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(A Top Pick May 10/17, Up 10%) He's still buying it. It's priced and pays its dividend in USD, so his return is actually higher. It has US assets. It's a little known stock. They partner with CPP and Alberta Investment Management, where they build facilities, mostly warehouses for traditional and online retail and manufacturing. Similar plays in this real estate play have been bought out or taken higher valuations--but he thinks WIR will.
(A Top Pick May 10/17, Down 23%) He kept averaging down as it plunged last year, so it's been a strong performer as it has bounced up. That bottom should never have happened. problem was, they reported in Q3 when utilities report their weakest earnings in the warmest weather; you don't use as much lighting and heating then. So, ALA made a major acquisition at this time when they reported weak, and the market didn't like that. A good Q4 report then triggered a rally. He predicts Q1 will push this further up. What's under the radar is their new propane exports terminal starting now, which will help ALA recover. Sometimes the market is focused on the short term. Be patient.
(A Top Pick May 10/17, Up 8%) Also a top pick today. Earnings grew 10% in the past year but the share price has been flat, so the PE has gone down. Looking ahead, earnings will be higher in 10 years, so current levels are at a good price.
They have the least amount of exposure to credit among its peers. It no longer trades at a big premium. It pays the lowest dividend of the big 5 banks, but they have the biggest dividend-growth prospects. 10 years out, you'll be happy you bought this. Buy now, hold and compound dividends. (Analysts’ price target is $81.46)
The disparity in oil stocks between fundamentals and share prices has never been wider, but ARX falls into a nice middle ground. It's been hit the last few days on weak gas prices, but two-thirds of cash flows are supported by oil, but they also have long-term exposure to LNG Canada and LPG export. Plus, they're marketing their products to the States. Well-run and you get paid a 7% dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $13.53)