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(A Top Pick Jul 22/19, Up 16%) The theme of precious metals is gaining momentum and these stocks have been rising since last year. People are seeking yield in precious metals during a time of low interest rates. He still holds this. He's not surprised with the gold rally lately, but will the next generation buy it?
(A Top Pick Jul 22/19, Up 16%) It's in gaming. They did a strategic review in late-2019 that led to an equity issue for further acquisitions (which drive their growth). He sold in the 4th quarter, but the stock has risen since then. They haven't misfired yet, and the equity issue didn't dampen the stock as he expected. He wants to re-buy this on weakness.
(A Top Pick Jul 22/19, Up 33%) A Canadian success. The CEO is retiring; it's converted from an income trust into a corporation; and they entered the big California market. All these major events have pushed up the stock. It's a a beautiful chart, largely helped by the conversion from an income trust. Consolidation is still early in the U.S., so there's a lot of runway ahead, especially in California.
He's owned this for 10 years, on and off. BLX is a big beneficiary in ESG as investors divest in oil and buy renewables. BLX is big in wind and hydro power. They have a yield of 2.09% with a lot of capital reinvested to grow the company. (Analysts’ price target is $27.94)
Blackstone took over Dream Global, and DRM got a large cheque out of it in their holdings and asset management contract. They've since done a large issuer bid that that the biggest shareholder, the CEO, tendered into below NAV. So, the NAV has grown. DRM will benefit from lower interest rates. (Analysts’ price target is $14.00)