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(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Up 14%) It has under-performed his expectations. He still likes it.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Up 30%) He is not building more on it at these levels. You have a new management team who are quietly cleaning up the problems of the previous management. They are also doing some things to push the business forward on a long term basis. It's about time people started to own it.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/19, Up 0.3%) It has been a terrible year for farmers. It is a testament to their business model how stable the stock is. This is one of the only Canadian players that is on a global stage.
It has a big US franchise. It has a great Canadian franchise. Canadian banks have not kept pace with the US banks. He thinks you will see some positive numbers when they report next week. It is growing its dividend at the highest rate of the Canadian banks. It deserves to regain some of the premium multiple it lost over the last couple of years. (Analysts’ price target is $79.24)
The heartland petro chemical complex is the biggest thing to come. It has never been done before in Western Canada. When this works, you will see a considerable re-rating of this stock. The 8% dividend is safe. (Analysts’ price target is $24.19)