Kim Bolton
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President and Portfolio Manager at
Black Swan Dexteritas

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(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Up 27%) Acquired by IBM. He started buying at $62 and was taken out at over $170. IBM needed power to get into the cloud space.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Up 19%) He sold it at $42. A great recovery story. User growth is still looking good. It hit his price target and they wondered if the user growth could continue. Investors are paying twice as much for half the growth of Facebook, so he moved there.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Down 33%) Still holding it. Going into the Christmas season, there will be good tailwinds. They are getting into online mobile systems. They have a significant share buyback going on right now.
He thinks it is an opportune time to get in. His target is $219. Even with all that has gone on, it has all the engines running -- including cloud, networking, digital media and on and on. They have a 31% holding in the largest payment system in India. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $221.76)
An American online real estate company. They have an app for agents, clients, and one for home vendors and renovators. A great opportunity to buy down here. His price target is $65. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $50.67)