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(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 133%) A bit pricey here. His price target is $98. Look to buy it in the lower $80s and, if possible, in the upper 70s. They keep knocking it out of the park. Three positives: aggressive R&D, buying Xilinx, aggressive institutional buying.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 22%) Data centre REIT. A bit different, because they actually own their sites. Interest rate sensitive, so it's been held back. Just bought a complementary Netherlands company. Bullish on it. His price target is $US165. Yield is 3%.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 69%) The Google of Russia. Massive company. His price target is $69.
One of the highest spend areas around the world is the cloud. Still has significant upside. King of 5G deployment. Getting traction around the world. Buy some here around $11.70, and then add to at $11, and at 10.25. Yield is 0.72%. (Analysts’ price target is $13.88)
His price target is $340. King of e-commerce in China. Also biggest cloud computing company in China. Digital media, entertainment, and a lot of initiatives. Transformed from online distribution to a tech enabler. Buy here at $256, add to it 225, and if possible around 200. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $343.88)