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(A Top Pick Jul 09/18, Up 34%) It was taken out by IBM last fall when he sold it on Oct. 28, 2018. It's a leader on the open source side. IBM bought RHT as a catalyst to get IBM into the cloud. No, he didn't buy IBM, which he sees as a trade, not an investment.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/18, Down 15%) He sold it in the low-$30's. Expect this to swoon and buy in the high-$20s.
(A Top Pick Jul 09/18, Down 40%) He knows the gaming space well. ATVI got hyped last fall. His current price target is $56. The chart has been sputtering as ATV re-organizes. ATVI has had a hard time digesting its merger with Blizzard. But the pivot to mobile is an opportunity for this stock going forward.
His target is $1,350, so it has a long runway. They are best pstioned for digital advertising, but also have the cloud and hardware like the Watch. They are innovative, like developing a miniature radar on your phone. They also have Waymo, leading self-driving cars. (Analysts’ price target is $1321.24)
He's been in and out, sold in March and re-bought in May. He has a US$28.50 target. They are the #1 car chip company in the world and the 8th-largest semi company. He plans to increase his 3.5% position to 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $26.60)