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(A Top Pick Sep 26/18, Down 13%) You would have thought this stock would have been up given results so you are getting it on sale. See his Top Picks
(A Top Pick Sep 26/18, Up 1%) It was up and back. It got completely misunderstood by the marketplace. They were forced by the market to cut the dividend because it was at 15% but they didn’t need to. They are investing in a utility at a great rate of return and you will see it start to seep into the company returns. You should see a dividend increase next year.
(A Top Pick Sep 26/18, Up 28%) He inherited it from Enercare. He started purchasing the shares in September. They have a unique group of assets. You can't replicate the assets on the infrastructure side. It is pretty rich but you can’t beat it. Buy it on weakness. We have seen a flock back to these infrastructure assets this year.
He prefers it over SU-T. They have all kinds of free cash flow. They increased the dividend almost 50% in the last three years. They bought all kinds of assets over the last few years at fire sale prices. If you own one Energy stock, this is the one. (Analysts’ price target is $45.32)
It has been flat for the last few months. They have a lot of organic growth ahead of them. Good dividend growth. You want to own it for the long term. (Analysts’ price target is $56.18)