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Stock Opinions by Michael Hakes - CFA, MBA

Believes US Federal reserve will make upcoming rate decision based on economic data from the past 6 months. Thinks US Fed will be able to reduce inflation to 2% in the upcoming year. Housing sales and credit lending has decreased. Earnings in Q2 were solid, and was surprised how strong they were. Energy will contribute most of the S&P growth in earnings.
Believes company has lots of potential. Supply chain issues seem to be passing. Return of Howard Shulz to lead the company very positive. Expecting healthy returns going forward. ~16,000 stores in the USA very strong asset. Lots of room for store growth in China. Expecting a $110-$120 share price going forward.
food services
Believes that company has undergone R & D overhaul. Strong pipeline of new products. One of the best growth stories in the sector. Expecting strong earnings going forward. Current share price is fair.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Has developed propriety software product to aid with compliance in the life science industry. Business has very high barriers to entry. Customer list includes 8 of the top 10 pharma companies. 60 contracted customers going forward.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/21, Up 42%) New management team has embraced multiple price point strategy. Has since sold shares as company has hit price target. Very healthy company. Would look at buying again if the share price falls to ~$110-$120.
merchandising / lodging
(A Top Pick Jun 22/21, Down 32%) Very large media company that has many assets. Unable to execute on any plans. Large pullback in subscribers. Competition from fixed wireless products. Currently trading at ~11x earnings with ~8% dividend yield. Will continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/21, Down 10%) Cash to card conversion will continue to benefit company. Cross border traffic post Covid-19 will help company. Expecting strong revenue and EPS growth going forward. Expecting the stock price to reach ~$450 level in the coming months.
other services
Does not own any stock in company, Has had impressive sales record with organic growth. Pressure on diabetes pricing in the USA. Expecting new products coming onto market to benefit the company. Large portion if US(40%) living with obesity. Expensive at current share price.
Pharma & Healthcare
Has reported cost inflation on products. Trading close to net asset value. Two major lawsuits in the past years. Large environmental disasters causing headaches for company. Upcoming election in Brazil a risk. Does not think the dividend is sustainable.
other mines
Company is on watch list. Does not own shares. Current share price target on the street is ~$100. Is cheaper valued than rest of the market (12x earnings). Has lower patent rate than competitors.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Does not own shares in the company. Expecting 10% upside on the shares. Not high enough to justify investment. Trading at 0.6x book value. Lower ROE than competitors in the market sector. Street target on the share price is ~$71. Believes Canadian banks are presenting better value.
Financial Services
One of favorite names in portfolio. Bull case for company is web services. Believes 5-10 year window to add AWS features. Increasing use of AI will add benefits to AWS.
specialty stores
Very high quality Canadian company. Consistent performer throughout the years. Proven track record of execution. Mature business in Canada. Gains will come fro Latin America growth. Price point is fantastic with multiple entry points ($1, $2, $5). Share price is not cheap and has expensive multiples. Waiting for shares to pullback before buying (below $70).
Consumer Products
Likes the business but dose not own it at the moment. Expecting an over supply of semiconductors. Company is very well positioned going forward. Long term, company is a good investment. Current share price is attractive. Potential for 5G is lots of benefits for the company. Waiting for slightly lower share price before buying.
New management team that has energizing the company. Current dividend yield is strong. Company has strong plans going forward. Expecting growth from the company. Private label business will grow in soft economy.
food processing
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