & Portfolio manager at
JC Clark Investments Ltd.

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(A Top Pick Dec 26/20, Up 11%) He would buy it again. As things have re-opened, the demand has come back.
(A Top Pick Dec 26/20, Up 81%) He sold mid-last year, too soon. Housing proved to be very strong. He would buy it again if lumber prices pulled back again.
(A Top Pick Dec 26/20, Up 41%) They have a few different businesses including the land registry business in Saskatchewan. It is a very well run company. It is a top pick today. It is one of his largest positions.
We don't often find a business that has this high quality profile, significant free cash flow generation, strong management, and the very good long term outlook that this business does. (Analysts’ price target is $27.00)
It is a bet on the investing acumen of the management team. The insurance business is firing on all cylinders. They have strong revenue growth. You are going to see strong growth in book value. They are currently trading at a discount of 30% to book value. (Analysts’ price target is $515.54)