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Thinks the pharmaceutical sector will start to do quite well in the next 2 years. It is so negative now in terms of what the government wants to do but historically they have never been able to cut the price of drugs. You are getting 5% to wait.
One of Brazil's largest sewage treatment and garbage collection. $1.5 billion market cap growing at 18% and trading at 7.5 PE. 4% dividend. Fantastic opportunity for a long-term hold.
Brazilian exchange. Builds and operates toll roads. 4.76% yield. EPS growth is 16%. Brazil missed the entire debt crisis. Give us a sustainable yield that is growing.
Brazil exchange. Banking system in Brazil is probably one of the best in the world. As a result, their economy is rebounding very quickly. 10.1% yield. PE is 9.9. EBITDA is 5.7 multiple.
Africa has been a very tough place to invest and his controversial but is one of the new emerging markets. This ETF is very small with fees generally higher than most had almost 1%. These are global mega-cap companies that are all doing at least 50% of their business on the African continent. He would not have more than 5% in a portfolio.