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(A Top Pick Feb 9/17. Up 13%.) One of his favourite companies, because their business is so sticky and they generate a tremendous amount of cash flow. Supplies all the billing and back-office support for telecom and cable companies. Switching costs are very high. They have no debt and generate a tremendous amount of cash flow. Grows their dividend at a nice clip every year.
(A Top Pick Feb 9/17. Up 16%.) This is doing okay, but there is some nervousness on what is going to happen with Hanes. In the upcoming Christmas season, they get a decent percentage of their sales from in-mall and store traffic. They are building an online presence. There is no reason why underwear, T-shirts and socks can’t be distributed online. This is a good stock.
(A Top Pick Feb 9/17. Down 38%.) This has been a dog this year. One problem is e-commerce on big box stores. Also, they have new management that is still trying to correct their brands and turn around sales. The new CEO is a former Google executive, and is bringing in a completely different attitude and vision to the toy industry. Barbie, American Girl and Fisher-Price have great brand power, and should and could be used better in a digital world where the company can earn more money.
Has done a really good job of building sales on the Internet. As the housing market continues to rebound in the US, this company has a very high-end brand. They get about 50% of sales from e-commerce, and have no debt. It is probably going to be a dogfight over this upcoming holiday season, but at current value, he still thinks it is attractive for the long-term. Dividend yield of 3%. (Analysts’ price target is $49.)
Healthcare was the worst performing sector in the S&P 500 in 2016, but has been a strong performer this year, and this company has not followed suit. He likes that they have 3 very distinct businesses. One in HIV, one in vaccine, plus a consumer products business. The market is undervaluing all 3 businesses. If you were to break the company up into 3 separate distinct businesses, that would unlock significant shareholder value. Dividend yield of 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $45.)