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Still 30% below pre-Covid highs, but well positioned to recover. Structurally growing market, with very high barriers to entry. Growth expansion supported by increasing middle class in EM. Efficiency gains from fleet renewal could be a benefit. No dividend. (Price target is in Euros.) (Analysts’ price target is $107.32)
Global leader. Deliveries are firing on all cylinders. Reaching critical masses in densities and geographies. In economies that are recovering faster, they're almost back at 100% pre-Covid bookings. Sees topline growth 40-50% over next 2 years, and sees stock approaching $80. Going to be a go-to platform in the last-mile solution for prescriptions and alcohol. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $71.74)
The traditional car makers have finally made moves to catch up to Tesla. In one of the best positions to benefit from cyclical and secular trends. Margins are improving, leading to a higher stock multiple. Yield is 2.30%. (Analysts’ price target is $84.65)