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(A Top Pick Jun 12/19, Up 46%) It is richly valued here. His target is $450. The one stop design for everything publishing, including web commerce. A past acquisition brought e-commerce vendor into their capability and has allowed Amazon to become a partner. They will report earnings tomorrow. It may be a bit overbought here.
(A Top Pick Jun 12/19, Up 6%) He sold at $98 back in December -- his price target. It was down 12% yesterday on some common and preferred share announcements. If it trades back into the low $70s he would buy again.
(A Top Pick Jun 12/19, Up 3%) It is a sleeper. Next Tuesday they will report earnings. His price target is around $60. He expects lower revenues, but an increase in earnings. They have a massive cloud enterprise resource planning service. He still owns it.
He has $170 price target. They can benefit from the growth in digital payments and e-commerce. They will be a winner in the new world of commerce. They just sold some 30 year bonds at 3.25%, which gives them the opportunity to make some interesting investments. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $155.20)
They are a cloud based cyber-security company. They focus on aligning the right user with the right app over any network. The value proposition provides a lower total cost to customers. He would recommend buying a third at $90, a third at $80, and a third at $70. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $89.48)