Kim Bolton
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President and Portfolio Manager at
Black Swan Dexteritas

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(A Top Pick Mar 31/20, Up 109%) A manufacturer in the semiconductor field. More demand than supply, so right place at right time. Beat top and bottom lines in January. Price target of $108.90.
(A Top Pick Mar 31/20, Up 132%) He's been adding. Price target in 12 months of $1453. Very long runway. Canadian darling. In 175 countries. Terrific to buy on the dips under $1100. February reporting blew the doors off. Loves it.
(A Top Pick Mar 31/20, Up 402%) Like the Shopify of Southeast Asia. Plus significant online gaming company and digital payments. Price target of $300. Significant pullback, so not a bad time to buy.
Chinese tech conglomerate. One of the largest Chinese players in EVs. Price target of $68. Normally he'd buy the supply chain, but this company has both the EVs and the batteries. Warren Buffet owns 8.25% of BYD. Yield is 0.04%.
Integrated device manufacturer, in that they design and produce semiconductors. #1 auto chip supplier, 8th largest semi company in the world. Price target of $50. It's up today, so buy in thirds here, at $38, and at $35 if you're lucky. Yield is 0.63%. (Analysts’ price target is $39.00)