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It stands out because their API and the use of easing that while that API is not restrictive--easy to use, but has many uses by companies of all sizes and types. That's how Shopify flourishes. The current pullback is a great opportunity. (Analysts’ price target is $355.99)
(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Up 9%) His target is $2,100. They is primed for continued growth. AWS is a powerhouse, unlimited. Even in the latest quarter they showed a big win in subscriptions. In a correction or recession, all Amazon has to do is expand their e-commerce margins and still do fine.
(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Up 27%) Another big holding of his. They have a monopoly in this sector (with Mastercard) and high profit margins and a ton of free cash flow. Add dividend growth. This is a winner.
(A Top Pick Oct 31/18, Down 7%) He bought more stock. This is about 5G with the big three hardware players being Huawei (can't buy it, because it's state-owned), Nokia and Ericsson. He owns the latter two. This is down due to litigation issues. It's a great opportunity to buy it now.
It's an IPO. Their flagship product is an infrastructure monitoring service, connecting cloud apps with complex back-end networks. Not sexy but they grew revenues in 2018 by 79%. They have a long runway.