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(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 191%) Glad he still owns it. He targets US$1,100, so there's currently room to grow (not US$903). Has a long runway in secular growth. Their track record of innovation is phenomenal. He sees a much-higher stock price. Their Q2 report said that gross merchandise volume accelerated 119% at a phenomenal annual rate.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Up 150%) He took profits and got back in. Now is a great opportunity to buy during the current pullback. He targets $95. Their software and platform allows automated infrastructure monitoring across the entire technology spectrum, accelerating troubleshooting. Boasted 85% revenue growth YOY in the middle of the pandemic. They're free cash-flow positive and operating margins keep growing.
(A Top Pick Oct 01/19, Down 4%) A cybersecurity stock. Buy on current weakness. $125.70 is his target. Reasonable valuation and solid execution. Good revenue visibility.
Warning about all his top picks: Markets are volatile and demand active management. This current pullback is a buying opportunity for ATVI. Buy a quarter and add at every $7 it falls down. He likes the videogame space, because people are staying at home during the pandemic and are driving subscriptions. New games like Call of Duty will increase earnings, even surprise. (Analysts’ price target is $95.16)
It's the darling of the semis, a super secular growth story. He targets $552.50. With the purchase of ARM, it puts Nvidia in a position of strength to lead the A.I. revolution in the coming years. There are regulatory hurdles and customer concerns, though. Buy a third now, then add another third at $490, then $425, and the final tranche at $350. (Analysts’ price target is $554.47)