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Stock Opinions by Jason Snipe, CIO, Odyssey Capital Advisors


This week's market Monday's sell-off was quickly bought by investors. Investors think accomodative policy will continue though it was slightly hawkish this week. There are no real alternatives to stocks. At least short-term, stocks will trend higher. Watch for job numbers in coming weeks; he expects the Fed to start tapering in December. Earnings will also be a catalyst for stocks to rise.


He's not surprised by the outflows from tech, which has been defensive this year. If Delta continues to slow and accomodative policy continues, investors will look at other places in the market for returns. KRE was below market weight. He trimmed his holding in June and jusT added to it. Cyclicals are up; financials have been flat this month, though up this past week. He likes regional banks; there's a return to loan demand.


It's up 23% YTD. They just announced revenue and EPS beats. They're are expanding globally. Input pricing pressure did not spread to consumers, thankfully. A must- own in the big-box retail space. Costco saw upgrades today.

department stores

He likes cybersecurity. PA had 28% revenue growth in the last quarter. Stay long.

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