Christopher Blumas
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Vice-President & Portfolio Manager at
GlobeInvest Capital Management

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Energy infrastructure name. Durable cash flow profile. Overhangs are Line 3 and growth. Tremendous value. Defensive business, and you're paid a fantastic dividend to wait. Valuation's still compelling even if there is no growth. Yield is 6.67%. (Analysts’ price target is $54.88)
His favourite. Not firing on all cylinders right now. Domestic acquisitions, internationally restructuring. Negative sentiment around it. Price multiple is 10x. Building out scale in Canada, increasing efficiencies. Globally, tapping into emerging middle class. Yield is 4.92%. (Analysts’ price target is $77.36)
Plan to break up 3 main platforms, and merge aerospace with Raytheon. Can easily see valuation of 30-40-50% above where it currently is. Yield is 2.15%. (Analysts’ price target is $154.40)