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(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Up 42%) Integrating Aeroplan went smoothly and low oil prices helped. Taking out Air Transat would really be accretive to AC. But the grounding of the Boeing 737 could impact AC by creating tighter capacity and higher plane tickets. The biggest concern is the overall economy, though he expects the economy to remain positive.
(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Up 1%) They've had some middling quarters. They are trying to grow their European presence and that costs money. That's caught investors off-guard, so he's reduced his holdings.
(A Top Pick Feb 05/19, Down 13%) He sold his position. Globally, there's a hate-on for small caps. Also, BYL reported a disappointing quarter and face operational challenges.
A gold and silver royalty streaming company, diversifed by geography and assets. They've settled their CRA problems well. A low-risk play on precious metals that trades at a discount to its peers. (Analysts’ price target is $39.36)
He's long owned this and Boyd continues to execute (though there may be a slower quarter coming). They suffered a ransomware attack recently. There'll be tremendous consolidation in the car repair space, because the big three own only 5% of the market. Excellent managers. You can add on weakness. (Analysts’ price target is $185.64)