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(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Up 21%) He'll own this for a long time and will still buy it in the low-30s. They increased their dividend last year and for the last 30 years or so. Super management enduring in a tough environment. Managers focus on free cash flow.
(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Up 26%) It remains discounted to their peers. TD has had minor struggles in recent years, but he likes it long-term. He has reduced his overall bank weighting, but will stick with TD as his biggest bank holding. He hopes for a pullback. The rise in rates has pushed up this stock. That rise could continue into summer.
(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Up 4%) It remains his biggest holding. A lot lies ahead for ALA. They have exposure to the western Canadian natural gas market (he's very bullish about this) through their Ridley Island propane terminal. He feels good about ALA. It's very well-positioned. They raised their dividend at the end of last year, which was earlier than he expected, and he expects it to grow more. ALA stock should reach the mid/high-20's in the next 12-24 months.
The Rogers-Shaw deal will rotate money out of Shaw into peers like Telus. But what will happen with this deal? Will it be approved? Will there be clauses, if approved? The recent sale of Telus International added cash to their balance sheet. They can grow their dividend at an outsized rate. It pays a good dividend and Telus will attract more capital from the Shaw deal. (Analysts’ price target is $28.98)
He likes their merger with 7 Generations, and he's very bullish natural gas demand and prices driven by the post-Covid housing boom. They have some of the greenest natural gas, powered by green power in BC. They have an investment grade credit rating now, one of only three nat gas producers. Once this deals clear, ARX will see great performance. (Analysts’ price target is $11.22)