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Stock Opinions by Ryan Bushell


Believes it is an exciting time for dividend investors. Increase in power demand resulting from re-shoring, A.I. and data centers will increase demand for infrastructure/power companies (dividend payers). Canadian markets are not overvalued compared to US markets since major US tech has been attracting too much capital. As currencies devalue - will increase value in commodities. Copper & Lithium demand expected to grow with EV demand rising. Expecting strength in the TSX as a result of all of these forces. 

Telus Corp

Entire Canadian media space is attractive. Not getting as much attention as large US tech stocks. Fibre optic build starting to finish - will increase cash flow. Concerns over managemnet transition, but overall a strong business. Population of Canada growing - very good for the business. ~7% dividend yield sustainable for long term investors. 

telephone utilities
Savaria Corp

Very well run company that has respect for shareholders. Long term tailwinds with home elevator service. Aging population will continue demand for products. Recent tour of Canadian factory very impressive. Expecting further dividend increases in 2025. Expecting further growth. 

other services

Strong tailwinds to the business. Very sustainable business. Currently out of favor in the markets - stock price presenting value. Renewable power will help demands from A.I. and data centers. Uranium side of business also strong. Large Microsoft deal very good for the bottom line. 

(A Top Pick Apr 11/23, Up 18%)

Very busy with Cedar LNG and Enbridge acquisition. Business very strong. Excellent for long term share holders. Diverse business with strong management. Will continue to own. 

Aecon Group Inc
(A Top Pick Apr 11/23, Up 33%)

Excellent business that will continue to hold. Recent cost over runs not a major concern. Backlog is full with new projects. Have sold off low margin business units. Stock continues to perform. Recent Nuclear contracts being signed. 

Altagas Ltd
(A Top Pick Apr 11/23, Up 37%)

A long term shareholder - will continue to own. Problems from 2017/18 have been fixed. Dividend continues to rise. Very good assets that continue to perform. 

oil / gas
Stella-Jones Inc.

Large utility pole business. Strong performance resulting from increased power demand. Unsure of demand for products - would prefer utility providers (not components). 

misc industrial products

Company not performing well lately. Long term outlook for business is still "in tact". Believes company has future and could be a good time to invest. Utility and power assets have a strong future. Would recommend as a 5 year hold. 

electrical utilities
Capital Power

Doesn't own stock. Would prefer company with better diversification in assets. However, strong business with good assets. Could be a good portion of business. 

electrical utilities

Strong performance lately. Expecting further growth. Selling drilling & production fluids. Well run company. Energy services companies have had a tough time. Very cyclical business - would recommend a small weighting. 

oil / gas field services

Nearly 7% dividend yield - very strong. Less capital intensive business (doesn't drill wells). Owns shares in business. Recent weakness in share price - good time to buy. Strong management team. Excellent business for the long term shareholder. 

Financial Services
Pizza Pizza Royalty

Dividend yield a little high (~7%) - can be a worry. Would wait before investing. Not sure how strong consumer sentiment is. If economy falters - would be a good time to buy. 

food stores
BCE Inc.

Has been buying shares lately. Weakness in share price a good time to buy. Believes company has a path to growth. Narrative that company is borrowing to pay dividend is false. Fiber optic build is going well - very long term asset. Doesn't think capital projects are unreasonable. 

telephone utilities
Keyera Corp

Would recommend buying. Good for a 2-5 year hold. LNG Canada & Transmountain completion very good for the business. Major oil & gas expansion will help generate higher profits. Would recommend buying. 

oil / gas
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