James Rife
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Head of Canadian Equities at
Canalyst Financial Modeling Corp

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(A Top Pick April 25/16. Up 16.15%.) A small investment management firm. Historically they have done very well in investing in both public and private oil companies, and buying and selling assets. They delivered a special $2 dividend to shareholders in June. He is a little less bullish on this now. Trading at a slight discount to Book, but not as much as before. Feels there are more interesting alternatives now.
(A Top Pick April 25/16. Down 6.87%.) Operates 3 casino properties in Alberta. One of its main properties was in Fort McMurray. Since he recommended this, they trimmed their dividend, a correct move because of the uncertainty. They have now reopened the properties. When a stock doesn’t go down that much with a whole bunch of negative news, the market is looking past the shorter term events.
(A Top Pick April 25/16. Up 14.93%.) Owns a land registry in Saskatchewan, so any transaction for housing or corporate or personal goes through them. Investors are looking for businesses that have a long duration, or really long life assets. Because it is stable and pays a dividend of almost 5%, investors are willing to pay a higher price for it. There is still probably another leg up from here.
About a $1.4 billion market cap. They do waste disposal for upstream oil/gas companies, and own a lot of landfills around Saskatchewan and Alberta. A great business to own for the longer-term. It is hard for competition to get in as there are barriers to entry. Because of that, there are only a few competitors, and it has a much better balance sheet than the others. They are growing a lot faster at a time when competitors are shrinking. You can see a lot of free cash flow being generated as more of their facilities come on line in the next few years. Dividend yield of 2.7% has a lot of room to rise.
This has underperformed in the REIT sector, because management has been relatively aggressive in raising money. They’ve gone from starting the company, to a $450 million market cap. They buy railroad hotel properties in the US, and have long-term contracts on them. Dividend yield of 8.11%.