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(A Top Pick Mar 04/19, Up 51%) It's getting close to his price target of $675. Is this a space to be in? It's a behemoth in data centres while there's massive growth in cloud--still early days of cloud. So, EQIX has competitive advantage in size, winning deals and keeping costs down. The trend to working at home is a tailwind. EQIX is the largest player in data centres in the world. Buy this in the $500s. MSFT uses EQIX as a storage facility. EQIX plays into the internet of things and macros tech trends, all tailwinds.
(A Top Pick Mar 04/19, Up 35%) Salesforce bought them last June. He sold this later.
(A Top Pick Mar 04/19, Down 22%) Some cyclicality to its earnings, but will stick with it. They will still buyback stock and increase margins, and it's trading at 13.5x free cash flow (Analysts’ price target is $53.00)
In these volatile times, have a risk management process. He uses a hedging overlap. He loves MU in the semi space, trading at 5x enterprise value to EBITDA. This just beat earnings even in this time. $63 is his own target. (Analysts’ price target is $61.37)
He sold it at $578, then rebought it. The poster child of e-commerce. The valuation concerns some, but look at their runway going forward: the fulfillment business, and tremendous opportunity internationally. (Analysts’ price target is $511.04)