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Good long-life assets and good projects. Likes management.
Auto parts. 3 things going for this. 1) Participation in the recovery of the auto cycle. 2) Participation in the heavy duty trucking area and this cycle is just beginning and 3) CapX is going up. Skyjack should get back to a much more profitable environment. They also have the beginnings of plants in China.
A contrarian move. Feels there is nothing but upside after the court ruling and the resignation of the CEO.
(A Top Pick Feb 18/10. Up 37.04%.) Still loves. Great management. Long term hold.
(A Top Pick Feb 18/10. Up 33.67%.) Taken a bit of profit on this. Still a good company. Cisco (CSCO-Q) just missed on government contracts so wonders if they will see a hiccup like that as 25%-30% of their business is government.