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Natural gas focus and infrastructure assets that are contracted on a long-term basis makes this a good opportunity. The dividend is well-covered on a sustained basis. Energy demands is poised to rise for a little while. It should return to pre-covid levels eventually. A quality company. (Analysts’ price target is $39.36)
The renewable energy transition is very positive. We have growing energy demand that needs to offset the growth even before replacing existing energy supplies. They have a big presence in the US. They just signed an agreement with Chevron to off-set carbon emissions. (Analysts’ price target is $20.50)
You have to endure a little more volatility with the preferred shares. This preferred share does reset. It has a floor at the current dividend levels, which means it can only go up. If there is an inflation response, it will participate in that.
(A Top Pick Sep 19/19, Down 34%) The future for crude oil and natural gas is reasonably bright. We must replace coal and help supplement renewables. The company and management team has been outstanding and the dividend has been stable.
(A Top Pick Sep 19/19, Down 3%) Given the correction, it has been flat. The shift to e-commerce has benefitted this company. They are a logistical warehouse provider. The company has a bright future ahead of it. A private equity type investment.