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Stock Opinions by Jon Nagerian, Co-founder,


This week's market The jump in interest rates from last week to now doesn't scare him, at least not yet. VolatilIty popped on Monday, a signal to him that there's blood in the streets. Evergrande wasn't a major threat, so Monday was a buying opportunity. Unless there is a bad surprise in jobs or inflation, it should be smooth sailing until the November Fed meeting. He's glad the Fed will weigh employment data before making a decision on tapering. Also, with government benefits rolling off, more jobs will arise. As the supply chain remains conStrained, inflation will remain high. Move out of tech into cyclicals? No. Evergrande, though not a new story, feed fear and uncertainty which is always there among investors.


China is cracking down on all cryptos He's a crypto bull and short-term China's move is bearish. Remember that China has been pushing back on cryptos since 2013. Nothing has created more wealth than the technologies China has been banning. China is handing the U.S. and other countries a gift; China will be left behind in cryptos. Long-term, he's bullish on cryptos. Not worried about today's plunge in crypto prices.


It was trading at $49 when a large order occurred; he started started buying $55 October calls. Today, it's making a nice 3-4% move. It's more than tripled since the Covid bottom. He will hold them for two months.

food services

The stock is at $12.50. He bought the $15 strike calls in November. He added to his holding, and will hold them for two months.

integrated oils

He likes the call action and bought them today.

Consumer Products
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