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(A Top Pick Jan 06/20, Up 10%) Very strong global agri company that you can't find anywhere else. Paused dividend last year. Should see it increase in 2021. Headwinds have turned into tailwinds. Good diversifier in portfolios. Yield is 4-4.5%.
(A Top Pick Jan 06/20, Down 23%) All energy stocks were painted with the same brush. Dividend should be raised in Q1 or Q2. Things have stabilized, management has changed and should be more dynamic. Worth a look at these levels.
(A Top Pick Jan 06/20, Up 2%) Represents good value here. Will get solid, steady returns on their Washington utility. Will participate in the changes to NA electrical grid. Offshore nat gas in BC is at capacity. Firing on all cylinders. Increased dividend in December, ahead of schedule.
Catalysts right now include Line 3. Not a new line, just refurbishing to be safer. Once finished, stock should retrace higher. Increased dividend, so that's at least 20 years in a row. Dividend is covered plus share appreciation along the way is a good story. Yield is 7.92%. (Analysts’ price target is $51.88)
Capital preservation and safety first. Wireless build is going well, gaining subscribers. Patriarch passed away last year, paving the way for a new direction. Collect the yield while you wait for something good to happen. Yield is 5.21%. (Analysts’ price target is $27.33)