Kim Bolton
Member since: Jun '18
President and Portfolio Manager at
Black Swan Dexteritas

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 45%) The poster child for the tech arena, he thinks, particularly for software. They have done a fantastic job, but it is priced to perfection right now. His target is $152.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 3%) One of his few semi-conductor holdings. They are the leader in integrated circuits. They are perfectly designed for 5G deployment and data centres. It is priced to perfection, as his target is $121.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 41%) You had to be patient with this one. They are involved in Japanese robotics. It is very cyclical. They are a darling on the Japanese market. His target is $95 -- still not too expensive.
It is not cheap here as his price target is $45. He would buy a third of the position here and watch for opportunities to buy cheaper. They have an aggressive product strategy and institutions have been buying in. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $34.28)
This is a data centre play for big players (like Amazon) and is a REIT. It has had a recent pullback, so he is recommending it. They just bought a Dutch information services company and thinks this will be very positive. Yield 3.62% (Analysts’ price target is $133.00)