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(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Up 7%) He still likes it. Great for income and would buy it today. The only issue is the lack of pipelines in Canada, but in the end there's a fundamental need to move oil across the country.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Up 6%) Good for income investors. Though weaker than its peers, BNS at 10x earnings is still a good stock worth buying.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/19, Up 1%) UTX will merge with Raytheon then spin off its HVAC and elevator businesses. They will create value with that merger, which will unlock value of 30-40% over the next two years.
Pays a 6.12% yield, low risk, though offers limited growth of 1-2% FFO growth. They have streamlined with diversified properties in office, retail, industrial and residential. They're re-allocation capital in higher-growth markets.
Pays a good 3.5% yield. 60% of profits come from agricultural production and 40% from retail distribution to farmers. After their merger, they've been streamlining operations. Trades at 10x cash flow. Expect good earnings growth and multiple expansion over time. Their retail business gives them stability and makes the yield safe. (Analysts’ price target is $83.06)